Beyond The Birdcage by Garo Dedeyan

Beyond The Birdcage

byGaro Dedeyan

Kobo ebook | September 12, 2015

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In this anthology of brilliantly perceptive short stories, Garo Dedeyan explores the minds and souls of mankind against the background of timeless dualism. The good or evil that we perpetrate lives on, but the greatest and most enduring influence of all is borne by love and charity. From sadness and pain to wondrous enlightenment, these stories lead readers to examine their own hearts and to see the world in a different light.


Pierre, a soldier in the French revolution, is faced with a hard decision. During a retreat from the front lines with his comrades they come upon an orphanage. The Superior pleads with them to stay to fend off the approaching enemy and save the children. Whilst his comrades immediately decide to leave, Pierre decides to stay. His decision sets off a chain of events that will not only alter his own life but will affect the future of the orphanage.

Music Box

Daniela, Pierre’s wife, receives a personal visit from the Superior of the orphanage.  Daniela had never mourned, but the appreciation of the visiting nun and orphans brings her relief. She, too, is faced with a life-altering decision, and resolves to let go of her past and embrace a new life in the orphanage among the nuns and children. She learns to become a fighter, and conquers her feelings of despair with the help and love of the orphans and her special music box.

Sheikh – The Desert Falcon

In the early days of Islam, the minority few believers were savaged and cast out into the wilderness by the idol worshippers. Far from detering the faithful of Islam, such oppression merely inspired the Moslems to grow in strength and numbers, and eventually to become powerful enough not only to thwart further attacks but to eliminate their idolatrous enemies.  

Sheikh, one of the elders of the Moslem tribes, struggles to avert bloodshed despite it being unstoppable. He finds himself in conflict with both his people and himself. His core beliefs and values are tested and pushed to the limit as he tries to restore sanity and the old values that he sees as fit for his people.


A father on his death bed is visited by the son who had taken his own life many years ago. The authoritarian father had never accepted his son for who he truly was, and thus the young man’s life had plummeted to the depths of despair. The pair get a chance to reconcile their differences and discover that it is never too late.

Wolf – Heart of the lake

In the north of England a young girl is savagely killed. The local people blame it on wolves, and set out to kill all wolves at sight. Henry, a retired detective sergeant, suspects foul play and also chances upon an injured wolf which he takes into his personal care. Henry becomes embroiled in the situation and the locals eventually start pointing accusing fingers at him. His past and present collide as he tries to solve the crime to restore his integrity.

Only When I dream

Based on a true story published in Bizzare Magazine, Issue 90, October 2004 (All necessary permissions obtained).  

An elderly man visits his wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, at the nursing home where she lives. He spends times caring for her and enjoying her company, even though she shows no cognitive ability. When questioned by a nurse regarding his devotion to his wife despite her not even recognizing him, he reminds her that his wife may not know him, but he certainly has not forgotten who she was.

“True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.”


Set in the late 1800s in Mississippi, at the time of the abolishment of slavery and the discovery of oil in various states. In anticipation of oil being found locally, Baxter, a wealthy businessman, buys lands occupied by the black population.  He commissions the corrupt local sheriff to clear the lands of the blacks, and the sheriff in turn gives the job to John McKenzie, a dangerous criminal with a circle of fugitive bandits.

Alicia is a young girl of nine, orphaned at birth and living with her servant grandmother on Judge Brandon’s estate. The child possesses a beautiful voice and aspires to becoming a singer, but finds herself caught up in the cruelty and tension of the racist divide. She bears witness to the atrocities committed by McKenzie and his men, and experiences her people’s ordeals at first hand. Eventually her grandmother agrees to her pursuing her singing, and Alicia rises to a stardom fuelled by her love, pain, and the struggles of the Mississippians.

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