Beyond the International Space Station: The Future of Human Spaceflight: Proceedings of an International Symposium, 4-7 June 2002, Strasbourg, France by Michael J RycroftBeyond the International Space Station: The Future of Human Spaceflight: Proceedings of an International Symposium, 4-7 June 2002, Strasbourg, France by Michael J Rycroft

Beyond the International Space Station: The Future of Human Spaceflight: Proceedings of an…

EditorMichael J Rycroft

Paperback | December 15, 2010

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What will be the future directions of human spaceflight? That was the key question addressed at this Symposium - in an atmosphere of realism mixed with idealism. Building on the foundations of the International Space Station, will it be space tourism, habitats in space, mining an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, bases on the Moon, or the colonisation of Mars? What robotic missions will be essential before crewed missions can be launched? How will these be financed? And when might it all happen? Many ideas from the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan were put forward on the "whys" and the "hows" of our future exploration of the final frontier and what is likely to be needed to make dreams come true. The Proceedings of this Symposium are invaluable to all people in industry, government and academia who are interested in the future of human spaceflight. ISU WWW Server: Further information on ISU Symposia may also be obtained by e-mail from
Title:Beyond the International Space Station: The Future of Human Spaceflight: Proceedings of an…Format:PaperbackDimensions:339 pagesPublished:December 15, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements. Foreword. Keynote Address: A Summary The Need for a New Vision; E. Vallerani. Opening Session. The Big Picture. Once, We Went to the Moon; J.M. Logsdon. The Exploration and Development of Space: The International Space Station and Beyond; J.C. Mankins. Some in Power, Some in Pain: A Symphonic Meditation on Humanity and Space; J. Dator. The Right Staff: The Human Component for Long-Term Spaceflight; R. Ewald. Session 1. Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future; Session Chair: F. Ongaro. Structuring Future International Cooperation: Learning from the ISS; L. Cline, et al. The Future of Human Spaceflight in Japan; K. Ikeda. The Future of Human Spaceflight as a Planning Challenge; A.J. Aldrin. Commercial Astronaut Missions to the ISS: From Concepts to Implementation; C. Mirra, M. Belingheri. Aurora> The Dawin of European Humand and Robotic Planetary Exploration; M.A. Perino, et al. Report on Panel Discussion 1. Learning From the Past, Planning for the Future; N. Peter, D. Robinson. Session 2. Enabling Technologies. Session Chair; Y. Ohkami. The Operations Requirements of Deep Space Manned Missions; J. Honeycutt, K. Reightler. Reusable Launch Vehicles from a European Point of View; P. Eymar, F. Deneu. Robotics in Support of Human Space Exploration: A Canadian Perspective; C. Sallaberger. Greenhouse: A Strategic Element to Support Humans in Space; M.A. Perino, et al. An Integrated System of Medical Support for Space Exploration by Humans; M. Cermack, et al. Report on Panel Discussion 2. Enabling Technologies; G. Sanchez, M. Silver. Session 3. Providing the Infrastructure. Session Chair; M.I. Mott. Frequently Visited Space Bases for Future Human Space Programs; S.K. Shaevich, et al. Future Spacecraft Design Based on the Experience of the Japanese Experiment Module Aboard the ISS; T. Ito. Candidate Architectures for a European Mission to Mars; G. Limouzin, et al. Preparing for Passenger Space Travel, the Future of Human Spaceflight; P. Collins. Report on Panel Discussion 3. Providing the Infrastructure; M. Lillesand, D. Reyes. Session 4. Exploration and Science. Session Chair; S. Janichewski. Public Outreach: Garnering, Support for Future Human Space Exploration; N. Colleton, P. Dasch. Future Trends in Human Spaceflight: A Global Survey; O. Gurtuna, S. Garneau. Proposal for a Visited High-latitude Multi-purpose Space Station (MPSS); N.A. Anfimov, et al. ESA Roadmap for the Search for Life and Human Space Exploration; D. Schmitt, et al. Below the Surface, Life among the Stars; R. Grymes. Report on Panel Discussion 4. Exploration and Science; S. Ash, T. Balint. Session 5. Space for Entrepreneurs and Tourists. Session Chair; J. Benson. The Role of the Private Sector/Entrepreneur in Future Human Space Exploration; J. Benson. Economic and Technical Evaluation of Suborbital Spaceflight for Space Tourism; R.A. Goehlich. Space Tourism - from Dream to Reality; A.P. Bukley, W. Mendell. Space for Entrepreneurs and Tourists: Some Legal Issues; I. Bouvet. Lessons Learned: Industrial Utilization of the ISS is Feasible - the German Industrial Utilization Preparation Programme; M. Massow, et al. Report on Panel Discussion 5. Space for Entrepreneurs and Tourists; C. Miller, Y. Rubin. Session 6. Discussion Groups. Report on Discussion Group 1. Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future; V. Milon, A. Sghaier. Report on Discussion Group 2. Enabling Technologies; C. Manfletti, E. Villard. Report on Discussion Group 3. Providing the Intrastructure; A. Barton, et al. Report on Discussion Group 4. Exploration and Science; E. Pino, S. Sipila. Report on Discussion Group 5. Space for Entrepreneurs and Tourists; B. Thornber, P. Vassiliadis. Report on Panel Discussion 6. Wrap Up Session in Plenary: Questions and Answers; I. Kuriyama, C. Legault. Poster Papers. The Future of Human Missions to Mars; N.A. Anfimov, et al. Mars Outposts: Closing the Robotic-Human Gap; B. Betts, L.D. Friedman. Internet-based Project Management for Human Spaceflight Missions; M. Bosch, et al. Robotic Precursors for Post-ISS Human Missions; J.D. Burke. The Impact of Intercultural Issues on the Future of Human Spaceflight; L. Covert. European Automated Transfer Vehicles, in Support of Human Spaceflight: Present and Future; J.-M. Desobeau. A Manned Asteroid Mission, a Prelude to a Manned Mars Programme; M. Krmelj. The "Switchable" Hotel; H. Lorenzo. A Historical Perspective on the Return to the Moon; C. Manfletti, V. Milon. Study of the Effects of Microgravity on Visual Illusions; N. Peter, et al. Future and Available Space Platforms for Scientific Research; D.K.R. Robinson. Marsbase: A Simulation Showing the Development of Crewed Bases on Mars; M. Salotti. Long-term Life-support Systems; M. Salotti, et al. Commercial Use of Onboard Resources for Future Manned Space Stations; S.K. Shaevich, et al. Some Trends and Perspectives of Manned Cosmonautics; S.K. Shaevich, et al. Influence of Market Trends on Partnerships for Manned Spaceflight; S.A. Tkatchova, K. Smit. Commercial Food Production for Space Tourists and Employees; R.G. Tonti. Physical Disability in the Microgravity Environment: Factors for Consideration in the Human Spinal Cord Injury Model; R.I. Tylor. US Democracy as the Model for the Next New World: Forming and Even "More Perfect Union" in Outer Space; E.E. Weeks. Research on Thermal Protection Technologies for Manned Space Vehicles; T. Yoshinaka, Y. Morino. Symposium Summary; W. Peeters, M.J. Rycroft.