Biogeochemical Investigations at Watershed, Landscape, and Regional Scales: Refereed papers from BIOGEOMON, The Third International Symposium on Ecosy by R. Kelman WiederBiogeochemical Investigations at Watershed, Landscape, and Regional Scales: Refereed papers from BIOGEOMON, The Third International Symposium on Ecosy by R. Kelman Wieder

Biogeochemical Investigations at Watershed, Landscape, and Regional Scales: Refereed papers from…

EditorR. Kelman Wieder, Martin Novák, Jirí Cerný

Paperback | December 15, 2010

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This volume contains reviewed papers from BIOGEOMON, The Third International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior, held at Villanova University in June 1997 and attended by over 240 participants from 28 countries. Earlier BIOGEOMON meetings emphasized mostly geochemical research conducted in small watersheds. As is evident from this collection of papers, BIOGEOMON has broadened its scope considerably to include research conducted in much larger watersheds, often assessing landscape or regional patterns and processes. Major themes include acidification of soils and waters, biogeochemical implications of nitrogen and sulfur deposition, and gas fluxes from the land to the atmosphere. Collectively, the papers in this volume present a variety of approaches to biogeochemical research at the ecosystem level, including monitoring, field and laboratory manipulations, stable and radioisotopic tracers, modeling, and geographic information system analyses. This book will be of interest to researchers in biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, global change, and anthropogenic pollution, as well as to natural resource managers and policy specialists.
Title:Biogeochemical Investigations at Watershed, Landscape, and Regional Scales: Refereed papers from…Format:PaperbackDimensions:514 pagesPublished:December 15, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Integrated Assessment of Soil Chemical Status. 1. Integration of Existing Models and Derivation of a Regional Database for Switzerland; M. Alveteg, et al. Integrated Assessment of Soil Chemical Status. 2. Application of a Regionalized Model to 622 Forested Sites in Switzerland; D. Kurz, et al. MAGIC, SAFE and SMART Model Applications at Integrated Monitoring Sites: Effects of Emission Reduction Scenarios; M. Forsius, et al. Predicting Freshwater Critical Loads of Acidification at the Catchment Scale: An Empirical Model; M.R. Kernan, et al. Evidence of Current Soil Acidification in Spruce Stands in the Vosges Mountains, North-Eastern France; E. Dambrine, et al. A Comparison of Soil Sensitivity to Acidification Based on Laboratory-determined Short-Term Acid Buffering Capacity and the Skokloster Classification; M.E. Hodson, et al. Proton Budgets of Forest Ecosystems on Volcanogenous Regosols in Hokkaido, Northern Japan; H. Shibata, et al. GIS Analysis of Surface Water Chemistry Susceptibility and Response to Industrial Air Pollution in the Kola Peninsula, Northern Russia; O. Rigina. Effects of Atmospheric Sea-salt Deposition on Soils and Freshwaters in Northeast Scotland; C.C. White, et al. Acidification of Freshwater Wetlands: Combined Effects of Non-airborne Sulfur Pollution and Desiccation; L.P.M. Lamers, et al. Trace Gas Emissions from a North Wales Fen - Role of Hydrochemistry and Soil Enzyme Activity; H. Kang, et al. Estimating Rainy Season Nitrous Oxide and Methane Fluxes Across Forest and Pasture Landscapes in Costa Rica; W.A. Reiners, et al. GIS-based Extrapolation of Land Use-Related Nitrous Oxide Flux in the Atlantic Zone of Costa Rica; R.A.J. Plant. Synthesis of Nitrogen Pools and Fluxes from European Forest Ecosystems; N.B. Dise, et al. The Behavior of Nitrogen Isotopes in Acidified Forest Soils in the Czech Republic; F. Buzek, et al. Canopy and Soil Retention of Nitrogen Deposition in a Mixed Boreal Forest in Eastern Finland; S. Piirainen, et al. Effects of Chronic Nitrogen Amendments on Production of Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Forest Soils; W.H. McDowell, et al. Effect of Chronic Nitrogen Additions on Soil Nitrogen Fractions in Red Spruce Stands; M.B. David, et al. An Empirical Approach for Assessing the Relationship Between Nitrogen Deposition and Nitrate Leaching from Upland Catchments in the United Kingdom Using Runoff Chemistry; R. Harriman, et al. The Prediction of Nitrate Leaching with the First-Order Acidity Balance (FAB) Model for Upland Catchment in Great Britain; C.J. Curtis, et al. Nitrogen and Sulfate Export from High Elevation Catchments of the Sierra Nevada, California; J.O. Sickman, J.M. Melack. Links Between Runoff Generation, Climate and Nitrate-N Leaching from Forested Catchments; L. Andersson, A. Lepistö. Leaching of Nutrients, Organic Carbon and Iron from Finnish Forestry Land; P. Kortelainen, S. Saukkonen. Precipitation Change and Soil Leaching: Field Results and Simulations from Walker Branch Watershed, Tennessee; D.W. Johnson, et al. Tracing Hydrologic Pathways Using Chloride at the Panola Mountain Research Watershed, Georgia, USA; N.E. Peters, E.B. Ratcliffe. A Comparison of Methods for Deriving Solute Flux Rates Using Long-Term Data from Streams in the Mirror Lake Watershed; P.A. Bukaveckas, et al. Effect of Altitude and Tree Species on &dgr;34s of Deposited Sulfur (Jezeří Catchment, Czech Republic); H. Groscheová, et al. Organic Sulfur and the Retention of Nutrient Cations in Forest Surface Soils; H.G. Spratt Jr. Recovery of Surface Waters in the Northeastern U.S. From Decreases in Atmospheric Deposition of Sulfur; C.T. Driscoll, et al. Trends in Sulfur Emission-Induced Effects in Northern Europe; O. Rigina, A. Baklanov. Recent Temporal Patterns in the Chemistry of Small, Acid-Sensitive Lakes in Central Ontario, Canada; D.K. McNicol, et al. Trends in Sulfate, Base Cations and H+ Concentrations in Bulk Precipitation and Througfall at Integrated Monitoring Sites in Finland 1989-1995; L. Ukonmaanaho, et al. Changes in Mass Element Fluxes and Their Importance for Critical Loads: Geomon Network, Czech Republic; D. Fottová I. Skořepová. The Relationship Between Stream Chemistry and Watershed Land Cover Data in the Mid-Atlantic Region, U.S.; A.T. Herlihy, et al. Hydrology and Chemistry of the Choptank River Basin; T.R. Fisher, et al. Fluvial Hydrogeochemistry in a Sub-tropical Coastal Watershed in Brazil; R.O. Figueiredo, A.R.C. Ovalle. Beryllium Chemistry in the Lysina Catchment, Czech Republic; P. Krám et al. Application of the Regional Mercury Cycling Model (RMCM) to Predict the Fate and Remediation of Mercury in Onondaga Lake, New York: S. Gbondo-Tugbawa, C.T. Driscoll. Factors Controlling Mercury Transport in an Upland Forested Catchment; T. Scherbatskoy, et al. Historical Variations in Lead Fluxes in the Pyrenees (Northeast Spain) from a Dated Lake Sediment Core; L. Camarero, et al. Critical Loads of Trace Metals in Soils: A Method of Calculation; T. Pačes. Quantifying Fine-Scale Variability in Pollutant Deposition in Complex Terrain Using 210Pb Inventories in Soil; D. Fowler, et al. Flux of Benzo(a)pyrene to the Ground Surface and its Distribution in the Ecosystem; A. Milukaitė. Airborne Contamination of Immature Soil (Lusatian Mining District) by Lignite-Derived Materials: Its Detection and Contribution to the Soil Organic Matter Budget; C. Rumpel, et al. Effects of Exotic Plant Species on Soil Properties in Hardwood Forests of New Jersey; P.S. Kourtev, et al.

Editorial Reviews

`However, I recommend scientists to encourage their libraries to have it on their selves. It is an excellent source of research results in environmental science.' European Journal of Soil Science, 50 (1999)