Biology 11U Student Edition by Jenna DunlopBiology 11U Student Edition by Jenna Dunlop

Biology 11U Student Edition

byJenna Dunlop, Lea Francis, Patricia Gaspar

Hardcover | August 15, 2010

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Biology 11 is approved for inclusion on Ontario's Trillium List!

A complete program that leads the way to optimum success for students in Biology!

Written to support the newly revised Science Grade 11 Biology (SBI3U) Curriculum.

Select from an array of print and digital components to meet your specific classroom needs.

Title:Biology 11U Student EditionFormat:HardcoverDimensions:10.8 × 8.6 × 1.3 inPublished:August 15, 2010Publisher:McGraw Hill School IndigeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Safety in the Biology Classroom

Unit 1 Diversity of Living Things

Unit 1 Preparation

Chapter 1 Classifying Life's Diversity
1.1 Identifying, Naming, and Classifying Species
1.2 Determining How Species are Related
1.3 Kingdoms and Domains
1.4 Classifying Types of Biodiversity
Chapter 1 Summary
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 1 Self-Assessment

Chapter 2 Diversity: From Simple to Complex
2.1 A Microscopic Look at Life's Organization
2.2 Comparing Bacteria and Archaea
2.3 Eukaryotic Evolution and Diversity
2.4 Protists: The Unicellular Eukaryotes
Chapter 2 Summary
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 2 Self-Assessment

Chapter 3 Multicellular Diversity
3.1 From Algae to Terrestrial Plants
3.2 The Plant Kingdom
3.3 The Fungus Kingdom
3.4 The Animal Kingdom
3.5 The Biodiversity Crisis
Chapter 3 Summary
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 3 Self-Assessment

Unit 1 Project
Unit 1 Review
Unit 1 Self-Assessment

Unit 2 Genetic Processes

Unit 2 Preparation

Chapter 4 Cell Division and Reproduction
4.1 Cell Division and Genetic Material
4.2 Sexual Reproduction
4.3 Reproductive Strategies and Technologies
Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 4 Self-Assessment

Chapter 5 Patterns of Inheritance
5.1 Understanding Inheritance
5.2 Studying Genetic Crosses
5.3 Following Patterns of Inheritance in Humans
Chapter 5 Summary
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 5 Self-Assessment

Chapter 6 Complex Patterns of Inheritance
6.1 Beyond Mendel's Observations of Inheritance
6.2 Inheritance of Linked Genes
6.3 The Future of Genetics Research
Chapter 6 Summary
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 6 Self-Assessment

Unit 2 Project
Unit 2 Review
Unit 2 Self-Assessment

Unit 3 Evolution

Unit 3 Preparation

Chapter 7 Introducing Evolution
7.1 Adaptation and Variation
7.2 Natural Selection and Arti? cial Selection
Chapter 7 Summary
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 7 Self-Assessment

Chapter 8 Developing a Theory of Evolution
8.1 Scienti? c Contributions to a Theory of Evolution
8.2 Sources of Evidence for Evolution
Chapter 8 Summary
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 8 Self-Assessment

Chapter 9 The Formation of Species
9.1 Factors That A? ect How Species Form
9.2 Processes and Agents of Evolution
Chapter 9 Summary
Chapter 9 Review
Chapter 9 Self-Assessment

Unit 3 ProjectUnit 3 ReviewUnit 3 Self-Assessment

Unit 4 Animals: Structure and Function

Unit 4 Preparation

Chapter 10 The Digestive System
10.1 The Function of Digestion
10.2 The Human Digestive System
10.3 Digestive System Disorders
Chapter 10 Summary
Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 10 Self-Assessment

Chapter 11 The Respiratory System
11.1 The Function of Respiration
11.2 The Human Respiratory System: A Closer Look
11.3 Respiratory System Disorders
Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 11 Self-Assessment

Chapter 12 The Circulatory System
12.1 The Function of Circulation
12.2 Monitoring the Human Circulatory System
12.3 Circulatory System Disorders
Chapter 12 Summary
Chapter 12 Review
Chapter 12 Self-Assessment

Unit 4 Project
Unit 4 Review
Unit 4 Self-Assessment

Unit 5 Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Function

Unit 5 Preparation

Chapter 13 Plants: Uses Form, and Function
13.1 Plants as Valuable Bioresources
13.2 The Vascular Plant Body
13.3 Plant Organs and Their Functions
13.4 Transport in Plants
Chapter 13 Summary
Chapter 13 Review
Chapter 13 Self-Assessment

Chapter 14 Plants: Reproduction, Growth, and Sustainability
14.1 Plant Reproduction
14.2 Plant Growth and Development
14.3 Succession and Sustainability
Chapter 14 Summary
Chapter 14 Review
Chapter 14 Self-Assessment

Unit 5 Project
Unit 5 Review
Unit 5 Self-Assessment

Appendix A: Science Skills
Appendix B: Useful References
Appendix C: Answers to Selected Questions and Problems

STSE Special Features
Quirks and Quarks
Tree Lines on the Move
Selecting for Genetic Defects?
From Mosquito Control to Malaria Control
Do You Really Need Your Appendix?
Could Canada Rely on Biomass to Meet Energy Needs?

Biology Connections
DNA Bar Codes.
Stem Cells: Paralysis Cured?
New Species Everywhere
Exploring Nanotechnology
Plants and Their Defences

Case Studies
Tree Plantations
Gene Therapy to Treat Genetic Disorders
Arti? cial Selection Technology and Food Crops
What's Good About Forest Fires?
Functional Foods
Diagnostic Imaging in Canada
Medicinal Plants or Other Land Uses?