Bird of the Soul by Ilchi LeeBird of the Soul by Ilchi Lee

Bird of the Soul

byIlchi LeeIllustratorJisu Han

Hardcover | April 10, 2014

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We are more than our body and brain; we are all precious beings with souls. You may doubt the existence of your soul, but that may be because you have had little conscious knowledge or experience with it. Your soul is always whispering to you, but its voice is often drowned out in everyday life by a cacophony of countless thoughts and emotions. Even if you heard it once, over time you may have forgotten it.Yet your soul wants to be free, like a bird soaring in the azure sky. Your thoughts and emotions, heavy from past memories, attachments, and fixed ideas, weigh down your soul and keep it trapped. To free your soul, you need to release your thoughts and emotions first, and begin to listen to your soul's voice.Ilchi Lee wrote this short, illustrated story of a man named Jay and his relationship with his soul, symbolized by a sweetly, singing bird, to help you remember your soul. It is his own story, and he believes it is many people's story. Traveling life's journey with Jay, you rediscover what is most precious and important, and the wisdom, meaning, and potential that come from your soul.Accompanying the story are a guided meditation CD with two audio tracks and a 21-Day Meditation Journal to help you begin your own journey to a close relationship with your soul. They guide you in releasing and purifying your thoughts and emotions and take you on a flight with your own bird of the soul, enabling you to experience your soul's freedom. Consciously connect and communicate with your soul for 21 days, and your soul will gradually expand and finally take its proper place at the center of your life.
Title:Bird of the SoulFormat:HardcoverDimensions:96 pages, 7.5 × 8.25 × 0.44 inPublished:April 10, 2014Publisher:Best Life MediaLanguage:English

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Jay became an adult.He got a job, married a wife, and they had a child.Now he had so many things to take care of!Like all the other grownups, he talked more ofbeing busy than of being happy.He completely forgot about the little birdsinging beautiful songs in his heart.Jay didn't smile though the breeze tickled his face;His heart didn't flutter when winter changed to spring;And even when he gazed at the stars twinkling in the night skyHis mind no longer became huge and filled with wonder.Jay was unhappy. Everything in his life felt heavy and hard. And the unhappier he got, the more the bird of his soul lost power. With its wounded wings folded away, it could no longer fly."Come back to me, Jay.”The bird wept in longing."Remember me, Jay.”Every time his bird cried, a small hole appeared in Jay's heart. The bird's tears didn't stop, and the hole kept getting bigger.Jay couldn't fill that empty space with anything.Nothing brought him joy.No one could make him happy.He felt he had lost something very precious.But what was it? He had no idea.One day he asked a friend, "Have you ever thought that there must be something more to life?”Patting him on the shoulder, his friend replied, "If you have people who love you and plenty to eat, isn't that enough? You have a strong, healthy child and a wonderful wife. What more is there to search for? You have a good life. Isn't it better to be satisfied with what you have now, than to desire something new that you may never achieve? It's risky to have hopes and dreams without any guarantees.”Jay thought his friend might be right. Yet he frequently woke up in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.One night, Jay had a dream. In his dream he was walking, walking, walkingWithout any rest. But it was strange:No matter how much he walked, the scenery never changed. On both sides, he kept seeing only the same houses and trees. He'd been walking in place! Working hard but going nowhere, Like running on a treadmill.Jay woke from his dream.The gaping hole in his heart hurt him.It felt like sadness and like longing.The pain was so great it was hard to breathe.Something hot rose out of his chest, and he found himself crying,Tears rolling down his cheeks.Jay was confused, and he couldn't hold back the tears.Then he heard a faint voice coming from somewhere."It's all right. It's OK. Remember-You have me. I am here.”