Birth of a Nation

January 12, 2018|
Birth of a Nation
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In order to understand the dynamics of religion (covert politics), it is imperative that one understands the origin, purpose and/or intent of the same. Human behavior when left unchecked, results in a variety of cultures/religions that rule our everyday affairs, which is the central theme of this book.

This book goes into the origin evolution of the human race, and the reason for its negative tendencies. Our behavior is the product of our thinking, though to some degree, our being can be attributed to our environment. If our anatomy is not properly evolved (developed), the same will affect our psychology, remember, our brain receives its nourishment from our blood.

Over the years there has been speculations as to origin of man and his religion (politics). The content of this book will lay to rest some of the ignorance brought about by contemporary culture (religion). an ever-present ignorance. One must always bear in mind that all religions only seek to glorify and glamorize the culture and nature of its creators and protractors.

The so-called New Testament is only a tool used by the wealth robbers, to justify the New World Order, the critical thinkers must therefore, guard themselves and their progeny against this political (religious) machine that once rolling, is unrelenting in its pursuit for wealth and power. Every war ever visited by the human race, has been stimulated by the afore-mentioned greed.

You (reader) will also see a comparative analysis of the original Egyptian language and the so-called English, Roman, Arabic and many of the worlds dominating languages.

Title:Birth of a Nation
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 12, 2018
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781462011117

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