BLINDED: An Enemies-to-Lovers Cowboys of Cade Ranch Novel

March 17, 2022|
BLINDED: An Enemies-to-Lovers Cowboys of Cade Ranch Novel by Greta Rose West


From Internationally Bestselling Small-town Western Romance author, Greta Rose West, comes the fifth book in The Cade Ranch Series, Blinded...

Finn Cade is everyone’s fantasy, the cowboy who puts all others to shame with his broad shoulders and charming grin. But while he pretends to revel in his panty-melter status, the truth is, he wants a woman who sees him for more than just his looks.

Or maybe someone who can’t see him at all…

Too bad his gorgeous house guest is a stuck-up city girl who wouldn't know fun if you poured it down her throat.
Since the crash that killed her affluent parents and took her sight, Aislinn Burroughs has become even more spoiled and entitled, but when she finds herself at Cade Ranch, estranged from her secret-keeping brother, her safe existence is threatened. She wants to learn to be independent, but the infuriating horse rancher living in the bedroom upstairs is tasked with taking care of her.

Only he doesn’t. Finn has the audacity to let her make her own mistakes. He treats her like… a woman. He touches her like she’s all woman, and even though they can’t stand each other, they can’t seem to stay apart.

When her brother’s lies are finally exposed, Aislinn must use her newfound confidence to take charge of her life and uncover the truth for herself.

And along the way, she finds that the one person she’s been pushing away might just hold the key to her heart.

The fifth and final book in The Cade Ranch Series, BLINDED, is a steamy, slightly kinky, enemies-to-lovers romance about embracing your strength and finding the love and family you never thought you would.

Trigger Warnings: Adult language and situations. There is a little kink and a lot of STEAM, and always an HEA. 18+ Readers

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Title:BLINDED: An Enemies-to-Lovers Cowboys of Cade Ranch Novel
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 17, 2022
Publisher:Punk Rose Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781955633086

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