Blogging Awake: self inquiry through 10,000 earthquakes

May 10, 2015|
Blogging Awake: self inquiry through 10,000 earthquakes
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This is a day by day account of self-inquiry into ‘Who am I?’ in a year of horrific earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand.

As each shake came, it uncovered the Truth more clearly. Stories that define ‘me’ are seen. As the earthquakes shatter the land, the stories also shatter and fall apart. A discovery that answers do not lie in the mind, through reading, learning, or practicing anything. All that is required is to stop, and be willing to open to the core feelings as they arise.

“A great feeling of fear arose, overwhelming me. I felt I would die and yet in surrender, an opening came showing the way”. Here was freedom and indescribable peace. In silence there was no-one and no answers.

No earthquake can shake this indescribable peace apart. It is the ground of all life.

The book was a finalist in the Ashton Wylie Unpublished Manuscript Awards 2012.

Comments about Blogging Awake.

Emma: Life can break your heart and bring you to your knees. How you respond can determine your experience. Alison shares her discoveries during the Christchurch earthquakes when her life is literally shaken down around her. Her open sharing is an inspiration to meet our life circumstances so deeply and openly that the whole experience is changed. Alison’s testimony shows that the gift of true peace can then be discovered in the midst of anything.

Geoff: This book is compelling, illuminating and revealing. It can change the direction you are looking if you are seeking Truth.

Ruth: This book shows how all stories arise and finally fall apart revealing what is underneath. What a revelation!

Elizabeth: A courageous book that shows how to discover inner peace during any life time but especially during a crisis.

Dale: The book gave me the courage to inquire deeply into my own intricate life stories and compelled me to dismantle them.

Kate: This book points to illusion and truth shattering all stories of me. What a discovery!

Sugra: Blogging Awake is one person's succinct and penetrating description of the soul searching challenges of personal sovereignty precipitated by major earth quakes.

Mary: This book shook me to my core so I began to unravel my own stories that defined Me.

Title:Blogging Awake: self inquiry through 10,000 earthquakes
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 10, 2015
Publisher:Alison Walker
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781301135059

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