Blue Hill

October 6, 2020|
Blue Hill by G. Wayne Miller


Mark Gray had it all together.

Until he didn’t.

Remarkably creative, successful in business, Gray was a husband, father and son of an elderly clergyman—and a superhero in the online and gaming worlds.

Until one night in New York City, when it seems he was responsible for the death of a mysterious woman.

Suddenly one of America’s Most Wanted criminals, Gray went on the run—taking a journey back in time and place, where he discovered a long-buried secret.

Blue Hill is a story of mystery, memory, faith, forgiveness, and acceptance—a story of lies and truths, of what is real and what is fleeting.

Set in 1997, Blue Hill also is a fictional chronicle of an epochal real time: the dawning of the Internet Age, when the culture churned and the world was entering a virtual other-existence. Chat rooms. AOL. Dial-up. Floppy discs. Files measured in kilobytes. The dot-com boom. Play Station. Nintendo. Super Mario 64. Remember?

Here we are today, the fruits of our labor realized, so to speak, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, disinformation, viral conspiracy theories, deep-fake videos, etcetera. A new world has arrived, and the real-life artifacts in this novel are its roots.

Part thriller, part fantasy and farce, Blue Hill is mostly a novel about who and what matter most in this short life.

Title:Blue Hill
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 6, 2020
Publisher:Crossroad Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781952979958

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