Bond's Biology Of Fishes by Michael BartonBond's Biology Of Fishes by Michael Barton

Bond's Biology Of Fishes

byMichael Barton

Hardcover | January 4, 2006

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Master the study of fishes with BOND'S BIOLOGY OF FISHES! Providing an excellent background for the study of more advanced works on fishes, this fish biology text gives you a clear and concise introduction to the study of fishes and provides you with tools that you need to succeed.
Title:Bond's Biology Of FishesFormat:HardcoverDimensions:912 pages, 10.9 × 8.4 × 1.6 inPublished:January 4, 2006Publisher:Brooks ColeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Ichthyologists and What They Do.2. Origins of Fishes.3. The Architecture of Fishes.4. Evolution and Systematics.5. Jawless Fishes: Early Chordate Experiments and Descendant Forms.6. The Gnathostomes: Fishes with Jaws.7. The Bony Fishes (Teleostomi): Acanthodians and Sarcopterygians.8. Introduction to the Actinopterygian Fishes: Origins and Modern Diversity.9. Teleostean Fishes: Early Members of the Most Diverse Assemblage of Fishes.10. The Ostariophysi: Masters of the Freshwater Domain.11. The Euteleosteii: Argentiniform and Salmoniform Fishes.12. Faster and Deeper: Esociformes and Some Basal Neoteleosts (Stomiiformes, Aulopiformes, Myctophiformes, Lampridiformes, and Polymyxiiformes).13. The Paracanthopterygii: Cods, Toadfishes, And Other Bottom-Dwelling Teleosts.14. Acanthopterygian Fishes: Stephanoberyciformes, Zeiformes, and Beryciformes - Possibly Percomorphs, Possibly Not.15. More Acanthopterygians: The Synbranchiformes, Elassoma, Gasterosteiformes, Mugilomorpha, and Atherinomorpha.16. Perciform Fishes: Perches and a Whole Lot More.17. The Spiny and the Strange: Scorpaenoid, Pleuronectiform, and Tetraodontiform Fishes.18. The Integument of Fishes: Skin, Scales, and Associated Structures.19. Muscles, Locomotion, and Buoyancy.20. The Sensory Arsenal of Fishes I: Vision.21. The Sensory Arsenal II: Systems For The Detection and Production of Auditory, Mechanical, and Electrical Stimuli.22. The Sensory Arsenal III: Olfaction, Taste, and Other Chemical Senses.23. Utilization and Acquisition of Food.24. Circulation and Gas Exchange.25. Osmotic and Solute Regulation.26. Nervous And Endocrine Systems.27. Reproduction and Development.28. The Genetics of Fishes (Anthony Gharrett).29. Distribution of Fishes (Camm Swift).30. Ecology of Fishes I: An Introduction to Some Basic Ecological Concepts.31. Ecology of Fishes II: Freshwater Fishes in Flowing Waters.32. Ecology of Fishes III: Freshwater Fishes in Still Waters.33. Ecology of Fishes IV: Coastal Marine Environments - The Continental Shelf.34. Ecology Of Fishes V: Coastal Marine Environments - Beaches, Estuaries and Rocky Intertidal Shores.35. Ecology Of Fishes VI: The Pelagic And Benthic Realm Beyond the Continental Shelf; Polar Environments.36. Behavior I: Getting Along in the Physical World.37. Behavior II: Feeding, Fooling Around, and Finding Your Friends - The Social World of Fishes.38. Parasites and Diseases of Fishes.39. Fishes and Fishery Resources: Their Use and Conservation.