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    Ginny Moon: A Novel

    by Benjamin Ludwig

    Note from the Publisher: The original printing of this book features a creative distressed-look on the cover design. READ THE BOOK CRITICS ARE RAVING ABOUT! &#8220A brilliant debut.” —Graeme Simsion, New York Times bestselling author of The Rosie Project &#8220A triumphant achievement.”— Library Journal , starred review &#8220A heartwarming and unforgettable page-turner.”— Booklist , starred review &#8220A powerful affirmation of the fragility and strength of families.”— Publishers Weekly , starred review See the world differently. Ginny Moon is mostly your average teenager. She lives in a blue house on a quiet street with kind, protective parents. She plays the flute, attends basketball practices, and reads poetry in English class. Everyone tells Ginny that she should feel happy. But before Ginny arrived at the blue house, she spent years living in danger. And though her world is a much better, safer place than it was before, Ginny is desperate to escape—to get back to where she came from. Because something heartbreaking happened there—something that only Ginny knows—and nothing will stop her from going back to make it right… Ginny Moon is an illuminating look at the life of one autistic girl’s journey to find her way home. In this stunning debut, author Benjamin Ludwig gives a voice to the voiceless, reminding us that often we only hear those who speak the loudest, and there’s much to be learned by opening up our ears and our hearts.

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