Bosphorus Nights: The Complete Lyric Poems of Bedros Tourian by James R. RussellBosphorus Nights: The Complete Lyric Poems of Bedros Tourian by James R. Russell

Bosphorus Nights: The Complete Lyric Poems of Bedros Tourian

byJames R. Russell

Hardcover | September 1, 2006

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Bedros Tourian (1851-1872) is generally acknowledged as the creator of the modern Western Armenian poetic language. Strongly inspired by the French Romantics, Tourian produced in the last few years before his death a corpus of forty-odd poems. They have been the touchstone and primer for generations of Armenian symbolists, decadents, and revolutionary realists.

Most of Tourian's lyrics address the agony of unrequited love, illness, and the expectancy of death. But they also include visionary flights whose intricacy of language and imagery hark back to the earliest sources of the Armenian tradition.

Tourian's complete lyrics are available here for the first time in English, along with an analysis of his poetics and roots and evocations of the fabulous polyglot metropolis of his birth.

James R. Russell is Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies at Harvard University.
Title:Bosphorus Nights: The Complete Lyric Poems of Bedros TourianFormat:HardcoverDimensions:250 pages, 9.25 × 6.14 × 0.04 inPublished:September 1, 2006Publisher:HarvardLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I. Preface and Acknowledgements

II. List of Illustrations

III. The Poet of the City: An Introduction

IV. The Poems

1. Untitled, 1864(?)

2. "If Only" (Its'iv t'e) and variant "I love you (Ge sirem zk'ez), 1867

3. "The Armenian's Griefs" (Visht' Hayun), 1868

4. "Desires for Armenia" (Ightsk' arr Hayastan), 1869

5. "Love One Another" (Sirets'ek' z'mimyans), 1869

6. "One must die!" (Bedk' e merrnil!), 1869 Untitled variant, 16 August 1869

7. "Upon the Election to the Patriarchate of Abp. Khrimian" (I badriark'agan endrut'yun Amen. Hayrigin), 27 September 1869

8. "Upon the Reception of Abp. Khrimian" (I timavorut'yun Amen. Hayrigin), 1869

9. "The Little Father of the Armenians" (Hayrign Hayots'), 24 October 1869

10. "Song of the Battle of Vartan" (Yerk mardin Vartanants'), 1869

11. "I loved you" (Sirets'i k'ez) (final version), 1869;"I loved you" (first version), 1869; "Farewell" (Mnas paryav)(alternate final version), 1869

12. "The Maiden Abandoned" (Guysn lk'yal), 1870

13. "Ode on the Seventh Anniversary of the National Constitution" (Nvag VII daretartsi Azkayin Sahmanatrut'yan), 1870

14. "She" (Ne), 1871

15. "To the Virgin" (Arr guysn), 1871

16. "A Glance" (Nayvadzk' me), 1871

17. "Whispers" (Hdzdzyunk'), 1871

18. "Small Dedications" (Tsonigk'), 1871

19. "The Child to The Cross" (Manugn arr Khach'), 1871

20. "Loving" (Sirel), 1871

21. "Betrayal" (Trzhel), 1871

22. "The Lake" (Lejag), 1871

23. The Turkish Woman" (T'rk'uhin), 1871; "The Armenian Woman" (Hayuhin), undated

24. "With her" (Nera hed), 1871

25. "Murmurs" (Drdunchk'), 1871

26. "Remorse" (Zghchum), 1871

27. "I worship her" (Z'ne bashdem), 1871

28. "The Rosebud--Flowers of the Maiden" (Gogon- dzaghigk' guysin), 1871

29. "Black! Black!" (Sev, sev!), 1871

30. "To May" (Arr Mayis), 1871

31. "The Violet" (Manishag), 1871, Sevak

32. "My Rest" (Im Hankiste), 1871, Sevak

33. "New Black Days" (Nor Sev Orer), 1 October 1871

34. "My Pain" (Im ts'ave), 1871

35. "Memorial Offering to B. H. Janfesjian" (Nver hishadagi arr B.H. Janfesjian), 6 October 1871

36. "At the Grave of the Most Beloved Vartan Loutfian" (I gerezmann amenasirelvo Vartan Lut'fyani), 1871

37. "My Death" (Im mahe), 1871

38. "What are they saying?" (Inch' g'esen?), 1871

39. "A." 1871

40. "Now soars the joyful day" (Aha srana orn yerchanig), undated

41. Fragments

V. Documents, Letters, and Critical Essays

1. Paruyr Sevak, "The Herakles of Our Lyric Poetry."

2. A Night at the Opera, and Tripe Soup at Dawn.

3. Tourian's Amusements.

4. Tourian's Passions.

5. A Theatrical Advertisement.

6. Missy Eugenie on Love and Verse.

7. Secret Love, and a Visit to the Doctor.

8. Tourian's Last Year.

9. Tourian's Eulogy for Vartan Lutfian.

10. Letter to Bishop Khoren Nar-Bey.

11. Letter to B. D. Atamian.

12. Letter to A. Lusinian.

13. Letter to B.N. Janfesjian.

14. Letter to B. A. Lusinian, and an Image from Nerval

15. An Ominous Dream.

16. The Death of the Poet.

17. A Report on Tourian's Funeral.

18. A Poem by a Friend.

19. A Eulogy for Tourian.

20. Bowdler's Touch.

21. The Two Tourians.

22. Homage from the Future: A poem by Misak Medzarents.

VI. Index