Breaking Point

September 29, 2018|
Breaking Point by John Leung
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What will you do when your dream is shattered and your life falls apart?

Twenty-year-old Casey Fleury wants to play in the NHL to prove his worth and be appreciated by family and friends. As this is his final year of junior hockey, it is also his last chance to attract NHL scouts and turn pro. However, his anger issues and over-competitiveness jeopardize his career dreams.

After injuring the heavily-scouted Adam Point during a game, Casey is expelled by his team as the league president—who knows Casey's Christian background—suggests Casey to change his violent behaviour by playing Christian hockey at the church that he once walked away from. The strict rules and the players' poor hockey skills prompt Casey to resurrect his hockey dreams without God's help—like his old teammate Kenneth Johnson, who is now flourishing in the NHL after he disregarded God.

Adam Point is a committed Christian for years who longs for Casey's return to God's family. However, his faith is shaken after suffering injuries from the on-ice incident with Casey and learning about Casey's life misfortunes that drive him further away from God.

As life's misfortunes consume Casey and doubts in God choke Adam, only one option is left as they both reach their breaking point...

Title:Breaking Point
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 29, 2018
Publisher:John Leung
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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