Business Ethics by D. AlbuquerqueBusiness Ethics by D. Albuquerque

Business Ethics

byD. Albuquerque

Paperback | December 1, 2009

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Business Ethics is designed to serve as a textbook for first year students of MBA and diploma students of management courses. The book provides a deep insight into the crucial role played by ethical choices in managerial decision making within an organization as well as the impact of suchdecisions on the world at large.Starting with a broad overview of the meaning and scope of ethics and the development of ethical thought, the book puts forward the applications of ethical standards to business areas such as corporate governance, marketing and brand management, advertising, and finance. The discussion shifts to amore human level with the various issues of workplace ethics as well as consumer rights. Special focus is given to ethical choices related to the environment, cyber space and criminal intimidation. Contemporary issues like corporate code of ethics, political correctness and the role played by NPOand NGO in upholding moral values are discussed in detail. Finally, several open-ended issues like Intellectual Property The book follows a debate-based approach where both for and against views are presented, followed by concept analysis and logical deductions. This approach is well aided with a number of caselets, case studies and end chapter review questions. This book will also serve as a useful reference for BBAfaculty and professionals.
Daniel Albuquerque is currently a visiting Professor of Management at various business schools and a consultant for Nirmala Institute of Education, Panaji, Goa. He is a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Julius Maximilian University, Wuerzburg, Germany. Over a career spanning 25 years he has worked with several academic institutions and cor...
Title:Business EthicsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:512 pages, 9.84 × 5.91 × 0.03 inPublished:December 1, 2009Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Guidelines to using the bookPrologueThe moral experiencePart I: Managers and Morals: Setting Ethical Standards: The way of moral knowledge1. Ethics: Meaning, Definition and Scope1. Ethics and morals2. Definition of business ethics3. Nature of business ethics as moral value4. Law versus Ethics2. Eastern and Western Ethical Thought and Business Practices1. Universal norms and geographically different cultures2. Suitability of Eastern values to Western business3. Whether Indian values hinder business4. A progressive business dharma3. Doctrines, Dogmas and Business Management1. Pragmatism and Ethics2. The scourge of socialism3. Social Market Economy4. Business Philosophy4. Decision Making: Moral Reasoning and Its Implementation1. Moral Reasoning2. Managerial decision making processPart II. Managers and Morals: Application of Ethical Standards to Business Management Areas: The way of moral action5. In the Marketplace1. Product positioning and competing2. Packaging and Launching3. Pricing and Distribution4. Brand management imperatives6. On the Billboard1. Advertising and communication decisions2. Exploitative nature of advertising3. Culture versus Ad-culture4. Lessons from Nature7. The World of Finance1. Financial accounting standards2. Financial Institutional Responsibility3. Fiduciary duty4. Derivatives and rules of speculation8. Customer the ultimate stakeholder1. Duties of the manufacturers2. Rights of the consumers3. Legal liabilities4. Legal business versus Moral businessPart III. Managers and Morals: Managing the Organization: The way of defining manager's role in the organization9. The Workplace Ethics1. Rights and Duties of employees2. Personnel policies and procedures3. Just wages4. Union morality10. The Workplace and the individuals1. Workplace versus home front2. The morality of informed consent3. Health and Safety hazards4. Workplace surveillance versus privacy11. The Contemporary worker1. Conflict of Interest2. Whistleblowing3. Abuse of official position4. Kickbacks12. On-job problems1. Forms of Discrimination and their morality2. Affirmative action or job reservation as a form of social justice3. Sexual harassment at workplace4. Gays and moral stigmaPart IV. Corporate Citizen: Organization in the World: The way of the new person in the society13. 1. Corporation is a moral person2. Corporate governance3. Family-run business and organizational imperatives4. Multinational corporations vis-a-vis nation states and governments14. Institutionalization of Ethics for Corporations1. Institutionalization of Ethics for Corporations2. Cultivation of good corporate conscience3. Corporate citizenship4. Corporate mission15. Corporate Social Responsibility1. Definition and scope of corporate social responsibility2. Social responsibility as a liability to shareholders3. Drivers for corporate social responsibility4. Moral grounds for corporate social responsibility16. Corporations in the World of Politics1. Political correctness and morality2. Corporate participation in political process3. Corruption of political economy4. Corporate pacifism versus corporate activismPart V. Morals and Managers: Challenges of New Age World: The way of encountering the future17. Challenges of environment1. Principle of Environmental ethics2. Industrial responsibility3. Costs and Benefits4. Ethics of sustainability18. Challenges of Business in Cyber age1. Information Technology and its moral significance to business2. Data integrity and security3. Internet crime and punishment4. Software piracy19. Challenges of Violence and business survival1. The relationship of violence and business2. Conflicts within and without the organization3. Corporations and communal violence4. Corporations coping with terrorism20. Challenges of Unsolved Problems1. Intellectual Property Rights2. Market Research3. Gender Ethics4. Human RightsEpilogue: The Way of the Professional1. Manager's professional code of conduct2. Moral training for management students1. Professional oath