Business Grammar and Practice: Essential Business Grammar and Practice: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate by Michael Duckworth

Business Grammar and Practice: Essential Business Grammar and Practice: Elementary to Pre…

byMichael Duckworth

Paperback | June 22, 2006

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This new Elementary level provides clear explanations and examples of key grammar relevant to lower-level learners, with practice activities based on authentic contexts and opportunities for personalization in each unit.

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Michael Duckworth is a teacher and author who has worked in schools in Africa, the Far East, and Europe.

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Title:Business Grammar and Practice: Essential Business Grammar and Practice: Elementary to Pre…Format:PaperbackDimensions:200 pages, 10.87 × 8.27 × 0.45 inPublished:June 22, 2006Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Grammatical words1. to be (1)2. to be (2): questions and negatives3. have and have got4. Present simple (1)5. Present simple (2): questions and negatives6. Questions7. Present continuous (1): I am doing8. Present continuous (2): questions and negatives9. Present simple or present continuous (1)10. Present simple or present continuous (2): actions and states11. Past simple (1): regular verbs: I worked12. Past simple (2): regular verbs: questions and negatives: Did I ...?, I didn't ...13. Past simple (3): irregular verbs14. Past continuous: I was doing15. Used to: I used to do16. Future (1): I will17. Future (2): I am doing18. Future (3): I am going to do19. Future (4): I am going to do, I will do, or I am doing20. Present perfect (1): I have done21. Present perfect (2): questions and negatives22. Present perfect (3): already, yet23. Present perfect (4): for, since24. Present perfect (5): present perfect or past simple25. Present perfect continuous: I have been doing26. Passive (1): is done, are done27. Passive (2): was done, were done28. Ability and permission: can, could29. Requests and offers: Could you ...?, Shall I ...?, Would you like me to ...?30. Suggestions: Why don't you ...?, Let's ..., What about ...?31. Advice: if I were you, should, ought to32. Uncertainty: may, might33. Obligation (1): must, mustn't, needn't34. Obligation (2): have to, don't have to, can't35. Imperative: instructions and directions36. Zero conditional: if you work ..., you get37. Conditional (1): if you work ..., you will get38. Conditional (2): if you worked ..., you would get39. -ing and infinitive (1)40. -ing and infinitive (2)41. Verbs + infinitive42. Adjectives: -ing and -ed43. Adjectives and adverbs (1)44. Adjectives and adverbs (2)45. Adverbs of frequency: always, sometimes, never, etc.46. Comparing adjectives (1): older than47. Comparing adjectives (2): more modern than48. Superlatives: oldest, most expensive49. too and not ... enough50. Pronouns and possessives: I, me, my, mine51. Reflexive pronouns: myself, yourself52. Relative pronouns: who, which, that53. Articles (1): a, an, the54. Articles (2): a, an, the55. this, that, these, those56. Nouns (1): countable and uncountable57. Nouns (2): countable and uncountable58. Nouns (3): singular and plural59. some and any60. something and anything61. much and many62. Numbers (1): large numbers, dates63. Numbers (2): decimals and fractions64. Prepositions (1): place and direction65. Prepositions (2): time66. Prepositions (3): noun + preposition, preposition + verb, preposition + noun67. Prepositions (4): adjective + preposition68. Prepositions (5): verb + preposition69. Expressions with make and do70. Expressions with have and have got71. Expressions with get72. Expressions with give and takeAppendix 1 - Spelling rulesAppendix 2 - Irregular verbsAnswer keyProgress testsProgress tests - Answer keyIndex