Call of a Dragon

Call of a Dragon

Kobo ebook | March 9, 2014

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Call of a Dragon, the story of the Waterborn Saga had begun thousands of years before on a planet called Earth. Former great civilizations had become extinct, but aware of the fate which lay before them had reached out, leaving Time Capsules for a new race to find, designed to help them in the development. The new race of people, because of their retained affinity with the sea called themselves the Waterborn. Highly intelligent and with telepathic powers the Time Capsules did accelerate the growth and the building of their civilization.
Another civilization was taking an interest in the Waterborn, not from Earth but this was the most highly developed race in the Universe. It was not the first time they had visited Earth, leader of their early society known as the Immortals had lived on Earth thousands of years before and were known as the Gods.
With the support of a space traveling civilization millions of years old, the Waterborn thrived, eventually becoming space travelers as well. Hundreds of years later, the Empire received a call from Earth. Planet Earth was destroying itself from within. The entire civilization was rescued and resettled on a planet which had just gone through catastrophic events which had wiped out more than half of their population.
From these chaotic beginnings the Waterborn matured as a civilization and began taking vital roles in the Greater Empire. Call of a Dragon follows members of this remarkable race and their colleagues in their adventures and dedication to the protection and expansion of the Empire. As they face diabolical threats and fight powers from the Dark Side, they find help from unlikely sources.
Against tremendous odds those of the Waterborn Saga help to shape the Universe of the future.

Tonrack activated the remote which brought the fighter to them and they were about to board, when he stopped them. Zeus said gently, a statement more than a question, “there is another.” Tonrack nodded, there must be, he said, “Those we killed were undoubtedly magicians and adepts, but none of them had the power to erect those psychic barriers we met when coming down through the atmosphere.”
He led them into the fighter and told them first to search the craft to make sure no-one had concealed themselves aboard, that done, he lay down on his bed, and told them, as soon as he had left his body, they were to leave the planet and maintain a safe orbit for two hours, if he had not returned by then, they were to call in the fleet, and turn the planet into charred rock. He held Tersova for a moment, reached out and briefly grasped the hands of both Zeus and Athena, then cast himself into a self-induced trance. He had to do this quickly. Because he was facing a deadly enemy, far stronger than those before, and he would try to get an advantage before Tonrack could get his bearings. Rather than waiting until he had become the usual replica of himself, he assumed the form of the Dragon. The only difference this time was, the dragon form he assumed was that of his mentor, and as he did so, he knew the Dragon was there with him. He literally leapt out of his body as the fighter lifted off and soared high into the atmosphere. He had been right, the mage had as much power as he had, and had been waiting for him. As he emerged a dark shape passed him. Had he been slower, he would have been dealt a devastating blow. The magician had also assumed the form of a dragon. A huge black beast with two massively muscled hind legs and its arms were its wings; the ends of each of its elongated fingers were vicious claws. The speed of his exit, not only protected him, it also put him above his foe. This dragon was an ice dragon, and its icy breath could neutralize his fire. They soared higher, each trying to get an advantage.

Title:Call of a DragonFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:March 9, 2014Publisher:Alastair BatchelorLanguage:English

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