Call of the Mist: Heroes, Gods, Angels, and Fairies Supernatural YA Collection

Call of the Mist: Heroes, Gods, Angels, and Fairies Supernatural YA Collection

Kobo ebook | April 11, 2014

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From the popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Blood Waters, Splicers, and Soulyte Series... HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO ANSWER TO THE CALL OF THE MIST... HEROES, GODS, ANGELS AND FAIRIES — YA SUPERNATURAL ADVENTURE!!! THE CHILD OF MYSTERY The only thing fifteen-year-old Melinda has been thinking about ever since she found out that she was betrothed to a man twice her age was how to escape the madness of the cult she had been trapped in.Melinda has the unique ability to see things no one can, like Angels and, once one Halloween, a demon. Her power also allows her to see a boy named Caleb, who isn't really a boy but has the fading aura of an Angel. Kept in chains and tortured, Caleb’s agonizing cries are a constant reminder of why she must get as far away from the cult as she can. She must escape, and soon, but not without trying to rescue Caleb. BORNE FROM THE SEA As someone who has migrated from the States into that sleepy corner of the world, Mila is bored and lonely, and feels like Cinderella, getting up early every morning for the thankless task of doing chores around the dilapidated house all day. Then, one day, she comes across a young man who's been washed up on the shore. He can't remember anything about who he was or even what his name is. Her parents take him in, and he begins to fill in what's been missing in her life. But just when she thinks he might actually like her, he turns away—what is he hiding? THE FIRST MISSION After years of training among splicers—a secluded community of people able to make auras of energy surround their bodies and burst into concussive blasts—Madrigale is ready to run away. She has failed to become a successful splicer at every attempt. On the eve of her escape, however, her instructors pair her with Logan, the best splicer among her peers, and the two receive an assignment to escort a group of visitors back home through a countryside riddled with bandits and an unforgiving wilderness. Now with the perfect opportunity to leave and never return, Madrigale must decide between her responsibilities and her true desires, and she must decide if she can bring herself to risk Logan’s life and the lives of innocent visitors in order to escape. JOURNEY TO THE FOREST Madala is a land plagued by a dark force sweeping down from the north. Countless numbers of young men and women risk their lives for a chance to uncover the evil and prove themselves capable of becoming a hero. There is no doubt that Cyrus wants more than anything to become a proper Hero. He wants everything the title entails: the sword, the glory, and most importantly he wants a companion—his Soulyte. This creature of magic lends its powers to the young man, helping him in his path to grow into a Hero of Madala. But when his Soulyte is revealed to be more than it seems, Cyrus’s courage is tested and he must learn to overcome his fears and save those who need him. Can the thing he fears most be the one thing that can help him on his journey? BONUS PREVIEW AT THE END OF THE BOOK Download and discover why readers are raving about EVE HATHAWAY. Scroll up and get this great collection now!
Title:Call of the Mist: Heroes, Gods, Angels, and Fairies Supernatural YA CollectionFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 11, 2014Publisher:Sandra RossLanguage:English

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