Cancer Epidemiology And Prevention by David SchottenfeldCancer Epidemiology And Prevention by David Schottenfeld

Cancer Epidemiology And Prevention

EditorDavid Schottenfeld, Joseph F. Fraumeni

Hardcover | August 24, 2006

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This much anticipated Third Edition provides a comprehensive presentation of the global burden and patterns of cancer occurrence, along with new developments in our understanding of cancer causation and prevention. Special attention is given to epidemiologic approaches that incorporatemolecular biomarkers based on genomic and other emerging technologies, providing new insights into the role of genetic predisposition and gene-environment interactions in cancer induction. In addition, new chapters are included on social class disparities in cancer incidence and mortality, therole of obesity and physical inactivity in cancer etiology, the potential effects of electromagnetic fields and rediofrequency radiation, and the principles of cancer chemoprevention.The textbook is organized into five sections: Basic Concepts; The Magnitude of Cancer; The Causes of Cancer; Cancer by Tissue of Origin; Cancer Prevention and Control. In this new edition, Drs. David Schottenfeld and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr. have enlisted three distinguished Associate Editors: Drs.Jonathan Samet of Johns Hopkins University, Graham Colditz of Harvard University and Alice Whittemore of Stanford University.
David Schottenfeld is at University of Michigan School of Public Health (Emeritus). Joseph F. Fraumeni is at National Cancer Institute.
Title:Cancer Epidemiology And PreventionFormat:HardcoverDimensions:1416 pages, 8.82 × 11.1 × 2.72 inPublished:August 24, 2006Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I: Basic Concepts1. Steven N. Goodman, Jonathan M. Samet: Cause and Cancer Epidemiology2. Thomas J. Giordano: Morphologic and Molecular Classification of Human Cancer3. Thomas E. Rohan, Donald E. Henson, Eduardo L. Franco, and Jorge Albores-Saavedra: Cancer Precursors4. Ayse E. Erson and Elizabeth M. Petty: Molecular and Genetic Events in Neoplastic Transformation5. Leslie Stayner, Paolo Boffetta, and Harri Vainio: Risk Assessment of Carcinogenetic Hazards6. Monsterrat Garcia-Closa, Roel Vermeulen, Mark E. Sherman, Lee Moore, Martyn T. Smith, and Nathaniel Rothman: Application of Biomarkers in Cancer Epidemiology7. Neil Risch and Alice S. Whittemore: Genetic Concepts and Methods in Epidemiologic ResearchPart II: The Magnitude of Cancer8. D. Max. Parkin and Freddie Bray: International Patterns of Cancer Incidence and Mortality9. Lynn A.G. Ries and Susan S. Devesa: Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Patient Survival in the United States10. Ichiro Kawachi and Candyce Kroenke: Socioeconomic Disparities in Cancer Incidence and Mortality11. Laurence N. Kolonel and Lynne R. Wilkens: Migrant Studies12. Martin L. Brown and K. Robin Yabroff: Economic Impact of Cancer in the United StatesPart III: The Causes of Cancer13. Michael J. Thun and S. Jane Henley: Tobacco and Cancer14. James R. Marshall and Jo Freudenheim: Alcohol15. John D. Boice: Ionizing Radiation16. Adele C. Green, David C. Whiteman: Solar Radiation17. David Savitz and Anders Ahlbom: Electromagnetic Fields and Radiofrequency Radiation18. Jack Siemiatycki, Lesley Richardson and Paolo Boffetta: Occupation19. Jonathan M. Samet and Aaron J. Cohen: Air Pollution20. Kenneth P. Cantor, Mary H. Ward, Lee Moore, and Jay Lubin: Water Contaminants21. Walter C. Willett: Diet and Nutrition22. Rachel Ballard-Barbash, Christine Friedenreich, Martha Slattery, and Inger Thune: Obesity and Body Composition23. I-Min Lee and Yuko Oguma: Physical Activity24. James V. Lacey, Graham A. Colditz, and David Schottenfeld: Exogenous Hormones25. Laurel A. Hable and Gary D. Friedman: Pharmaceuticals Other than Hormones26. Nancy E. Mueller, Brenda Birmann, Julie Parsonnet, Mark Schiffman, and Sherri Stuver: Infectious Agents27. Gareth J. Morgan, Martha S. Linet, and Charles S. Rabkin: Immunologic Factors28. Noralane M. Lindor, Carl J. Lindor, and Mark H. Greene: Hereditary Neoplastic Syndromes29. Neil E. Caporaso: Genetic Modifiers of Cancer RiskPart IV: Cancer by Tissue of Origin30. Alyson J. Littman, Thomas L. Vaughan: Cancers of the Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses31. Mimi C. Yu, Jian-Min Yuan: Nasopharyngeal Cancer32. Andrew F. Olshan: Larynx33. Margaret R. Spitz, Xifeng Wu, Anna Wilkinson, and Qingyi Wei: Cancer of the Lung34. Paolo Boffetta and Leslie T. Stayner: Pleural and Peritoneal Neoplasms35. Susan T. Mayne, Douglas E. Morse, and Deborah M. Winn: Cancers of the Oral Cavity and Pharynx36. William J. Blot, Joseph K. McLaughlin, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr.: Esophageal Cancer37. Atsuko Shibata and Julie Parsonnet: Stomach Cancer38. Kristin E. Anderson, Thomas M. Mack, and Debra Silverman: Cancer of the Pancreas39. W. Thomas London and Katherin A. McGlynn: Liver Cancer40. Ann W. Hsing, Asif Rashid, Susan S. Devesa, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr.: Biliary Tract Cancer41. Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer and David Schottenfeld: Cancers of the Small Intestine42. Edward Giovannucci: Cancers of the Colon and Rectum43. Morten Frisch and Mads Melbye: Anal Cancer44. Martha S. Linet, Susan S. Devesa, and Gareth J. Morgan: The Leukemias45. Nancy E. Mueller and Seymour Grufferman: Hodgkin's Lymphoma46. Patricia Hartge, Paige M. Bracci, Sophia S. Wang, Susan S. Devesa, and Elizabeth A. Holly: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma47. Anneclaire J. De Roos, Dalsu Baris, Noel S. Weiss, and Lisa Herrington: Multiple Myeloma48. Robert W. Miller, John D. Boice, and Rochelle E. Curtis: Bone Cancer49. Marianne Berwick: Soft Tissue Sarcoma50. Elaine Ron and Arthur B. Schneider: Thyroid Cancer51. Graham A. Colditz, Heather J. Baer, and Rulla M. Tamimi: Breast Cancer52. Susan E. Hankinson and Kim Danforth: Ovarian Cancer53. Linda S. Cook, Noel S. Weiss, Jennifer A. Doherty, and Chu Chen: Endometrial Cancer54. Mark Schiffman and Allan Hildesheim: Cervical Cancer55. Margaret M. Madeleine and Janet R. Daling: Cancers of the Vulva and Vagina56. Julie R. Palmer and Colleen M. Feltmate: Choriocarinoma57. Joseph K. McLaughlin, Loren Lipworth, Robert E. Tarone, and William J. Blot: Renal Cancer58. Debra T. Silverman, Susan S. Devesa, Lee E. Moore, and Nathaniel Rothman: Bladder Cancer59. Elizabeth A. Platz and Edward Giovannucci: Prostate Cancer60. Aruna V. Sarma, Julie C. McLaughlin, and David Schottenfeld: Testicular Cancer61. Louise Wideroff and David Schottenfeld: Penile Cancer62. Susan Preston-Martin, Reema Munir, and Indro Chakrobarti: Nervous System63. Stephen B. Gruber and Bruce K. Armstrong: Cutaneous Ocular Melanoma64. Margaret R. Karagas, Martin A. Weinstock, and Heather H. Nelson: Keratinocyte Carcinomas65. Julie A. Ross and Logan G. Spector: Cancers in Children66. David Schottenfeld and Jennifer L. Beebe-Dimmer: Multiple Primary CancersPart V: Prevention and Control67. Robert A. Hiatt and Barbara K. Rimer: Principles and Applications of Cancer Prevention and Control Interventions68. Beverly Rockhill and Douglas Weed: Increasing the Contribution of Epidemiology to the Primary Prevention of Cancer69. Karen M. Emmons, Cara Cuite, and Erika Waters: Cancer Risk Communication and Comprehension70. Bernard Levin and Phillip C. Prorok: Principles of Screening71. Jaye L. Viner, Ernest Hawk, and Scott M. Lippman: Cancer Chemoprevention72. Jonathan M. Samet, Thomas A. Burke, and Lynn Goldman: Regulating Carcinogens

Editorial Reviews

"This volume is a unique and complete source of information on the epidemiology and prevention of cancer."--Anticancer Research