Cancun Moon

September 27, 2021|
Cancun Moon by Duane Stanley


Susan and Chris are a fairly new young couple living alone in separate apartments. When faced with yet another rent increase stuffed under her apartment door, Susan entertains the idea of sharing a place with Chris. Sold on the beauty of a home Chris stumbled upon in James Bay and the idea of saving a lot of money on rent, they move in together. The extremely good-looking attendant, Brad, at the old gas station in town is an added perk for Susan.

It doesn't take Susan long to realize that Chris has an embarrassing drinking problem, but her kind, naive nature always seems to forgive. What if she also knew of the pot-addiction and the loss of Chris’s job?

Just when Susan is at her wit’s end from Chris's behaviour, a letter arrives announcing they are the Grand Prize Winners of an all-inclusive, two-week vacation to Mexico.

Their holiday bliss in the sun and surf of Mexico turns to a nightmare when Chris drunkenly takes a wrong turn in their rented jeep, leading them up a mountainside and deep into the jungle where they are eventually met by fifty of the meanest looking bandits.

Back home, Brad is alerted of the desperate situation in the morning newspaper and immediately leaps into action. Will he make it in time, and will Susan and Chris—or their relationship—survive?

Title:Cancun Moon
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 27, 2021
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781039119727

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