Casino Crapsmology: Learn to Play and Win at Craps by John C. Steele

Casino Crapsmology: Learn to Play and Win at Craps

byJohn C. Steele

Kobo ebook | July 7, 2012

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Craps is the only casino game in which it is possible to go from $1 to $900 in 2 throws of the dice. It is also the only game where all of the players, regardless of wealth or experience, start out at exactly the same place. And it is by far the fastest and most fun table on any casino floor. You can always find the Craps table just by following the sheer noise and excitement. It’s the one game where players can work together to share the good fortune and winning. A table that works together can even lower the House odds and make each and every player’s cash intake grow. People talk, share tips and the camaraderie is infectious. Craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world because it is fun, it is fast, it is loud and it is simple. Wherever the game is set, the rules of play are the same, developed by John H. Winn in New Orleans in the 18th Century. The game came from the Riverboats in New Orleans to the Casinos and the infectious game it is today when Winn found a way to include the crowd in the game by betting with or against the one with the dice. The game immediately became one of the most popular in the world because of the level playing field; the brilliant simplicity of the game and the ability to win big in short amounts of time. The pace seems breakneck but because there are so few rules to remember, it is possible to keep up and win, even as a beginner and we break it down for you in this book. The two main actions in Craps are the roll of the dice and betting. The dice are always the same and you always have to use the casino’s or a mutually agreed upon pair. Then a shooter steps to the line and throws as soon as the bets are set. The throw of the dice is largely based on luck, but some swear on their special techniques, practice or experience. By observing betting trends at the table and asking around, a player can pick a shooter to get behind in minutes. One of the best parts of Craps is that one person winning does not mean another loses, so the flow of information is liberal and friendly. The rules of throwing and the initial bets are more than simple and the book lays it out in easily understandable terms. First, everyone bets at the Pass Line, Pass or No Pass. Then the come out roll is thrown by the shooter. If it is a 7 or 11, everyone who bet Pass wins, Don’t Pass bets lose. If the Come Out roll is a 2,3 or 12, the Pass bettors lose. Don’t Pass bets win for the 2 or 3 and push on 12. If it is any other number, that number becomes the Point for the next roll. For the second round, betting is similar. All Pass bets turn into Come bets, Don’t Pass become Don’t Come. Come bets are wagering that the Point number will be repeated before a 7. Don’t Come bets are the opposite, wagering that a 7 will be thrown before the Point is rolled again. When a shooter fails to get the Point before a 7, they ‘seven out’ and the dice pass to the next shooter. The dice don’t lie and these numbers don’t change. The odds do change and betting for Craps gives players the widest potential variety of any table in the Casino. And players can make more than one bet per roll between the Pass and the various possible odds bets. The book clearly also explains the House Odds, how they should be considered and how to minimize them. With just this basic knowledge and a few tips, this manual is the key to success. It lets you in on how to cultivate the confidence and patience that real winners exhibit and use to their advantage. The reader will know how to pick a table, a budget and a venue as well as when to walk away even when they are winning. Beginners can find out how to perfect their betting techniques with online Craps and with Casino tournaments, both of which maximize experience and observation while minimizing or capping loss. With this book, time, preparation, finely tuned powers of observation and confidence, anyone can head out (or online) and be nearly guaranteed at least a very fun experience.
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