Economic Jihad: Putting the Kibosh on Antiquated Social Axioms Defining Us

Kobo ebook | November 7, 2014

Economic Jihad: Putting the Kibosh on Antiquated Social Axioms Defining Us

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"Jo M. Sekimonyo can be best described as a realist, a philosopher of socioeconomic inequality, a humanitarian, and a person that is not afraid to speak his own mind. Through CAST AWAY: FOR THESE REASONS: ECONOMIC JIHAD he challenges mankind to wake up and realize that evil exists and is taking place right around them. Unless we wake up and change the way we are living our lives our existence is one that is danger of being destroyed"
Midwest Book Review

Economic theorists since their inception over 200 years ago, have struggled with the question of how to distribute wealth and continue to come up short. The author is not only criticizing capitalism, but finally has brought to the table, a new thought provoking alternative to the economic cannibalistic system. The author’s unconventional line of attack, will raise your heart rate and make you nauseous. By the middle of the book, you might be searching for a long rope to hang yourself with, thinking that humanity is doomed…but you will be missing out on the spectacular finale. This book is not one more economic liturgy. The author offers a thought provocative remedy to global socio-economic inequality; the rise of Ethosism.

Tara Casimir


Economists are not all evil, few might have had good intentions. To take on the most recent economist star's bible, I shall say that Capital in the Twenty-First Century didn't bring anything new to the table other than beautiful tables. Instead of reviving the neglected debate around socio-economic inequality, his misfires add to the cacophony that already existed and his childish solution to inequality make his book as useful as a paperweight.
Do we need an Economic Jihad? What can you say about the boring cock-fights between Capitalism deities of our time? You should be as disgusted as I am of these clown shows that chip away the substance of economic disparity dialogues. I have left to the class of economist sloppy cerebral sloths, to tiptoeing around of serious issues. Instead, you, the reader, and I will be swimming against the torrent current. Chapter one through six are exhibits of the case against the current status quo, Capitalism. And if I see you on the other side of chapter seven, please hold my hand tightly from chapter eight through ten. Take your time to digest chapter eleven and get yourself prepared for a big slap to your face. On the closing argument, chapter twelve follows through James Tobin's recommendation: "Good papers in economics contain surprises and stimulate further work."

Jo M. Sekimonyo


Title:Economic Jihad: Putting the Kibosh on Antiquated Social Axioms Defining UsFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:November 7, 2014Publisher:Venus Flytrap PressLanguage:English

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