Central Neurone Environment and the Control Systems of Breathing and Circulation by M. E. SchläfkeCentral Neurone Environment and the Control Systems of Breathing and Circulation by M. E. Schläfke

Central Neurone Environment and the Control Systems of Breathing and Circulation

byM. E. SchläfkeEditorH. P. Koepchen, W. See

Paperback | February 25, 2012

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This volume contains the papers presented at the symposion on Central Neurone Environment and the Control Systems of Breathing and Circulation held at Bochum, October 5-7,1981 in honour of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans H. Loeschcke, who retired in March 1981. His discovery of ventral medullary substrates forming an essential drive for the ventilatory as well as for circulatory control systems, and the elaboration of this concept during the last 25 years have profoundly influenced the concepts in this field. In an age of proceeding specializa­ tion on partial mechanisms, his approach has always emphasized the integrative aspects of the control systems, especially the role of the respiratory control system for the ionic homeostasis of the brain and the close interrelation between neuronal respiratory and cardiovascular control. This general intention implies the combination of physico­ chemical and neurophysiological approaches as well as the study of peripheral function of respiration and circulation, topics which are usually handled separately according to the different methods.
Title:Central Neurone Environment and the Control Systems of Breathing and CirculationFormat:PaperbackDimensions:271 pagesPublished:February 25, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Central Neurone Environment.- Central Neurone Environment.- Evidence for a Carrier Mediated Exchange Diffusion of HCO3? against Cl? at the Interphases of the Central Nervous System.- Effect of the Anion Blocker 'SITS' on Cerebrospinal Fluid HCO3? in Acute Acid-Base Perturbations.- Investigation of the Ional and Gaseous Exchange in the Brain: Measurement and Modelling.- Acid-Base Kinetics of Blood During CO2- and O2 -Uptake.- Central Chemosensitivity.- Localization of CO2 Sensitive Units in the Rostral Medullary Chemosensitive Area of the Cat.- Microstimulation within the Intermediate Area and it's Influence on Respiratory Neurons.- Further Studies on the Interaction of the Central Chemosensitive Drive and the Respiratory Drive in Hyperthermia.- Training of Central Chemosensitivity in Infants with Sleep Apnea.- Central and Peripheral Chemosensitivity.- Adrenergic, Cholinergic, and Peripheral Chemoreceptor Effects on Thermal Panting in Cats.- Hypoxic Modulation of Central Chemosensitivity.- The Response Characteristic of Peripheral Chemoreceptors and Their Physiological Relevance.- The Significance of Carotid Chemoreceptor Stimulus-Impulse Transmission for the Respiratory Control System of the Rabbit.- Respiratory Control: Physiology and Pathophysiology.- The Effect of Acute Hypocapnia on the Response to Inhaled CO2 in Man.- Patterns of Reflex Responses to Dynamic Stimulation of the Human Respiratory System.- Central Hypoxic-Hypercapnic Interaction in Mild Hypoxia in Man.- Neural Control of the Bronchomotor-System.- Reflex Effects of J Receptors.- Respiratory and Cardiovascular Reflexes from the Afferent Sympathetic Nerves.- Further Evidence for the Existence of a Pulmonary Respiratory "Oscillator" in Early Postnatal life.- Ponto Medullary Rhythmgeneration.- On the Functional Organization of the Generators of Rhythmic Motor Synergy in Breathing.- A Three Phase Theory about the Basic Respiratory Pattern Generator.- Functional Relations Between Dorsal Medullary Inspiratory Neurons and Phrenic Motoneurons.- A New Aspect of the Functional Organization of Respiratory Neurons in the Brainstem with Respect to the Rhythmogenesis of Respiration: Different Stabilities of Reticular Respiratory Neurons in the Rabbit.- The Influence of Chemosensory, Laryngeal, and Vagal Afférents on Respiratory Phase-Switching Mechanisms and the Generation of In- and Expiratory Efferent Activities.- Cardiovascular Control: Aspects of Interrelations.- Central and Peripheral Chemosensitivity in Early Essential Hypertension in Man.- The Role of the Ventral Medulla in the Control of Sympathetic Activity by Systemic Arterial CO2.- Respiratory and Cardiovascular "Centres": Functional Entirety or Separate Structures?.- Morphological Aspects.- Target Sites for Anticholinesterases, Cholinolytics and Oximes on Ventral Medulla Oblongata.- Histochemical Studies on the Central Chemosensitive Fields of the Medulla Oblongata.- Round Table Discussion.