Chains of Ice

December 7, 2015|
Chains of Ice
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It was a brief holiday for Meg, a get together for skiing and relaxing with a dozen friends and friends of friends. But staying to enjoy the last hours of their rental was to lead to a life altering experience. What had seemed, at first, to be playful sexual teasing by a pair of older men developed into something hotter and nastier. Darkly aroused despite herself, her body flaming with need, her mind fuzzed by beer and drugs, Meg couldn't quite bring herself to say no until, gagged, it was too late. And even then, despite shock, humiliation, and no small pain, the terrible heat and passion of their dark sexual torments made it almost impossible to resist. She was shocked, appalled at the way they treated her, at how they spoke to her, and yet her outrage only inflamed her mind and body more, and pulled her into a world of helpless submission to their perverted use. Meg finds herself becoming addicted to sexual submission and humiliation, and passed on from one new visitor to the next, without caring who uses and abuses her, just so long as someone does.

Title:Chains of Ice
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 7, 2015
Publisher:JJ Argus
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781458006851

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