Chakra Evolution by Patricia WallChakra Evolution by Patricia Wall

Chakra Evolution

byPatricia Wall

Paperback | November 29, 2016

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Chakra Evolution is a guidebook to transform your life with new chakra energy.
Discover the new major chakras that have emerged, giving you the opportunity to ‘know’ with deep intuitive certainty, and the ability to protect your body, mind and spirit from the turmoil, emotions and energy around you. Miraculous new gifts to consciously manifest your dreams are emerging with the skills to develop and focus these new chakras. Patricia Wall provides the tools and insights you need to accelerate your personal growth through love and without turmoil.                                                                                                            

Learn to feel and use the power of love in ways you never imagined.

  •          Gain deeper understanding and self-worth
  •          Gain new and deeper insight and awareness to allow truly satisfying relationships
  •          Release emotional and physical pain, including hidden pain, without turmoil
  •          Live your best life
  •          Make peace with your darkest fears and most wounded self to express the love you are
  •          Feel the joy and satisfaction of fulfilling your purpose
  •          Inspire and achieve the changes you want
  •          Feel the true inner peace that comes with deeper spiritual connection and knowing
  •          Be more than you thought possible. Be the person you are meant to be.

Create an amazing life of fulfillment and love with the new tools of evolved chakra energy. For each of the nine (yes, nine!) major chakras you are given information, insights and tools for the evolved energy, and how to work with that energy for your personal transformation. Learn how to identify and release ‘stuckness’ and blocks with love and without turmoil. Release challenges and resistance to change as your best self emerges. Discover how right and natural it is to love you when you feel right inside.

As you evolve and achieve congruency with your higher self, your life will reflect your inner peace and love. Your ideas of joy will have to grow to accommodate the new possibilities of joy and love, and your continued evolution. Learn how to radiate your evolved energy to evolve your circumstances and your relationships with joy and connection.

Readers say…

If you’re ready to start living the life you desire, this book is essential! Chakra Evolution stands out from all other healing books of spiritual teachings; from the very first page gifted author, Patricia Wall, takes you on a journey into a place of enlightened wisdom and teaches you the practical tools for real transformation in your life. SaraB

I have done energy work for many years. When I worked with the book Chakra Evolution my skills and abilities took a dramatic jump and I was suddenly seeing energy and getting clear and amazing information in a whole new way. Be prepared! MichelleS



Following a serious car accident and brain injury, author Patricia (Trish) Wall discovered that she had intuitive gifts that could guide people to make the changes they needed to bring more fulfillment and joy into their lives. For twenty years, the brilliant insights she's provided and the practical and effective tools she's developed...
Title:Chakra EvolutionFormat:PaperbackDimensions:302 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.82 inPublished:November 29, 2016Publisher:Patricia WallLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Our Chakras Are Evolving New Chakras Emerging Allowing Healing Integrity A Life-Altering Event Chapter 2 Tools To Facilitate Your Personal Evolution A Guide To Personal Evolution Unlock Your Ability To Change Subconscious Patterns Detox Using Detox Energy With Intent The Weave Chakra Emerged The Endocrine System The Helix Fine-Tuning Beliefs And Values How Does The Helix Tool Work? Chapter 3 An Overview Of The Major Chakras Endocrine Gland Spiritual Frequency Challenge Logical Level Internal Conflict Fine-Tuning Beliefs And Values Helix Strand It's All About Aim Chapter 4 The Root Chakra Ovaries / Testes I Am Safe Value Your Human Life Living with Purpose Environment I Am Present Experience Flowing Experience Energy Using Unlock Evolving Without Turmoil Chapter 5 The Sacral Chakra Adrenals I Am Me What Influences You? Decide You Are Worth Protecting Behavior Exercise Revealing Influences Behaviors Reveal Internal Conflicts I Am Love Does Your Evolution Matter? Will Flowing Will Energy Singing Bowl With Your Sacral Chakra Chapter 6 The Solar Plexus Chakra Pancreas I Discover Me Learn To Protect Yourself Capability I Am Wondrous Revealing Prices Exercise Revealing Prices Justifying Calling Yourself Wrong Meetable Requirements Exercise Are Your Requirements For Yourself Meetable? Choosing Wondrous Life Flowing Life Energy Helix Tool Using 3 Strands Chapter 7 The Heart Chakra Thymus I Create Does Love Have A Price? Loving The World Into Being What Is Worth Dying For? Exercise What Would You Die For? Beliefs Exercise Evolving Beliefs And Values Wondering How To Identify Your Subconscious Beliefs And Values? My Creation Is Unique Exercise Innocent Perception You Are Unique Chaos Flowing Chaos Energy Detox Detox Tool Chapter 8 The Command Chakra About The Command Chakra Parathyroid I Command What Is Worth Living For? Are You Living The Life You Want? How Do You Decide What Is Worth Living For? How Can You Change With Ease? What Is Worth Changing Your Life? Do You Have A Cause? Decision How Can You Make The Right Decision? I Am Dominant Compassion Where Is The Balance Between Compassion And Caring? Flowing Compassion Energy Your Body Expresses Floating In Your Bowl Tool Chapter 9 The Throat Chakra Thyroid I Affect Who Is Abusive? Distinguish Contribution From Sacrifice Contribution At What Price? What Do Others Expect From You? Values I Discern Affect And Effect What If You Feel You Have Done Something Wrong? Choice Flowing Choice Energy Tool Complete Singing Bowls Chapter 10 The Third Eye Chakra Pineal I Know Delusion Is Disparity Of Perception Value Your Distinct Contribution What Is Your Distinct Contribution? Identity I Know Me Lacking Willpower? Release Flowing Release Energy Chapter 11 The Weave Chakra About The Weave Chakra Flushing Your Weave Flushing Your Weave Tool Using Flushing Your Weave Hypothalamus I Connect Why Are People Lonely? Love Without Requirements Feel The Love You Are Feel The Love You Are Tool Living With The Truth Of Love Choose Your Goal Perspective Life Reveals Me Reflection Flowing Reflection Energy Chapter 12 The Crown Chakra Pituitary I Am Your Contribution Gives Status Spirituality I Am One With The Consensus Place Be You Cannot Fail Flowing Be Energy The Helix Tool Using 9 Strands Chapter 13 Conclusion What Effect Do You Want To Have?

Editorial Reviews

Reading Chakra Evolution was an extremely exciting experience for me. I had struggled with being able to fully experience my intuition and to commune with my guides in a meaningful way. I  was not able to get to the core of why I was resisting. Reading Chakra Evolution gave me a clear and simple path to releasing that resistance. As a bonus, life got a whole lot better in other places too. The more I use the Chakra Evolution tools, the more connected I become and the better life gets. Thank you for sharing your incredible insights! JudieS I have done energy work for many years. When I worked with the book Chakra Evolution my skills and abilities took a dramatic jump and I was suddenly seeing energy and getting clear and amazing information in a whole new way,. MichelleSI've worked with Reiki for over 17 years. I'm have always known that you can impact your body by healing the chakra system.Trish's book has elevated my quest for understanding about ourselves. I've read the book many times and I still find more in it. I utilize it as a reference manual for when I have a problem to solve. The concepts are so much more in depth than what I've previously experienced and it provides the links that I have not been able to discover on my own. Now that I have those "links" at my fingertips, my healing journey has felt more in depth and headed in a direction that I want it to. EstrellaC I love this book because it has pulled me out of conflict, confusion, self-doubt and anxiety! The helix tool meditation resolved a heightened stated of anxiety for me almost immediately. Flushing Your Weave is a fantastic energy tool to clear out lower vibrations that you are absorbing or hanging onto which are not in alignment with your own. I went from having a steady dose of upset stomach and digestive issues to calm and settled as soon as I began using this tool. I love how Patricia Wall takes you through every scenario that you may traverse in daily living and explains its causes and solutions through many fascinating and easy to apply energy tools. I cannot say enough about this book. It is my bedside go-to and it holds a lifetime of treasures to go back to time and time again. MickS Reading Chakra Evolution touched me deeply and brought me to tears as my soul resonated with the truth of its words. It provided insightful answers to questions I've had about how our chakras, our bodies and our world are changing as we travel the road to enlightenment. I now have a clear path towards inner peace and personal fulfillment. Chakra Evolution is a must read for anyone who is on a spiritual path. JudieS I was fascinated by the emergence of a new chakra between the throat and heart. Patricia shares amazing tools that I was able to use with ease. Throughout the book she teaches how to release self-imposed blocks and gain a deeper self-awareness. I am feeling more energized and more evolved. SusanSPatricia Wall has provided me with very concrete tools to make positive changes in my life. Deep inside I know that I can handle whatever life places on my path! Life is a joy! In this book she walks you through how to align your life to the core of your being. AndreeH