Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits (erotic)

December 8, 2015|
Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits (erotic)
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She's a nice housewife by night but when hubby's away during the day, bad girl Chelsea likes to play -- oh, how she likes to play! Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits is the story of a restless, sexy woman living out a fantasy of a seducing a stranger and having wild, extremely physical sex in a public location where discovery is just around the corner.

This novella has an active table of contents and includes graphic, adult descriptions and is not suitable for minors. This book also includes samples of the author's other erotic books.


Chelsea, her head swimming a bit in a sea of champagne, made up stories of her life between bites of porterhouse. She had, she told him, gone to Catholic school. She even made up tales of punishment. “Mike, you won't believe this, but when I was fifteen I hemmed that awful plaid skirt they made us wear and shortened it. I thought I could sneak it past the Sisters, but one, Sister Mary, noticed, and made me come into to her room after school.”

“Really? Did she rap you with her ruler?”

“Rape me? Is that what you said?”

“No, no – 'rap.' You know, slap your hand with the ruler?” He took two fingers on his right hand and playfully and slapped the back of her hand resting on the table.

“Hey, you stop that, you!” Chelsea said, grabbing his hand and smiling at him. She didn't let go of his hand.

“No, what she did was make me stand near her and she measured my skirt. She told me it was too short, but while she was telling me this she kept her hand on my leg. And then she started moving it up my thigh. Mike, she was feeling me up! Let me show you.” She took his hand she was holding and put it on her knee, and then she slowly moved it up her thigh until it went an inch or so under her skirt, and then she let go. She looked away and smiled when he didn't remove his hand.

“Mike, I think she would have touched me you know where if I hadn't bolted then! I think she was...” She dropped down into a sotto voce whisper, “...a lesbian! I heard most of those nuns were.”

“Wow,” he said. “Good thing you ran. You wouldn't want to lose your virginity to a nun.”

“Oh now, who said I was a virgin?” she smiled at him.

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Title:Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits (erotic)Format:Kobo ebookPublished:December 8, 2015Publisher:Asher MacDonaldLanguage:English

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