Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity 1ce And International Edition by Peter MahaffyChemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity 1ce And International Edition by Peter Mahaffy

Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity 1ce And International Edition

byPeter Mahaffy, Roy Tasker, Bob Bucat

Paperback | April 5, 2010

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Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity is an integrated print/digital resource package which presents chemistry as it is - a contemporary, engaging, human endeavour - not just old theories illustrated with facts. This integrated resource presents Chemistry as an integrated whole, blending as far as possible organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry phenomena with thought provoking case studies, vibrant illustrations and models that enable visualization and critical thinking without compromising scientific rigour.
With Peter Mahaffy's passion for helping undergraduate students and others see the intricate web that connects chemistry with so many other aspects of life, he has made innovative contributions to science education both in Canada and internationally. After receiving his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Indiana University, M...
Title:Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity 1ce And International EditionFormat:PaperbackDimensions:10.88 × 8.5 × 1.69 inPublished:April 5, 2010Publisher:Nelson College IndigenousLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Human Activity, Chemical ReactivityChapter 2: Building Blocks of MaterialsChapter 3: Models of structure to explain propertiesChapter 4: Carbon Compounds Chapter 5: Chemical reaction, chemical equationsChapter 6: Chemistry of Water, Chemistry in WaterChapter 7: Chemical reactions and energy flowsChapter 8: Modeling atoms and their electronsChapter 9: Molecular shapes and structuresChapter 10: Modelling Bonding in MoleculesChapter 11: States of matterChapter 12: Solutions and their behaviourChapter 13: Dynamic chemical equilibriumChapter 14: Acid-base equilibria in aqueous solutionChapter 15: Solubility, precipitation and complexationChapter 16: Electron transfer reactions and electrochemistryChapter 17: Spontaneous change: how far?Chapter 18: Spontaneous change: How fast?Chapter 19: Alkenes and alkynesChapter 20: Aromatic CompoundsChapter 21: Alkyl halidesChapter 22: Alcohols, phenols and ethersChapter 23: Carbonyl compounds: Part IChapter 24: The Carbonyl Group: Part IIChapter 25: Amines and nitrogen heterocyclesChapter 26: Main group elements and their compoundsChapter 27: Transition elements and their compoundsChapter 28: The chemistry of modern materialsChapter 29: BiomoleculesChapter 30: Nuclear chemistryAppendix A: pKa Values for Acids in Aqueous Solution at 25°CAppendix B: Solubility Products of Slightly Soluble Salts in Aqueous Solutions at 25°CAppendix C: Selected Thermodynamic Data at 25°CAppendix D: Formation Constants of Complex Ions in Aqueous Solution at 25°CAppendix E: Standard Reduction Potentials in Aqueous Solution at 25°CAppendix F: Electron Configuration of Atoms in the Ground StateIndex/Glossary