Christopher Columbus And The Enterprise Of The Indies: A Brief History With Documents by Geoffrey SymcoxChristopher Columbus And The Enterprise Of The Indies: A Brief History With Documents by Geoffrey Symcox

Christopher Columbus And The Enterprise Of The Indies: A Brief History With Documents

byGeoffrey Symcox

Paperback | January 26, 2005

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In 1492, previously separate worlds collided and began to merge, often painfully, into the world-system in which we live today. Columbus’s four Atlantic voyages (1492–1504) helped link Africa, Europe, and the Americas in a conflicted economic and cultural symbiosis. These carefully selected documents describe the voyages and their immediate impact on Europe and the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. Geoffrey Symcox and Blair Sullivan’s engaging introduction presents Columbus as neither hero nor villain, but as a significant historical actor who improvised responses to a changed world. Document headnotes provide context for understanding Columbus’s voyages within the broader context of fifteenth-century Europe and the policies of the Spanish crown. Maps, illustrations, a chronology, questions for consideration, and a selected bibliography invite students to analyze and interpret the documents.
GEOFFREY SYMCOX is professor of history at University of California, Los Angeles and general editor of the Repertorium Columbianum, a multi-volume series of original sources dealing with different aspects of the Columbian voyages. Professor Symcox received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1967 and works in early modern European history, up to a...
Title:Christopher Columbus And The Enterprise Of The Indies: A Brief History With DocumentsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:200 pages, 8.17 × 5.51 × 0.54 inPublished:January 26, 2005Publisher:Bedford/St. Martin'sLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

    List of Maps and Illustrations

Introduction: Columbus – The Man, the Voyages, the Legacy

Columbus’s Genoese Origins and Early Life

Columbus in Portugal, 1476–1485

Columbus in Spain, 1485–1492

The First Voyage, 1492–1493

The Second Voyage, 1493–1496: Colonization

The Third Voyage, 1498–1500

The Fourth Voyage, 1502–1504, and Columbus’s Last Years

Columbus’s Legacy

Columbus after Columbus

The Documents
  1. Christopher Columbus
    1. Agreement Mentioning Domenico Colombo and His Son Christopher Columbus, Genoa, September 22, 1470
    2. Notarial Document Mentioning Christopher Columbus's Trip to Madeira to Purchase Sugar, Genoa, August 25, 1479
    3. Bartolomé de Las Casas, On Columbus's Appearance, Education, and Character, ca. 1527–1563
    4. Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, On Columbus's Appearance and Origins, 1535–ca. 1549
    5. Christopher Columbus, Undated Letter to Fernando and Isabel, 1500-1502
    6 Christopher Columbus, Letter to Nicolò Oderigo with "o ferens" Signature, March 21, 1502
    7. Bartolomé de Las Casas, On Columbus as an Instrument of God's Will, ca. 1527-1563
    8. Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, On Columbus as "First Discoverer," 1535-ca. 1549
    9. Agostino Giustiniani, Psalter, On Columbus the Evangelist, 1516
  2. The Four Voyages
    First Voyage, 1492–1493
    10. Santa Fe Capitulations, Santa Fe, April 17, 1492
    11. Granada Capitulations, Granada, April 30, 1492
    12. Christopher Columbus, Selected Entries from the Log, August 3, 1492-March 15, 1493

Second Voyage, 1493–1496
    13. Warrant to Christopher Columbus and Juan Rodríguez de Fonseca Commissioning Them to Outfit the Second Voyage, Barcelona, May 24, 1493
    14. Michele da Cuneo, From News of the Islands of the Hesperian Ocean Discovered by Sir Christopher Columbus of Genoa, October 1495
    15. Giambattista Strozzi, Letter from Cádiz, March 19, 1494
    16. Giovanni de' Bardi, Letter from Seville, April 19, 1494

Third Voyage, 1498–1500
    17. Instructions to Columbus for Colonization of the Indies, Burgos, April 23, 1497
    18. Bartolomé de Las Casas, On Columbus's Third Voyage, ca. 1527-1563
    19. Andrés del Corral, Testimony concerning Columbus's Landing on the South American Mainland, Santo Domingo, June 16, 1512
    20. Christopher Columbus, Letter to Juana de la Torre, Making the Case for the Restitution of His Privileges, Late 1500

Fourth Voyage, 1502–1504
    21. Writ Ordering Restitution of Property to the Admiral and His Brothers, Granada, September 27, 1501
    22. Bartolomé de Las Casas, On Columbus's Fourth Voyage, ca. 1527-1563
  3. The Spanish Crown, Portugal, and the Papacy
    23. Alexander VI, Papal Bull "Inter Cetera II," Rome, May 4, 1493
    24. Alexander VI, Papal Bull "Piis Fidelium," Rome, June 25, 1493
    25. Alexander VI, Papal Bull "Dudum Siquidem," Rome, September 25, 1493
    26. Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal, June 7, 1494
    27. Alexander VI, Papal Bull "Eximie Devotionis," Rome, November 16, 1501
  4. European Constructions of the New World
    28. Allegretto Allegretti, Sienese Diaries from 1450 to 1496, April 25, 1493
    29. Morelletto Ponzone, Letter from Ferrara, June 11, 1494
    30. Diego Alvarez Chanca, From His Report to the City Council of Seville on Columbus's Second Voyage, ca. 1494
    31. Ramón Pané, On Taino Religious Practices, ca. 1498
    32. Peter Martyr of Anghiera, On Tainos, Caribs, the Flora and Fauna of the Indies, and the Golden Age of Life According to Nature, 1511
    33. Alessandro Geraldini, On Caribs and Tainos, March 29, 1522
A Christopher Columbus Chronology (1451-1506)
    Questions for Consideration
    Selected Bibliography