Church in Society: First-Century Citizenship Lessons for Twenty-First-Century Christians

December 15, 2019|
Church in Society: First-Century Citizenship Lessons for Twenty-First-Century Christians


Church in Society is a refreshing and inspiring read, compelling both believers and non-believers to value religious rights. Don’s discerning message is a timely voice to both church and society.
—Mary-Elsie Wolfe
Author, Pastor, Speaker

Don Hutchinson provides a sound rationale for the importance of Christian participation in helping shape a shared society focused on the common good. He extols Christian motivation, disapproves apathetic disinterest, and provides a practical guide for Christian engagement with public policy. A good read for those ready to reconsider the continuing value of the relationship between church and state.
—Willard Metzger
Executive Director, Citizens for Public Justice

Like much of twenty-first-century Christianity, we have been influenced by the changing society in which we live. What if we could reverse that influence so that instead of changes in society influencing us, as Christians we influenced the changes in society?

The first-century writers of the New Testament reveal a Christianity that adapted within its culture—even today, we Christians look like those around us. The early Christians lived a lifestyle that influenced changes in their society until over time the cultural shape of the Western world was referred to as having a Judeo-Christian heritage.

What if instead of nostalgically looking back, like the Israelites on their journey from Egypt longing for a time that perhaps never really was, we deliberately chose to learn the lessons chronicled by Christian citizens of the first century and look forward? This book is about looking forward to a future neighbourhood, city, nation, and world influenced by the way we live our lives, person by person, Christian by Christian, congregation by congregation, denomination by denomination, as the Church in society.

Citizenship is about more than politics, and Christian citizenship is about even more.

Title:Church in Society: First-Century Citizenship Lessons for Twenty-First-Century Christians
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 15, 2019
Publisher:Word Alive Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781486619313

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