Cingulate Neurobiology and Disease by Brent VogtCingulate Neurobiology and Disease by Brent Vogt

Cingulate Neurobiology and Disease

EditorBrent Vogt

Hardcover | December 31, 2010

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In the past 15 years parts of the cingulate cortex have been activated in thousands of neuroimaging studies and it has become a primary site of interest in structural and functional analyses of many neurological and psychiatric diseases. There are now more then 20 times the number of annualpublications that analyse this region than there were 30 years ago. There are many diseases that have an early and direct impact on the cingulate cortex, including, chronic pain and stress syndromes, depression, obsessive-compulsive and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases such as schizophrenia, mild cognitive impairment,dementia with Lewy bodies, and Alzheimer's disease. This major new text brings together cutting-edge information on the human cingulate cortex and its diseases as written by the leading authorities, and synthesizes these with other approaches - including neurophysiology and neuroanatomy in experimental animals; mainly in monkeys. The book considerscingulate infrastructure in terms of its cytology, receptor binding and circuitry, including functions such as emotion and autonomic and skeletomotor regulation, pain processing and chronic stress syndromes, cognition, and visuospatial orientation. Cingulate Neurobiology and Disease is a major publication in neuroscience, one that will have a major influence on research for years to come.
Brent Vogt is at the Cingulum NeuroSciences Institute, Manlius NY and SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse NY, USA.
Title:Cingulate Neurobiology and DiseaseFormat:HardcoverDimensions:848 pages, 10.87 × 8.62 × 0.03 inPublished:December 31, 2010Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I - Structural Organization1. Brent A Vogt: Regions and subregions of the cingulate cortex2. Nicola Palomero-Gallagher and Karl Zilles: Transmitter receptor systems in cingulate regions and areas3. Brent A Vogt: Architecture, cytology and comparative organization of primate cingulate cortex4. Hideshi Shibata and Masao Yukie: Thalamocingulate connections in the monkey5. Robert J Morecraft and Jun Tanji: Cingulofrotnal interactions and the cingulate motor areas6. Masao Yukie and Hideshi Shibata: Temporocingulate interactions in the monkey7. Michael W Miller, Teresa A Powrozek and Brent A Vogt: Dopamine in the cingulate gyrus: organization, development and neurotoxic vulnerabilityPart II - Emotion and Cognition8. Edmund Rolls: The antierior and midcingulate cortices and reward9. Jonathan A Oler, Gregory J Quirk and Paul J Whalen: CinguloAmygdala interactions in surprise qne extinctions: interpreting associative ambiguity10. Brent A Vogt and Stuart W G Derbyshire: Visceral circuits, autonomic functions and human imaging11. Paul Holtzheimer and Helen Mayberg: The cingulate cortex as organizing principle in neuropsychiatric disease12. George Bush: Dorsal anterior midcingulate cortex: roles in normal cognition and disruption in ADHD13. Brent A Vogt and Steven Laureys: The primate posterior cingulate gyrus: connections, sensorimotor orientation, gateway to limbic processingPart III - Pain: Neuromatrix, Syndromes and Treatment14. Brent A Vogt and Robert W Sikes: Medial nociceptive circuitry and roles of cingulate cortex in pain: afferent sustems and the cingulate premotor pain model15. Brent A Vogt and Leslie J Vogt: Opioids, placebos and descending control of pain systems16. Carlo A Porro and Fausta Lui: Pain anticipation in the cingulate cortex17. Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville, Brent A Vogt, Pierre Maquet and Steven Laureys: Hypnosis and cingulate-mediated mechanisms of analgesia18. H Chris Lawson, S Ohara, Joel D Greenspan, Robert C Coghill and Frederick A Lenz: Neurophysiology of cingulate pain responses and neurosurgical pain interventions19. Anthony K P Jones and Bhavna Kulkarni: The role of the cingulate cortex in central neuropathic pain: functional imaging and cortical model of allodynia20. Luis Garcia-Larrea, Joseph Maarrawi and Roland Peyron: Thalamocingulate mechanisms of precentral cortex stimulation for central painPart IV - Stress: Syndromes and Circuits21. Lisa M Shin, Paul J Whalen, Roger K Pitman and Scott L Rauch: The role of the anterior cingulate cortex in posttraumatic stress and panic disorders22. Brent A Vogt, Gary Aston-Jones and Leslie J Vogt: Noradrenergic-cingulate circuit interactions as sites of chronic pain and stress vulnerabilities23. Stuart W G Derbyshire and J Douglas Bremner: Impact of functional visceral and somatic pain/stress syndromes on cingulate cortexPart V - Altered Motivation, Cognition and Movement24. Paul Holtzheimer and Helen Mayberg: The role of the cingulate gyrus in depression: review and synthesis of imaging data25. Brent A Vogt, K Nikos Fountoulakis, Dimitrios Samaras, Eniko Kovari, Leslie J Vogt and Patrick R Hof: Cingulate neuropathological substrates of depression26. Brent A Vogt and Richard D Lane: Altered processisn of valnce and sisgnificance-coded information in the psychopathic cingulate gyrus27. Sanjaya Saxena, Joseph O'Neill and Scott L Rauch: The role of cingulate cortex dysfunction in obsessive-compulsive disorder28. Frank A Middleton: The contribution of anterior cingulate-basal ganglia circuitry to complex behavior and psychiatric disorders29. Siddhartha Nadkarni and Orrin Devinsky: Cingulate cortex seizuresVI - Neurodegenerative Diseases: Psychosis and Dementia30. Adrian Preda, Laurie M Rilling, Ronald B Chin and Carol A Tamminga: The cingulate gyrus in schizophrenia: imaging altered structure and functions31. Francine M Benes, Miles G Cunningham, Sabina Berretta and Barbara Gisabella: Course and pattern of cingulate pathology in schizophrenia32. Brent A Vogt, Leslie J Vogt, Dushyant P Purohit and Patrick R Hof: Cingulate subregional neuropathology in dementia with Lewy bodies and Parkinson's disease with dementia33. Julene K Johnson, Elizabeth Head and Brent A Vogt: Mild cognitive impairment: pivotal cingulate damage in amnesic and dysexecutive subgroups34. Eric Salmon and Steven Laureys: Brain imaging in prodromal and probable Alzheimer's disease: a focus on the cingulate gyrus35. Brent A Vogt, Leslie J Vogt, Perl and Patrick R Hof: Cingulate neuropathology in Alzheimer's diseasePart VII - Imaging Appendix36. Joseph O'Neill, Thomas L Sobel and Brent A Vogt: Localizing cingulate subregions of interest - SOIs - in magnetic resonance images guided by cytological parcellations