Cirrus by David K. LynchCirrus by David K. Lynch


EditorDavid K. Lynch, Kenneth Sassen, David O'C. Starr

Hardcover | December 15, 2001

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Cirrus clouds are high, thin, tropospheric clouds composed predominately of ice. In the last ten years, considerable work has shown that cirrus is widespread--more common than previously believed--and has a significant impact on climate and global change. As the next generation weathersatellites are being designed, the impact of cirrus on remote sensing and the global energy budget must be recognized and accommodated. This book, the first to be devoted entirely to cirrus clouds, captures the state of knowledge of cirrus and serves as a practical handbook as well. Each chapter isbased on an invited review talk presented at Cirrus, a meeting hosted by the Optical Society of America and co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society. All aspects of cirrus clouds are covered, an approach that reaches into diverse fields. Topics include:the definition of cirrus, cirrus climatologies, nucleation, evolution and dissipation, mixed-phase thermodynamics, crystallinity, orientation mechanisms, dynamics, scattering, radiative transfer, in situ sampling, processes that produce or influence cirrus (and vice versa), contrails, and theinfluence of cirrus on climate.
Kenneth Sassen is at University of Utah.
Title:CirrusFormat:HardcoverPublished:December 15, 2001Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

First Authors1. David K. Lynch: Cirrus: History and Definition2. Kenneth Sassen: Cirrus Clouds: A Modern Perspective3. John Hallett, William P. Arnott, Matthew P. Bailey, and Joan T. Hallett: Ice Crystals in Cirrus4. Andrew J. Heymsfield and Greg M. McFarquhar: Mid-latitude and Tropical Cirrus: Microphysical Properties5. Paul DeMott: Laboratory Studies of Cirrus Cloud Processes6. Donald P. Wylie: Cirrus and Weather: A Satellite Perspective7. Patrick Minnis: Satellite Remote Sensing of Cirrus8. Kenneth Sassen and Gerald Mace: Ground-based Remote Sensing of Cirrus Clouds9. Abert Ansmann: Molecular-Backscatter Lidar Profiling of the Volume- Scattering Coefficient in Cirrus10. C. Martin and R. Platt: Structural and Optical Properties of Cirrus from LIRAD-Type Observations11. Ulrich Schumann: Contrail Cirrus12. David K. Lynch and Kenneth Sassen: Subvisual Cirrus13. K. N. Liou, Y. Takano, P. Yang, and Y. Gu: Radiative Transfer in Cirrus Clouds: Light Scattering and Spectral Information14. Hilding Sundqvist: On Cirrus Modeling for General Circulation and Climate Models15. Anthony D. Del Genio: GCM Simulations of Cirrus for Climate Studies16. Christian Jakob: Ice Clouds in Numerical Weather Prediction Models: Progress, Problems, and Prospects17. Markus Quante and David O'C. Starr: Dynamic Processes in Cirrus Clouds: A Review of Observational Results18. David O'C. Starr and Markus Quante: Dynamic Processes in Cirrus Clouds: Concepts and Models19. Vitaly I. Khvorostyanov and Kenneth Sassen: Microphysical Processes in Cirrus and Their Impact on Radiation: A Mesoscale Modeling Perspective20. Graeme Stephens: Cirrus, Climate, and Global Change21. David K. Lynch, Kenneth Sassen, Anthony Del Genio, Andrew Heymsfield, Patrick Minnis, Martin Platt, Markus Quante, Ulrich Schumann, and Hilding Sundqvist: Cirrus: The FutureAppendix: Chapter 2 Plates - Cirrus Case StudiesIndex

Editorial Reviews

"This text presents in an edited book form the invited papers from an October 1998 meeting, held in Baltimore and sponsored by the Optical Society of America (OSA). This was the first ever international scientific meeting devoted to cirrus clouds. The twenty-one chapters provide a technicalsurvey of cirrus clouds, and is intended to fill the large gap between elementary treatments of cirrus and advanced forefront research papers. A sampling of topics includes the history and definition of cirrus, ice crystals in cirrus, satellite remote sensing, ground-based remote sensing, contrailcirrus, subvisual cirrus, and cirrus, climate and global change. For cirrus researchers, and other interested scientists new to the field, including students, meterologists, atmospheric chemists, nucleation specialists, crystallographers, and aerodynamicists."--SciTech Book News