Claimed by the Wolf (Divine Fornication III--An Erotic Story of Angels, Vampires and Werewolves): Vampire,werewolf,paranormal,shapeshifter,angel,roman by Aimelie Aames

Claimed by the Wolf (Divine Fornication III--An Erotic Story of Angels, Vampires and Werewolves…

byAimelie Aames

Kobo ebook | June 29, 2012

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Episode 3 of the Divine Fornication series:

From certain death at the hands of vampires, Claire Sawyer finds herself surrounded by hundreds of wolves.

Are they her saviors, or the culmination of the doom that follows her at every turn?

Cursed or no, Claire must fight for her survival, even if that means becoming one of them, wolves in heat with just one thing in mind.

Warning: Please be advised that this story of 9,600 words contains graphic sexual scenes that are described in an explicit manner. It is intended uniquely for those persons of 18 years of age and older.

An excerpt:

....Claire seized the opportunity and slowly crawled away. If she could manage to put some distance between her and the fighting wolves, she might stand a chance.

As she eased her way forward, practically crawling upon her belly through the high grasses, Claire saw the edge of the clearing not far away. She gathered her legs under her, readying herself to jump up and run for the cover of the trees when someone stepped directly into her path.

"Going somewhere, are we?" said a young man's voice and Claire looked up to see him grinning down at her.

He was a wolf, but younger than Clash and Braze, she surmised. He had not yet filled out his frame, appearing gangly and awkward due to his height and long muscles that had not yet taken on the heavy mass of the adult wolf shifters.

Claire froze, not daring to move a muscle. The young wolf was in near full human form as he lifted two fingers to his mouth. A shrill whistle sounded, to be quickly followed by two wolves loping to his sides.

They lifted up, their limbs stretching and smoothing into human form. One was dark skinned and scowling, the other blond and fair with a smile that stemmed from true humor and not the irony of the situation before them.

The darker of the two newcomers spoke first, and said, "Rend, you have to take her back. When the leaders finish...and you know they will soon...they'll come looking for her."

The other, the one for whom it seemed all a joke, chuckled and said, "Shard's right. Besides, she's not that special. In the city, we can get all kinds of human chicks. It's really no big deal."

The first wolf, the one the other two had named Rend, replied, "Yeah, but out here in the wild, human bitches don't happen every day. I might never get another chance."

Claire could feel her blood boiling as the young wolves spoke. She did not want to be simply an object to their adolescent desires, but she could not deny that the three young men standing above her were making her thighs part of their own volition.

"Now wait," she said, "'re from the city?"

The comic blond wolf nodded and said, "Yeah. My name's Flair. I came with Braze and the rest of our pack to help get you from the vampires."

"Ok," she said, "Just give me a second to think."

Claire desperately searched for a means of bargaining her way back to the city with the help of the young, blond wolf. Afterward, she was sure it would be far easier to escape from him than from the huge man called Braze.

"No," said Rend, "I've heard about you humans and how much you love to talk. I'm not interested.

"Shard, grab her arms."

The dark wolf never stopped scowling but he trapped Claire's wrists in his hands. He might not have been a fully grown wolf, but his strength was far greater than her own. She pulled desperately away from him, but his hold upon her did not ease.

"Flair, take a leg, already."

The blond simply shrugged as he latched on to one of Claire's ankles.
Rend eased himself then between Claire's thighs and she could feel him trembling as he knelt down to the ground, his own legs brushing against her.

Claire said, "You've never done this."

The wolf did not reply....

Title:Claimed by the Wolf (Divine Fornication III--An Erotic Story of Angels, Vampires and Werewolves…Format:Kobo ebookPublished:June 29, 2012Publisher:Aimelie AamesLanguage:English

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