Clusters and Groups of Galaxies: International Meeting Held in Trieste Italy, September 13-16, 1983 by F. MardirossianClusters and Groups of Galaxies: International Meeting Held in Trieste Italy, September 13-16, 1983 by F. Mardirossian

Clusters and Groups of Galaxies: International Meeting Held in Trieste Italy, September 13-16, 1983

EditorF. Mardirossian, G. Giuricin, M. Mezetti

Paperback | December 21, 2011

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The large-scale structure of the Universe and systems Clusters, and Groups of galaxies are topics like Superclusters, They fully justify the meeting on "Clusters of great interest. and Groups of Galaxies". The topics covered included the spatial distribution and the clustering of galaxies; the properties of Superclusters, Clusters and Groups of galaxies; radio and X-ray observations; the problem of unseen matter; theories concerning hierarchical clustering, pancakes, cluster and galaxy formation and evolution. The meeting was held at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (Italy) from September 13 to September 16, 1983. It was attended by about 150 participants from 22 nations who presented 67 invited lectures (il) and contributed papers (cp), and 45 poster papers (pp). The Scientific Organizing Committee consisted of F. Bertola, P. Biermann, A. Cavaliere, N. Dallaporta, D. Gerba1, M. Hack, J . V . Peach, D. Sciama (Chairman), G. Setti, M. Tarenghi. We are particularly indebted to D. Sciama, A. Cavaliere and F. Bertola for their work of coordination. We were acting as the three members of the Local Organizing Committee. Moreover, we are pleased to thank the Chairmen of the Sessions (M. Hack, N. Da11aporta, G. Burbidge, B. Mills, M. Rees, P. Biermann, L.Z. Fang, L. Gouguenheim) for their valuable help.
Title:Clusters and Groups of Galaxies: International Meeting Held in Trieste Italy, September 13-16, 1983Format:PaperbackPublished:December 21, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Superclusters (il).- Three-Dimensional Structure in the Indus Supercluster (cp).- The Spatial Distribution of Galaxies in the Southern Sky (cp).- Recent Studies of the Local Supercluster (il).- A Catalog of Candidate Superclusters and Voids (cp).- Statistical Analysis of the Shapes of Rich Superclusters (cp).- A Redshift Survey in the Linx Gemini Region (cp).- The Orientations of Spiral Galaxies in the Local Supercluster (pp).- On the Orientation of Galaxies in the Local Supercluster (pp).- Superclusters: A New Insight into the Problem of Groups with Discrepant Redshifts (pp).- The Geography of Nearby Space (pp).- Galaxy Redshifts from the U.K. Schmidt Objective Prisms (Medium Dispersion) (pp).- On the Large-Scale Distribution of Clusters of Galaxies (pp).- The Spatial and Peculiar Velocity Distribution of Galaxies within 80 MPC (pp).- Les Regions Externes Des Galaxies Ne Sont Pas Orientees Au Hasard (pp).- The Core of the Virgo Cluster (cp).- The Structure and Dynamics of the Coma Cluster (cp).- Fibre Optic Spectra and the Dynamics of Sersic 40/6 (cp).- Clusters of Galaxies with Very Large Redshifts (il).- CCD Observations of Distant Clusters of Galaxies (cp).- Galaxy Morphology in Distant Clusters (cp).- The Evolution of Galaxies in Clusters (il).- The Radio Luminosity Functions of cd Galaxies; The Fuelling of Radio Sources (cp).- Globular Clusters and Galaxy Formation in Clusters of Galaxies (cp).- Infall into the Virgo Cluster and Some Cosmological Constraints (cp).- Matter Distributions of Various Components in the Coma Cluster (cp).- The Two-Component Cluster in Centaurus (cp).- Redshift Estimation by Colors (cp).- The Ellipticity of Galaxy Clusters (cp).- Structure of the Hydra-I Cluster of Galaxies (pp).- Redshifts for Zwicky's Near Clusters (pp).- Tidal Stripping of Galaxies in Clusters Revisited (pp).- Cluster Elliptical and Lenticular Colour-Magnitude Relationships (pp).- On the Perceptibility of Distant Clusters of Galaxies (pp).- Luminosity Segregation and Anti-Segregation in Clusters of Galaxies (pp).- An Objective Prism Survey of Emission Line Galaxies in Nearby Abell Clusters (pp).- Studies of Galaxy Clusters Using APM (pp).- Non Thermal Radio Sources in Clusters of Galaxies (il).- Westerbork Observations of 37 Poor Clusters of Galaxies at 1415 Mhz (cp).- Radio Continuum Properties of Spiral Galaxies in the Coma/A1367 Supercluster. Comparison Between Isolated and Cluster Galaxies(cp).- The Extended Radio Source Near Coma A (cp).- HI Content of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies (il).- Cluster Evolution and Sweeping: A Comparative Study of Nearby Clusters (cp).- Comparison of HI Sizes of Virgo Cluster and Field Galaxies (cp).- HI Deficiency in the Virgo Cluster: VLA Observations (cp).- Microwave Decrement Measurements in Galaxy Clusters (cp).- The Formation of HI Rings Around so Galaxies (pp).- Investigations on the HI-Content of Field Galaxies, Virgo Cluster Galaxies and UMA-I Group Galaxies (pp).- New Methods of Investigation for Extragalactic Backgrounds in the Infrared (pp).- Dust Far Infrared Emission at High Galactic Latitudes (pp).- Dust Distribution Nearby the Solar System and its Possible Implications on Cosmic Radiation Background Anisotropy (pp).- Thermal Radiation Noise and the 3 K Background (pp).- The Voids and the Cosmic Microwave Photons (pp).- Observation of a Large Halo Around M87 (pp).- High Resolution Radio and X-Ray Observations of 3C28 in A115 (pp).- The Radio Luminosity Function of First Ranked Galaxies in Abell Clusters (pp).- Extended Radio Sources and the Diffuse Medium in the Coma-A1367 Supercluster (pp).- Preliminary Results of the 20-CM VLA Survey of Abell Clusters (pp).- Hot Gaseous Coronae Around Early-Type Galaxies (cp).- Implications of HEAO A-L and Einstein Satellite Observations of Clusters of Galaxies (cp).- Dark Matter in Poor Clusters of Galaxies (cp).- Einstein Images of Clusters of Galaxies: Galaxy Haloes, the Intracluster Medium, and the Intercluster Gas (il).- Exosat Observations (cp).- Diffuse Ly? Emission Around the cd Galaxy in A1795 (pp).- Cluster X-Ray Luminosity and First Ranked Galaxy Size (pp).- Groups of Galaxies (il).- The Structure of Compact Groups of Galaxies (cp).- A Dynamical Study of Two Groups in the Coma/A1367 Supercluster (cp).- Computer Modelling of the Gas Dynamics in Small Groups of Interacting Galaxies (cp).- Can Gas and Stars Be Separated in a Tidal Interaction? (cp).- A Neutral Hydrogen Study of Seyfert's Very Compact Group (cp).- Hot Gas in Groups of Galaxies (cp).- On Merging in Galaxy Groups (pp).- The Blue Tully-Fisher Relation for the Local Group of Galaxies and the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies (pp).- Hierarchical Clustering (il).- Percolation Studies of Galaxy Clustering (cp).- The Spatial Distribution of Dark Matter in the Coma Cluster (cp).- Nonlinear Evolution of Large-Scale Density Structure (cp).- Growth of Perturbations Between Horizon Crossing and Matter Dominance: Implications for Galaxy Formation (cp).- Radiation Perturbations in a Three Component Universe (cp).- Pancakes and Galaxy Formation (il).- Curvature Fluctuations as Progenitors of Large Scale Holes (cp).- Clusters and Their Precursors (il).- The Dynamical Evolution of Clusters and Groups of Galaxies (cp).- The Non-Linear Evolution of the Clustering Length in the "Pancake" Scenario (cp).- The Inhomogeneity of Invisible Matter in an Expanding Universe (cp).- Forces Between Overlapping Plummer-Model Galaxies (pp).- Cosmic String-Loops and Galaxy Formation - Angular Momentum and the Hubble Sequence (pp).- The Influence of Environment on Galaxy Formation (pp).- Mass Estimation of Clusters with Unseen Mass (pp).- Adiabatic Perturbations in a Photino Dominated Universe (pp).- Estimation of the Velocity Law of Infalling Galaxies in a Spherically Symmetric Cluster from Observational Data (pp).- The Hubble Diagram (il).- Information on Galaxy Clustering from Gravitational Lenses (cp).- The Clustering of Galaxies about Powerful Radio Sources (cp).- Correlation Analyses of Galaxy Clustering to B ~ 24 (cp).- Clustering of Early-Type Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere (cp).- Progress Report on a New Survey to Study the Clustering Properties of Quasars at z ~ 2 (cp).- Properties of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies Associated with Quasars (cp).- The Distribution of Faint Galaxies Detected on Deep UKST Plates (cp).- An Objective-Prism Galaxy Redshift Survey at the South Galactic Pole (cp).- Companions to so Galaxies (pp).- Strömgren Photometry of Galaxies (pp).- Dynamical Environment and Reliability of Redshift Measurements in Statistical Studies of Binary Galaxies (pp).- Summary (il).- Index of Names.- Index of Subjects.- List of Contributors.