Coaching Writing in Content Areas: Write-for-Insight Strategies, Grades 6-12 by William J. StrongCoaching Writing in Content Areas: Write-for-Insight Strategies, Grades 6-12 by William J. Strong

Coaching Writing in Content Areas: Write-for-Insight Strategies, Grades 6-12

byWilliam J. Strong

Paperback | June 8, 2011

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Coaching Writing in Content Areas: Write-for-Insight Strategies, Grades 6—12, Second Edition, is packed with practical, motivating strategies for making writing a tool for learning, and for integrating it into content area instruction. Designed to help new and veteran teachers work smarter, not harder, the book is written by William Strong, one of America’s most respected writing instructors. The clear, personal voice of the book and its illustrative examples drawn from the work of expert teachers made the first edition a “thumbs-up” favorite with National Writing Project sites across the nation. This new edition expands these features, covers new strategies, and includes new samples of assignments, rubrics, and student writing throughout.

William Strong has worked in middle school and high school literacy instruction for over four decades. Besides presenting hundreds of workshops and many conference talks, he has authored a dozen books and teacher resources, including Coaching Writing: The Power of Guided Practice (Heinemann, 2001). Bill was the consulting au...
Title:Coaching Writing in Content Areas: Write-for-Insight Strategies, Grades 6-12Format:PaperbackDimensions:216 pages, 15.35 × 7.45 × 0.55 inPublished:June 8, 2011Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Dan Kirby     

About the Author  


PREFACE      Introducing Insight    

New to This Edition

Now a Small Confession   

Writing and Skiing           

Learning Together            

Why Writing Matters       

Good News from NAEP      

Writing on the Home Front              

Mapping the Chapters       


Write for Insight Activity 


1  Writing from the Inside Out          

Remembered Writing       

Narration as Knowledge   

Prompting Narrative        

Literacy Autobiographies 

Reflecting on Narrative    

Content Area Examples    

Narrative Insights           

Write for Insight Activity


2  Challenging the Hidden Curriculum         

Teacher as Writer             

Resistance to Writing       

The Hidden Curriculum of Writing               

Roots of the Hidden Curriculum     

Writing without Grades    

Note-Taking and Note-Making        

Resisting the Hidden Curriculum  

Making Learning Personal             

Writing-to-Learn Samples

Thinking Outside the Box

Write for Insight Activity 


3  Exploring Expressive Writing      

Windows to the Heart        

Opening Expressive Windows         

Quotation Prompts             

Guided Imagery  

Dramatic Scenarios (Cases)            


Dialogue Writing               

A Reader/Writer Dialogue              

Write for Insight Activity 


4  Tapping the Power of Metaphor   

Valentine’s Day  

The Power of Metaphor     

Exercising Metaphor         

More about Metaphor        

Using Semantic Charts     

Using Pattern Poems         

Metaphors in Prose           

Metaphors of Teaching     

Write for Insight Activity  


5    Helping Basic Writers Succeed    

Basics of Good Teaching  

Wall Text Basics

Back to Human Basics      

Developing Transcribing Skill       

Using Content-Based Dictation       

Summarizing and Paraphrasing     

Teaching Basics Strategically        

Sentence-Combining Basics            

Workshop-Style Teaching

A Bridge to Literacy          

Write for Insight Activity


6  Designing Assignments and Rubrics        

Darth Vader in Action       

Assignments by Design    

Assignments to Motivate  

Ten Design Principles      

Context + RAFT = CRAFT               

Case Study of an Assignment          

Content Area Writing Tasks          

Darth Vader Revisited       

Write for Insight Activity 


7    Managing the Writing Process     

Coaching Writing              

Visualizing the Writing Process   

Understanding the Model  

Guiding Cycle 1 Activities (Prewriting)        

Guiding Cycle 2 Activities (Revising)            

Prompting Self-Assessment            

Bumps in Process Teaching            

Managing Collaborative Writing    

Write for Insight Activity 


8  Coaching and Judging Writing      

Responding to Writing     

Thinking about Assessment            

Coaching versus Judging 

Getting Ready to Coach     

Up-Front Coaching             

Coaching as Response      

Audiotape Coaching           

Getting Ready to Judge     

Judging Portfolios             

Coaching as a Lifetime Sport          

Write for Insight Activity 


9  Researching Outside the Box

A Research Story               

Personalized Research     

The Saturation Report      

A Student Saturation Report           

The I-Search Paper            

Multigenre Research Project          

Challenging Advanced Students     

Traditional Guided Research           

The Problem of Fakery     

Write for Insight Activity 


10  Writing in a Digital World 

Cultural Divide   

iPod Inspiration  

WebQuest Nation               

PowerPoint Pedagogy        

A Gift of Glogs    

Guerrilla Journalism        

Classroom Demonstration               

Blogging Basics

Exploratory First Steps

Write for Insight Activity



Revisiting Insight       

Listening to Students        

Coaching with Insight       

Leveling with Students      

The “Writing Next” Report             

Listening to Research

Write for Insight Activity


APPENDIX A Literacy Autobiography Case Study


APPENDIX B Bob Tierney’s Concept-Trigger Words


APPENDIX C Macie Wolfe’s Cubing Activity


APPENDIX D Generic Graphic Organizers  


APPENDIX E Content Area Writing Assignments  





Editorial Reviews

I found many helpful examples and suggestions. I would definitely recommend this book to our literacy coach for use in future training sessions.   The concepts and examples were up-to-date and mirrored some of the materials I’ve read in other publications or heard in workshops I’ve attended. The concept of using writing as a learning tool is very timely for the introduction of writing into content area classrooms.   The book offers a wide range of examples that span the struggling writer, the resistant writer, and the motivated writer.   Madelaine Kingsbury , English Teacher, Overbrook High School, Philadelphia , PA     This book has the feel of an English-teacher-oriented book, although it clearly has ideas and implications for ALL secondary teachers. The market appears saturated with books on how to teach content area reading and literacy, with writing, as Strong incorporates it, as an afterthought.  There is clearly a need for Strong’s book in the market of writing across the curriculum.   I definitely did enjoy the author’s tone overall.  It is always personal and never patronizing. The author attempts to reach all content area teachers, a truly difficult challenge, which he meets with good success.   I strongly recommended it to my student teacher who is looking for more writing ideas for her classes (she loved the idea of students writing a dialogue between animals on the food chain).    The discussion on note-taking and note-making was excellent and immediately useful for teachers.  I already use Cornell Notes in my classes, and this is a natural transition.    The Formats for Writing chart on page 46 is invaluable.  Excellent.   I am an English teacher, and my students would eagerly do ANY of the writing assignments in this book….   Margaret Carlock, English Teacher, Lecanto High School, Lecanto , FL