Collected Works: Volume I: Publications 1929-1936 by Kurt GodelCollected Works: Volume I: Publications 1929-1936 by Kurt Godel

Collected Works: Volume I: Publications 1929-1936

byKurt GodelEditorSolomon Feferman, John W. Dawson

Paperback | January 15, 2001

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Kurt Godel (1906-1978) was the most outstanding logician of the twentieth century, noted for Godel's theorem, a hallmark of modern mathematics. The Collected Works will include both published and unpublished writings, in three or more volumes. The first two volumes will consist essentiallyof Godel's published works (both in the original and translation), and the third volume will feature unpublished articles, lectures, and selections from his lecture courses, correspondence, and scientific notebooks. All volumes will contain extensive introductory notes to the work as a whole and toindividual articles and other material, commenting upon their contents and placing them within a historical framework. This long-awaited project is of great significance to logicians, mathematicians, philosophers and historians.
Solomon Feferman is at Stanford University. John W. Dawson is at Pennsylvania State University.
Title:Collected Works: Volume I: Publications 1929-1936Format:PaperbackDimensions:504 pages, 5.79 × 8.9 × 1.18 inPublished:January 15, 2001Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Godel's life and workSolomon Feferman: A Godel chronologyJohn W. Dawson, Jr.: Godel 1929: Introductory note to 1929, 1930 and 1930aBurton Dreben and Jean van Heijenoort: Uber die Vollstandigkeit des LogikkalkulsOn the completeness of the calculus of logicGodel 1930: (See introductory note under Godel 1929.)Die Vollstandigkeit der Axiome des logischen FunktionenkalkulsThe completeness of the axioms of the functional calculus of logicGodel 1930a: (See introductory note under Godel 1929.)Uber die Vollstandigkeit des LogikkalkulsOn the completeness of the calculus of logicGodel 1930b: Introductory note to 1930b, 1931 and 1932bStephen C. Kleene: Einige metamathematische Resultate uber Entscheidungs-definitheit und WiderspruchsfreiheitSome metamathematical results on completeness and consistencyGodel 1931: (See introductory note under Godel 1930b.)Uber formal unentscheidbare Satze der Principia mathematica und verwandter Systeme IOn formally undecidable propositions of Principia mathematica and related systems IGodel 1931a: Introductory note to 1931a, 1932e, f and gJohn W. Dawson, Jr.: Diskussion zur Grundlegung der MathematikDiscussion on providing a foundation for mathematicsGodel 1931b: Review of Neder 1931Godel 1931c: Introductory note to 1931cSolomon Feferman: Review of Hilbert 1931Godel 1931d: Review of Betsch 1926Godel 1931e: Review of Becker 1930Godel 1931f: Review of Hasse and Scholz 1928Godel 1931g: Review of von Juhos 1930Godel 1932: Introductory note to 1932A. S. Troelstra: Zum intuitionistischen aussagenkalkulOn the intuitionistic propositional calculusGodel 1932a: Introductory note to 1932a, 1933i and lWarren D. Goldfarb: Ein Spezialfall des Enscheidungsproblems der theoretischen LogikA special case of the decision problem for theoretical logicGodel 1932b: (See introductory note under Godel 1930b.)Uber Vollstandigkeit und WiderspruchsfreiheitOn completeness and consistencyGodel 1932c: Introductory note to 1932cW. V. Quine: Eine Eigenschaft der Realisierungen des AussagenkalkulsA property of the realizations of the propositional calculusGodel 1932d: Review of Skolem 1931Godel 1932e: (See introductory note under Godel 1931a.)Review of Carnap 1931Godel 1932f: (See introductory note under Godel 1931a.)Review of Heyting 1931Godel 1932g: (See introductory note under Godel 1931a.)Review of von Neumann 1931Godel 1932h: Review of Klein 1931Godel 1932i: Review of Hoensbroech 1931Godel 1932j: Review of Klein 1932Godel 1932k: Introductory note to 1932k, 1934e and 1936bStephen C. Kleene: Review of Church 1932Godel 1932l: Review of Kalmar 1932Godel 1932m: Review of Huntington 1932Godel 1932n: Review of Skolem 1932Godel 1932o: Review of Dingler 1931Godel 1933: Introductory note to 1933W. V. Quine: [[Uber die Parryschen Axiome]][[On Parry's axioms]]Godel 1933a: Introductory note to 1933aW. V. Quine: Uber Unabhangigkeitsbeweise im AussagenkalkulOn independence proofs in the propositional calculusGodel 1933b: Introductory note to 1933b, c, d, g and hJudson Webb: Uber die metrische Einbettbarkeit der Quadrupel des R3 in KugelflachenOn the isometric embeddability of quadruples of points of R3 in the surface of a sphereGodel 1933c: (See introductory note under Godel 1933b.)Uber die Waldsche Axiomatik des ZwichenbegriffesOn Wald's axiomization of the notion of betweennessGodel 1933d: (See introductory note under Godel 1933b.)Zur Axiomatik der elementargeometrischen Verknupfungs-relationenOn the axiomatization of the relations of connection in elementary geometryGodel 1933e: Introductory note to 1933eA. S. Troelstra: Zur institutionistischen Arithmetik und ZahlentheorieOn intuitionistic arithmetic and number theoryGodel 1933f: Introductory note to 1933fA. S. Troelstra: Eine Interpretation des institutionistischen AussagenkalkulsAn interpretation of the intuitionistic propositional calculusGodel 1933g: (See introductory note under Godel 1933b.)Bemerkung uber projektive AbbildungenRemark concerning projective mappingsGodel 1933h: (See introductory note under Godel 1933b.)Diskussion uber koordinatenlose DifferentialgeometrieDiscussion concerning coordinate-free differential geometryGodel 1933i: (See introductory note under Godel 1932a.)Zum Enscheidungsproblem des logischen FunktionenkalkulsOn the decision probelm for the functional calculus of logicGodel 1933j: Review of Kaczmarz 1932Godel 1933k: Review of Lewis 1932Godel 1933l: (See introductory note under Godel 1932a.)Review of Kalmar 1933Godel 1933m: Review of Hahn 1932Godel 1934: Introductory note to 1934Stephen C. Kleene: On undecidable propositions of formal mathematical systemsGodel 1934a: Review of Skolem 1933Godel 1934b: Introductory note to 1934bW. V. Quine: Review of Quine 1933Godel 1934c: Introductory note to 1934c and 1935Robert L. Vaught: Review of Skolem 1933aGodel 1934d: Review of Chen 1933Godel 1934e: (See introductory note under Godel 1932k.)Review of Church 1933Godel 1934f: Review of Notcutt 1934Godel 1935: (See introductory note under Godel 1934c.)Review of Skolem 1934Godel 1935a: Introductory note to 1935aW. V. Quine: Review of Huntington 1934Godel 1935b: Review of Carnap 1934Godel 1935c: Review of Kalmar 1934Godel 1936: Introductory note to 1936John W. Dawson, Jr.: DiskussionsbemerkungDiscussion remarkGodel 1936a: Introductory note to 1936aRohit Parikh: Uber die Lange von BeweisenOn the length of proofsGodel 1936b: (See introductory note under Godel 1932k.)Review of Church 1935Textual notesReferencesIndex

Editorial Reviews

"A comprehensive edition of the 20th-century logician's work, in facing pages of German and English. This first volume covers published writings in the period 1929-36, beginning with his dissertation, which was previously only available through the University of Vienna. Each selection or groupof selections is introduced. In addition, mathematician and philosopher Solomon Feferman contributes a biographical essay on Godel's life and work."--SciTech Book News