Communicator Chronicles

May 18, 2015|
Communicator Chronicles
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All four volumes of the Communicator / Vampire Chronicles in one book.

Legacy of the Vampire:
An intriguing and tantalising journey, which grips you by the throat without mercy! This is a fascinating voyage exploring the dark, yet beautiful characteristics of love and betrayal, trust and revenge and the dynamics of friendship and family loyalty. This trip into the mysterious world of demons and the damned will have you laughing one moment and gasping in terror the next. This absorbing battle between the forces of good and evil, culminating in one of the bloodiest conflicts encountered will give you all the clichés, twists and turns expected from a great vampire novel; but who is good and who is evil? Whose side will you be on?

Vagabond Banquet:
This is the second book of the Communicator / Vampire Chronicles, that follows the dark tales of Ann-Marie and her vampire friends. Revenge is on Christian's mind and death will stalk all those who try to stop him. The Qareen have intervened and a war is about to ensue.

Fall from Grace:
The dark third volume of the trials of Ann-Marie and her companions, both mortal and immortal. Christian's dark vengeance and sinister cunning mind has brought him power and riches and he means to bring down the any cost... casting us all into hell itself.

Fires of Eden:
The fourth instalment of the vampire chronicles sees Christian in a position of absolute power and the world is on the very precipice of destruction.
Baphomet has forged an alliance with Ann-Marie's enemies, as history unfolds and the dark prophecy is fulfilled.

Title:Communicator Chronicles
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 18, 2015
Publisher:Nael Roberts
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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