Community-Acquired Pneumonia by Thomas J. MarrieCommunity-Acquired Pneumonia by Thomas J. Marrie

Community-Acquired Pneumonia

EditorThomas J. Marrie

Paperback | May 1, 2013

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Pneumonia (along with influenza) is the sixth leading cause of death in adults. About 4 million adults develop pneumonia each year in the US, resulting in 64 million days of restricted activity, 39 million days of bed confinement, and 10 million days of lost work. Yet the admission rates to hospital, length of stay, investigations, antimicrobial therapy and prevention strategies vary greatly from one geographic area to the next, and the scientific basis for many of our management strategies for pneumonia is weak to nonexistent. There are over 100 microbial agents that can cause pneumonia and many of these, especially Streptococcus pneumoniae, Group A streptococcus, and Staphylococcus aureus, are in a state of flux in terms of changing antimicrobial resistance. This book is designed to provide new information about pneumonia and identify critical research questions that will come to the fore as we enter the 21st century.
Title:Community-Acquired PneumoniaFormat:PaperbackPublished:May 1, 2013Publisher:Springer USLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. The Captain of the Men of Death: The History of Pneumonia; T.J. Murray, J. Murray. 2. Epidemiology of Community-acquired Pneumonia; I. Koivula. 3. Community-acquired Pneumonia: Clinical Features and Outcomes; T.J. Marrie. 4. Laboratory Diagnosis of Community-acquired Pneumonia; K.S. MacDonald, R. Davidson. 5. PCT Techniques in the Diagnosis of Pneumonia due to Chlamydia pneumoniae, Legionella Species, and Mycoplasma pneumoniae; B.S. Fields. 6. Imaging Community-acquired Pneumonia; M. Logan, G. Schaller. 7. Pathology of Community-acquired Pneumonia; C. Molina, D. Walker. 8. Etiology of Community-acquired Pneumonia; T.J. Marrie. 9. Nursing Home-acquired Pneumonia; A. Simor. 10. Treatment of Community-acquired Pneumonia; M. Woodhead. 11. Patophysiology of Pneumonia and the Clinical Consequences; W. Patrick. 12. Intensive Care Unit Management of Pneumonia; D. McCormack. 13. End of Life Decision Making in Community-acquired Pneumonia; K. Rockwood, C. Powell. 14. Prevention of Community-acquired Pneumonia: Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccines; J. Butler. 15. Aspiration Pneumonia; J. Rello, M. Sa-Borges. 16. Complicated Pleural Effusion in Community-acquired Pneumonia; R. Light. 17. Critical Pathway for Management of Pneumonia; T.J. Marrie. 18. Pneumonia in Pregnancy; J. Langley. 19. Pneumonia in Children and Adolescents; E. Wong, H. Dele Davies. 20. Pneumonia (Other than PCP) in HIV Infected Patients; W.F. Schlech III. 21. Community-acquired Pneumonia in the Immunocompromised Host; R. Rubin. 22. Chronic Bacterial Pneumonia; R.H. Winterbauer, S. Kirtland. 23. Pneumonia Mimics; R.H. Winterbauer, H. Su. 24. Lung Abscess; C. Davies. 25. Non-resolving Pneumonia; A.M. Fein. 26. Community-acquired Pneumonia Associated with Exposure to Contaminated Water; T.F. Hatchette. Specific Pathogens. 27. Pneumococcal Pneumonia; Å. Örtqvist. 28. Haemophilus influenzae; L. Strausbaugh. 29. Staphylococcus aureaus; S. Ewig, A. Torres. 30. Mycoplasma pneumoniae; T.M. File, J.S. Tan. 31. Chlamydia pneumoniae; J. Ramirez, J.C. Summersgill. 32. Legionnaires Disease; J. Plouffe. 33. Pneumonia Due to Aerobic Gram-negative Rods; J. Tan. 34. Pneumonia Due to Non-fermenting Gram-negative Bacilli; T.F. Hatchette. 35. Miscellaneous Bacterial Causes of Community-acquired Pneumonia; T.F. Hatchette. 36. Coxiella burnetii pneumonia &endash; Q Fever; T.J. Marrie. 37. Viral Pneumonia Due to Influenza and Parainfluenza Viruses and Adenoviruses; T. Cate. 38. Respiratory Syncytial Virus Pneumonia; A. Falsey. 39. Measles and Varicella Pneumonia; L. Johnston. 40. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome; S.D. Simpson. 41. Epstein-Barr Virus Pneumonia; M. Perk, T.J. Marrie. 42. Pneumonia Due to Cytomegalovirus, Herples simplex 1, and Human herpesvirus-6; K. Forward.