Complete History Adventure (Illustrated) by Andrew Lang

Complete History Adventure (Illustrated)

byAndrew Lang

Kobo ebook | March 13, 2015

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A Scots poet, novelist, literary critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology. He is best known as a collector of folk and fairy tales.


Custom and Myth
The Magic Ring and Other Stories (1906)
The Story of Joan of Arc
Myth, Ritual and Religion
The Homeric Hymns (1899)
'That Very Mab' (1885)
Adventures among Books (1901)
Alfred Tennyson (1901)
Angling Sketches (1895)
Ballads in Blue China (1880)
Ban and Arriere Ban (1894)
The Book of Dreams and Ghosts (1897)
Books and Bookmen (1886)
The Clyde Mystery (1905)
Cock Lane and Common-Sense (1894)
The Disentanglers (1902)
Historical Mysteries (1905)
In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories (1886)
Modern Mythology (1897)
The Mark of Cain (1886)
A Monk of Fife (1896)
Much Darker Days (1894)
Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia (1893)
The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot (1905)
The Red True Story Book (1895)
Tales of Troy Ulysses, the Sacker of Cities (1907)
The True Story Book (1893)
The Valet's Tragedy and Other Studies (1903)

The Book of Dreams and Ghosts-
The chief purpose of this book is, if fortune helps, to entertain people interested in the kind of narratives here collected. For the sake of orderly arrangement, the stories are classed in different grades, as they advance from the normal and familiar to the undeniably startling. At the same time an account of the current theories of Apparitions is offered, in language as free from technicalities as possible. According to modern opinion every “ghost” is a “hallucination,” a false perception, the perception of something which is not present.

The Clyde Mystery-
The author would scarcely have penned this little specimen of what Scott called "antiquarian old womanries," but for the interest which he takes in the universally diffused archaic patterns on rocks and stones, which offer a singular proof of the identity of the working of the human mind. Anthropology and folklore are the natural companions and aids of prehistoric and proto-historic archaeology, and suggest remarks which may not be valueless, whatever view we may take of the disputed objects from the Clyde sites.

Modern Mythology (1897)-
It may well be doubted whether works of controversy serve any useful purpose. 'On an opponent,' as Mr. Matthew Arnold said, 'one never does make any impression,' though one may hope that controversy sometimes illuminates a topic in the eyes of impartial readers. The pages which follow cannot but seem wandering and desultory, for they are a reply to a book, Mr. Max Muller's Contributions to the Science of Mythology, in which the attack is of a skirmishing character. Throughout more than eight hundred pages the learned author keeps up an irregular fire at the ideas and methods of the anthropological school of mythologists. The reply must follow the lines of attack.

Much Darker Days (1894)-
A belief that modern Christmas fiction is too cheerful in tone, too artistic in construction, and too original in motive, has inspired the author of this tale of middle-class life. He trusts that he has escaped, at least, the errors he deplores, and has set an example of a more seasonable and sensational style of narrative.

The Red True Story Book (1895)-
This book is offering tales so much less thrilling and romantic than the legends of the Fairies.

The True Story Book (1893)-
There is not a dragon in the collection, nor even a giant; witches, here, play no part, and almost all the characters are grown up. On the other hand, if we have no fairies, we have princes in plenty, and a sweeter young prince than Tearlach (as far as this part of his story goes) the editor flatters himself that you shall nowhere find, not in Grimm, or Dasent, or Perrault. Still, it cannot be denied that true stories are not so good as fairy tales. They do not always end happily, and, what is worse, they do remind a young student of lessons and schoolrooms... There is, to be honest, no way of getting over this difficulty. But the editor vows that he does not mean to teach anybody, and he has tried to mix the stories up so much that no clear and consecutive view of history can possibly be obtained from them; moreover, when history does come in, it is not the kind of history favoured most by examiners. They seldom set questions on the conquest of Mexico, for example.

The World's Desire-
The story of the hero Odysseus after his untold second journey. Returning to his home, Ithaca, the region ravaged by a plague, his wife Penelope seemingly slain, Odysseus begins his final quest.

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