Complete Mystery Adventure by Edward Stratemeyer

Complete Mystery Adventure

byEdward Stratemeyer

Kobo ebook | January 1, 2015

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American Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt (1904)
Young Captain Jack (1901) 
The Mystery at Putnam Hall (1911) 
Fighting in Cuban Waters (1899) 
The Campaign of the Jungle (1900) 
For the Liberty of Texas (1900) 
A Young Inventor's Pluck (1901) 
An Undivided Union (1899) 
The Boy Land Boomer (1902) 
The Young Bridge-Tender (1902) 
The Missing Tin Box (1897) 
Richard Dare's Venture (1894) 
The Last Cruise of the Spitfire (1894) 
Leo the Circus Boy (1897) 
Young Auctioneers (1897) 
At the Fall of Port Arthur (1905) 
First at the North Pole (1909) 
To Alaska for Gold (1899) 
Boys of The Fort (1901) 
On the Trail of Pontiac (1904) 
True to Himself (1900) 
Three Young Ranchmen (1901) 
Marching on Niagara (1902) 
Guns and Snowshoes 
Young Hunters of the Lake 

American Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt (1904)- 
The life of Theodore Roosevelt is one well worth studying by any American boy who wishes to make something of himself and mount high on the ladder of success.The twenty-sixth President of our country is a fine type of the true American of to-day, full of vim and vigor, quick to comprehend, and equally quick to act, not afraid to defend his opinions against all comers when satisfied that he is in the right, independent, and yet not lacking in fine social qualities, physically and morally courageous, and with a faith in himself and his God that is bound to make for good so long as he clings to it. 

Young Captain Jack (1901)- 
"YOUNG CAPTAIN JACK" relates the adventures of a boy waif, who is cast upon the Atlantic shore of one of our Southern States and taken into one of the leading families of the locality. The youth grows up as a member of the family, knowing little or nothing of his past. This is at the time of the Civil War, when the locality is in constant agitation, fearing that a battle will be fought in the immediate vicinity. During this time there appears upon the scene a Confederate surgeon who, for reasons of his own, claims Jack as his son. The youth has had trouble with this man and despises him. He cannot make himself believe that the surgeon is his parent and he refuses to leave his foster mother, who thinks the world of him. Many complications arise, but in the end the truth concerning the youth's identity is uncovered, and all ends happily for the young son of a soldier. 

Fighting in Cuban Waters (1899)- 
Walter Russell, brother to Larry and Ben, the respective heroes of the two preceding volumes of the series, finds his way to Boston, secures employment, enlists in the navy, and is assigned to the Brooklyn. Then follow intensely interesting chapters, telling of Commodore Schley, the idol of his men; the routine of the life of the "Jackies," and blockade and discovery of Cervera's fleet, followed by the memorable conflict of July 3rd. In point of information conveyed, "Fighting in Cuban Waters" stands high. The order of rank in the navy, and man-of-war life in detail, are cleverly and accurately presented, while historically the volume might serve as a work of reference for most of the events in Cuban waters from the destruction of the Maine to the beaching of the Spanish fleet. 

The Campaign of the Jungle (1900)- 
The three Russell brothers, Larry, Walter, and Ben, have been the heroes of all the volumes of this series. In this volume Larry and Ben particularly figure in two important expeditions of that gallant soldier, General Henry W. Lawton, the first directed against Santa Cruz on the Laguna de Bay, and the second from Manila to San Isidro through one hundred and fifty miles of jungle. 

For the Liberty of Texas (1900)- 
Primarily the struggle of the Texans for freedom did not form a part of our war with Mexico, yet this struggle led up directly to the greater war to follow, and it is probably a fact that, had the people of Texas not at first accomplished their freedom, there would have been no war between the two larger republics. 

Richard Dare's Venture (1894) 
The experiences of a country youth who comes to New York to seek his fortune. He finds life in the metropolis no bed of roses, and it is only by the hardest work that he gains a footing at all. He enters the stationery business, and the plot against the boy is one that youthful readers will doubtless follow with keen interest. 

The Last Cruise of the Spitfire (1894) 
"A good sea-tale for boys is 'The Last Cruise of the Spitfire,' by Edward Stratemeyer. There is plenty of adventure in it, a shipwreck, a cruise on a raft, and other stirring perils of the deep." 

To Alaska for Gold (1899) 
In this story are related the adventures of two Maine boys who leave their home among the lumbermen, travel to California, there to join their uncle..

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