Complete Wine Selector: How to Choose the Right Wine Every Time

Paperback | September 12, 2013

byKatherine ColeForeword byHugh Johnson

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A new and remarkably easy way to choose and enjoy wine.

Complete Wine Selector aims to remove the fear and restore the fun and confidence in buying and enjoying wine. Presented in a compellingly original, visual "info-bites" format, it strips away wine's intimidating facade to convey all the information needed in a truly helpful way. Wine drinkers will be able to choose wine in any setting with complete confidence.

Complete Wine Selector presents information in a simple step-by-step sequence. Colorful visuals and pithy text, casebook examples and tutored tasting master classes progress to the practical mechanics of how to pick from a wine list, buy the right bottle for the right price, and serve it with confidence.

The book's features include:

  • Introduction to Wine Styles -- How to determine your top 10 preferred wine styles
  • Buying Wine -- How to find and buy the 10 wine styles from supermarkets, specialist wine shops, internet retailers, and at auction
  • The Greatest Wine Shops -- 20 best wine shops in Europe, the USA, Australia & New Zealand, and Asia
  • Restaurant Wine Lists -- Expert advice from sommeliers on how to use a wine list, what to look for, choices by cuisine, plus Q and As
  • Do Vintages Matter? -- 10 top sommeliers and chefs reveal their favorite matches in style terms
  • Storing Wine -- Top 10 dos and don'ts, wine cellars, wine fridges
  • Tools of the Trade -- Wine accessories, tips on opening, decanting, pouring and serving; glasses and serving temperature for 10 wine styles; the 10 most common wine faults; a host's checklist
  • The World of Wine Made Simple -- Visually arresting, easy-to-read charts for an at-a-glance guide to how red, white, sparkling and fortified wines are made; vineyard years
  • Rules to Remember -- Easy-to-read graphical reminders summarize the most important points for easy reference.

    Packed with expert advice from some of the world's best sommeliers and winemakers, and using vivid, content-rich layouts and graphics, Complete Wine Selector is a new classic guide for a new generation of wine drinkers. Older (and still anxious) wine drinkers will benefit too!

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From the Publisher

A new and remarkably easy way to choose and enjoy wine. Complete Wine Selector aims to remove the fear and restore the fun and confidence in buying and enjoying wine. Presented in a compellingly original, visual "info-bites" format, it strips away wine's intimidating facade to convey all the information needed in a truly helpful w...

Katherine Cole writes about wine for The Oregonian newspaper, MIX magazine and numerous national publications. She has degrees from Harvard College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, has studied with the International Sommelier Guild and taught journalism at Portland State University. Her book, Voodoo Vintners...
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Extra Content

Read from the Book

Foreword Every ten years--or is it every five, or every two?--a new book appears that claims to banish the cobwebs, cut the pomposity, shed new light and simplify the whole archaic business of wine. My publisher made the claim for me in 1966. Many of us make the attempt, but the stubborn fact remains: Wine is a complicated subject, inherently and irredeemably complicated. It's not alone. The World Cup, The World Series, Formula One, Horse Racing and, for that matter, pop music are all complicated if you are into more than the headlines. The dilemma with wine? It's meant to be jolly fun, delicious, go well with food, give you the holiday feeling. Surely all this can be done without anything as heavy as facts. Well, no. Not if you want more than just a cheerful swallow and a light head. True, there is industrial wine, which is as simple as it is boring and unsatisfying. But the authentic stuff, made by individuals in their own vineyards with such inconveniences as the weather to deal with, is as various and as variable as, well, individuals, vineyards and weather. It was when I was just finishing the huge research project that was my Wine Companion, back in 1983, that I looked around for a shortcut for readers through the thousands of entries. I divided wine into 10 different styles. I grouped light aromatic whites...through to rich sweet reds. It was helpful then, I think, even as a sketch of an idea. It has taken 30 years, it seems, to find a writer to adopt it wholeheartedly and breathe life into it. Wherever she found the idea, Katherine Cole has done precisely this-- thoroughly, graphically, and I think extremely helpfully. But she has gone much further. She builds a whole wine primer around the structure of wine flavors and weights, relates them to food and mood, and gives specific examples ranging from deluxe to budget. As you read, learn from her practical experience and reach her masterclasses, where you will suddenly find the complexities fascinating after all. The cobwebs have gone. The glass in your hand shines brighter and more enticingly than ever. Hugh Johnson

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Hugh Johnson, OBE

The Wine Styles

    The Names to Look For
    Take One Wine
    Choice Made Simple

    Crisp, Lean Whites
    Lively, Aromatic Whites
    Rich, Full-bodied Whites
    Lusciously Sweet Whites
    Sparkling Whites and Rosés
    Light, Refreshing Reds
    Firm, Medium-bodied Reds
    Rich, Full-bodied Reds

Buying Wine

    Shopping for Wine: Researching
    Shopping for Wine: Do Vintages Matter?
    Shopping for Wine: Buying
    Shopping for Wine: Greatest Wine Stores
    Dining Out: Negotiating a Restaurant Wine List
    Dining Out: Top Chefs and Somms Spill Their Wine-Pairing Secrets
    Dining Out: Waiter, There's a Flaw in My Glass

Serving and Drinking Wine

    Tools of the Trade: What to Stock Up On
    Tools of the Trade: Stemware
    Tools of the Trade: Wine Storage and Preservation
    How to Serve Wine: Opening and Decanting
    How to Serve Wine: Host's Checklist
    How to Serve Wine: Temperature

The World of Wine Made Simple

    The Vineyard Year
    How Red Wine is Made
    How White Wine is Made
    How Sparkling Wine is Made
    How Fortified Wine is Made

Rules to Remember

    Food and Wine Pairing by Style
    Countries and Grape Varieties by Style
    Common Grape Varieties

Acknowledgements and Credits

Editorial Reviews

If I had a nickel for every occasion I have been asked to suggest a wine primer book for friends who wish to learn a little more about wine, I'd have about 30 nickels or thereabouts. The problem with this particular ask is that I have never been able to recommend one that I have been truly happy with... How I wish that Katherine Cole's Complete Wine Selector had been around before now, as it's the perfect solution to this perennial question... As the mighty Hugh Johnson says in his foreword, and I'll paraphrase here, with this book Katherine Cole has successfully blown many of the cobwebs from the dusty old world of wine... As a thoroughly researched and delightfully presented primer I feel that it is simply second to none.