Complex Sciences: First International Conference, Complex 2009, Shanghai, China, February 23-25, 2009. Revised Select by Jie ZhouComplex Sciences: First International Conference, Complex 2009, Shanghai, China, February 23-25, 2009. Revised Select by Jie Zhou

Complex Sciences: First International Conference, Complex 2009, Shanghai, China, February 23-25…

byJie Zhou

Paperback | July 2, 2009

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I was invited to join the Organizing Committee of the First International Conference on Complex Sciences: Theory and Applications (Complex 2009) as its ninth member. At that moment, eight distinguished colleagues, General Co-chairs Eugene Stanley and Gaoxi Xiao, Technical Co-chairs János Kertész and Bing-Hong Wang, Local Co-chairs Hengshan Wang and Hong-An Che, Publicity Team Shi Xiao and Yubo Wang, had spent hundreds of hours pushing the conference half way to its birth. Ever since then, I have been amazed to see hundreds of papers flooding in, reviewed and commented on by the TPC members. Finally, more than 200 contributions were - lected for the proceedings currently in your hands. They include about 200 papers from the main conference (selected from more than 320 submissions) and about 33 papers from the five collated workshops: Complexity Theory of Art and Music (COART) Causality in Complex Systems (ComplexCCS) Complex Engineering Networks (ComplexEN) Modeling and Analysis of Human Dynamics (MANDYN) Social Physics and its Applications (SPA) Complex sciences are expanding their colonies at such a dazzling speed that it - comes literally impossible for any conference to cover all the frontiers.
Title:Complex Sciences: First International Conference, Complex 2009, Shanghai, China, February 23-25…Format:PaperbackDimensions:1191 pagesPublished:July 2, 2009Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I.- Return Intervals Approach to Financial Fluctuations.- Organizational Adaptative Behavior: The Complex Perspective of Individuals-Tasks Interaction.- Optimization Using a New Bio-inspired Approach.- Optimality Conditions of a Three-Dimension Non-smooth Thermodynamic System of Sea Ice.- Optimal Service Capacities in a Competitive Multiple-Server Queueing Environment.- One Kind of Network Complexity Pyramid with Universality and Diversity.- On Traveling Diameter of an Instance of Complex Networks - Internet.- On the Approximation Solution of a Cellular Automaton Traffic Flow Model and Its Relationship with Synchronized Flow.- On Scale-Free Prior Distributions and Their Applicability in Large-Scale Network Inference with Gaussian Graphical Models.- On General Laws of Complex Networks.- On Distributed Multi-Point Concurrent Test System and Its Implementation.- Organizational Structure of the Transcriptional Regulatory Network of Yeast: Periodic Genes.- Packet-Level Traffic Allocation for Real-Time Streaming over Multipath Networks.- Particle Competition in Complex Networks for Semi-supervised Classification.- Retail Location Choice with Complementary Goods: An Agent-Based Model.- Research on Web2.0 System Design Based on CAS Theory.- Reconstructing Gene Networks from Microarray Time-Series Data via Granger Causality.- Recognition of Important Subgraphs in Collaboration Networks.- Queueing Transition of Directed Polymer in Random Media with a Defect.- Pollution Modeling and Simulation with Multi-Agent and Pretopology.- Policy, Design and Management: The in-vivo Laboratory for the Science of Complex System.- Phase Transition of Active Rotators in Complex Networks.- Personal Recommendation in User-Object Networks.- Performance Analysis of Public Transport Systems in Nanjing Based on Network Topology.- Non-sufficient Memories That Are Sufficient for Prediction.- New Statistics for Testing Differential Expression of Pathways from Microarray Data.- Multiple Phase Transitions in the Culture Dissemination.- Joint Channel-Network Coding (JCNC) for Distributed Storage in Wireless Network.- Invariance of the Hybrid System in Microbial Fermentation.- Is Self-organization a Rational Expectation?.- Inter-Profile Similarity (IPS): A Method for Semantic Analysis of Online Social Networks.- Inefficiency in Networks with Multiple Sources and Sinks.- Impacts of Local Events on Communities and Diseases.- Identifying Social Communities in Complex Communications for Network Efficiency.- Hypernetworks of Complex Systems.- Less Restrictive Synchronization Criteria in Complex Networks with Coupling Delays.- MANIA: A Gene Network Reverse Algorithm for Compounds Mode-of-Action and Genes Interactions Inference.- Measurement and Statistics of Application Business in Complex Internet.- Moving Breather Collisions in the Peyrard-Bishop DNA Model.- Morphological Similarities between DBM and an Economic Geography Model of City Growth.- Modular Synchronization in Complex Network with a Gauge Kuramoto Model.- Modification Propagation in Complex Networks.- Modelling of Population Migration to Reproduce Rank-Size Distribution of Cities in Japan.- Modeling and Robustness Analysis of Biochemical Networks of Glycerol Metabolism by Klebsiella Pneumoniae.- Modeling and Properties of Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamical System of Continuous Culture.- Modeling a Complex Biological Network with Temporal Heterogeneity: Cardiac Myocyte Plasticity as a Case Study.- Model and Dynamic Behavior of Malware Propagation over Wireless Sensor Networks.- Measuring the Efficiency of Network Designing.- Gravity Model for Transportation Network Based on Optimal Expected Traffic.- A Bipartite Graph Based Model of Protein Domain Networks.- The Results on the Stability of Glycolytic Metabolic Networks in Different Cells.- The Probability Distribution of Inter-car Spacings.- The Origin of Evolution in Physical Systems.- The Nonlinear Mechanism of Phase Transition in Computer Networks.- The Evolution of ICT Markets: An Agent-Based Model on Complex Networks.- The Effects of Link and Node Capacity on Traffic Dynamics in Weighted Scale-Free Networks.- The Effect of Lane-Changing Time on the Dynamics of Traffic Flow.- The Difference between Single-Valued and Multi-Valued Cases in the Compact Representation of CPD in Bayesian Networks.- The Control Based on Internal Average Kinetic Energy in Complex Environment for Multi-robot System.- The Contrast of Parametric and Nonparametric Volatility Measurement Based on Chinese Stock Market.- The System Dynamics Research on the Private Cars' Amount in Beijing.- The Topological Characteristics and Community Structure in Consumer-Service Bipartite Graph.- Time Dependent Virus Replication in Cell Cultures.- You Never Walk Alone: Recommending Academic Events Based on Social Network Analysis.- Visualization of Complex Biological Systems: An Immune Response Model Using OpenGL.- Using the Weighted Rich-Club Coefficient to Explore Traffic Organization in Mobility Networks.- Tracking the Evolution in Social Network: Methods and Results.- Towards Network Complexity.- Towards a Partitioning of the Input Space of Boolean Networks: Variable Selection Using Bagging.- Toward Automatic Discovery of Malware Signature for Anti-Virus Cloud Computing.- Topological Structure and Interest Spectrum of the Group Interest Network.- Topological Analysis and Measurements of an Online Chinese Student Social Network.- Time, Incompleteness and Singularity in Quantum Cosmology.- The Complex Economic System of Supply Chain Financing.- The Bipartite Network Study of the Library Book Lending System.- Temperature-Induced Domain Shrinking in Ising Ferromagnets Frustrated by a Long-Range Interaction.- Slowdown in the Annihilation of Two Species Diffusion-Limited Reaction on Fractal Scale-Free Networks.- SIRS Dynamics on Random Networks: Simulations and Analytical Models.- Self-organized Collaboration Network Model Based on Module Emerging.- Self-organized Balanced Resources in Random Networks with Transportation Bandwidths.- Selection of Imitation Strategies in Populations When to Learn or When to Replicate?.- Sediment Transport Dynamics in River Networks: A Model for Higher-Water Seasons.- Scaling Relations in Absorbing Phase Transitions with a Conserved Field in One Dimension.- Scaling Law between Urban Electrical Consumption and Population in China.- Scaling in Modulated Systems.- Scaling Behavior of Chinese City Size Distribution.- Social Network as Double-Edged Sword to Exchange: Frictions and the Emerging of Intellectual Intermediary Service.- Spam Source Clustering by Constructing Spammer Network with Correlation Measure.- Spiral Waves Emergence in a Cyclic Predator-Prey Model.- Synchronization Stability of Coupled Near-Identical Oscillator Network.- Synchronization of Complex Networks with Time-Varying Coupling Delay via Impulsive Control.- Synchronization in Complex Networks with Different Sort of Communities.- Symmetry Breaking in the Evolution of World Economic Structure.- Studies on Interpretive Structural Model for Forest Ecosystem Management Decision-Making.- Structure of Mutualistic Complex Networks.- Strong Dependence of Infection Profiles on Grouping Dynamics during Epidemiological Spreading.- Statistical Properties of Cell Topology and Geometry in a Tissue-Growth Model.- Stability of Non-diagonalizable Networks: Eigenvalue Analysis.- Scale-Free Networks with Different Types of Nodes.- Global Synchronization of Generalized Complex Networks with Mixed Coupling Delays.- Community Division of Heterogeneous Networks.- Autonomous Co-operation and Control in Complex Adaptive Logistic Systems - Contributions and Limitations for the Innovation Capability of International Supply Networks.- Asymptotic Behavior of Ruin Probability in Insurance Risk Model with Large Claims.- Approaching the Linguistic Complexity.- Application of the Kelly Criterion to Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes.- Application of SRM to Diverse Populations.- Antisynchronization of Two Complex Dynamical Networks.- Analysis and Modeling on the Government's Co-agglomeration in Industrial Clustering.- Analysing Weighted Networks: An Approach via Maximum Flows.- An Emergence Principle for Complex Systems.- An Effective Local Routing Strategy on the Communication Network.- Average Consensus in Delayed Networks of Dynamic Agents with Impulsive Effects.- Basic Notions and Models in Systems Science.- Bifurcation Phenomena of Opinion Dynamics in Complex Networks.- Community Detection of Time-Varying Mobile Social Networks.- Collaborative Transportation Planning in Complex Adaptive Logistics Systems: A Complexity Science-Based Analysis of Decision-Making Problems of "Groupage Systems".- Classification Based on the Optimal K-Associated Network.- Characterizing the Structural Complexity of Real-World Complex Networks.