Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicines by Morris LevinComprehensive Review of Headache Medicines by Morris Levin

Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicines

EditorMorris Levin

Hardcover | May 8, 2008

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Headache Medicine has recently become an official medical subspecialty. Practitioners who specialize in the field come from many different backgrounds including neurology, internal medicine, anesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, dentistry and others. A greatdeal of research is being done in HM and as a result, the field is one which is growing rapidly in every way. Interestingly, most patients with headache are not being treated by specialists in HM, in large part because of the vast numbers of patients requiring medical attention for headachedisorders, and the relatively small number of bona fide specialists. There is thus a need for resources to guide these practitioners as they manage headache patients. There are several excellent scholarly texts in the field, and numerous books for the public about headache. There are really noconcise manuals of HM, however, aimed at the bulk of skilled practitioners taking care of the major share of headache sufferers, who wish to understand the important concepts of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in this complex field. This is the aim of this book which consists of 4 parts: Part 1-Headache Medicine Basic Science, Part 2 - Diagnosis of Primary Headache Disorders, Part 3 - Diagnosis of Secondary Headache Disorders, and Part 4 - Headache Treatment. Chapters in each section are concise, but include cutting edge information about these aspects of headache medicine. Theorganization of the contents of this book is similar to the Curriculum for Headache Medicine designed by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS) which is the organization responsible for accrediting Headache Medicine training programs and accrediting individual practitioners. Thecontent of the book mirrors that of ther UCNS board examination as well. Chapters include key tables and illustrations. Review questions are included at the end of each chapter and serve as a study resource. The editor Dr. Morris Levin is a charter diplomate of the UCNS HM examination and hasdirected board review courses for the American Headache Society and Headache Cooperative of New England. All of the eligible chapter authors have taken and passed this examination as well. The International Classification of Headache Disorders is used throughout this text and a concerted efforthas been made to base content on evidence when available, rather than personal practices. Each chapter is intended as a stand alone monograph and as a result the book can be read in virtually any order.
Title:Comprehensive Review of Headache MedicinesFormat:HardcoverDimensions:352 pages, 6.1 × 9.09 × 0.79 inPublished:May 8, 2008Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Morris Levin, MDPart 1: Overview of Headache Anatomy, Physiology, and Epidemiology1. Anatomy and physiology of head and face pain - Morris Levin, MDa. Painful structures of the headb. Anatomy of nociception in the head and neckc. Pain physiology of the head and neck2. Pathophysiology and Genetics of Migraine and Cluster- Robert Shapiro, MD, PhDa. Cortical Spreading Depression and the current model of migraine pathophysiologyb. Familial migraine syndromesc. Serotonin in migrained. The trimgeminovascular systeme. Central sensitization in migrainef. Imaging data in migraine and other primary headaches3. Epidemiology of Headache - Marcelo Bigal, MDa. Migraine prevalence and incidenceb. Migraine demographicsc. Migraine disabilityd. Comorbidity of migrainebPart 2: Classification and Diagnosis of Primary Headache Disordersr4. ICHD Overview and Classification of Migraine types including pediatric forms - Morris Levin, MDa. The History of headache classificationb. Organization, format and guidelines for using the ICHD IIc. Diagnostic features of migraine and related headachesd. Pediatric migraine variants5. Classification and Diagnosis of TTH, and CDH - Herbert Markley, MDa. Diagnostic features of tension type headacheb. Chronic daily headachec. Medication overuse headache6. Classification and Diagnosis of TACs and "Other Primary Headaches" - Lawrence Newman, MDa. Cluster headacheb. Paroxysmal hemicrania and SUNCTc. Other primary headaches including stabbing, exertional, thunderclap, hemicrania continua, and NDPHPart 3 Classification and Diagnosis of Secondary Headache Disordersr7. Classification and Diagnosis of Secondary HAs part 1 - Trauma, Vascular - Alan Rapoport, MDa. Post head trauma headacheb. Headaches related to intracranial hemorrhage and ischemiac. Headaches related to aneurysm, vasculitis, arteritis, and venous thrombosisd. CADASIL8. Classification and Diagnosis of Secondary HA' part 2 - Altered ICP, neoplasm and infection - Brian McGeeney, MDa. Idiopathic intracranial hypertensionb. Low pressure headachec. Chiari malformation related headached. Infectious causes of headache9. Classification and Diagnosis of Secondary HAs part 3- Substances, metabolic disorders, EENT and neuralgias - Lawrence Newman, MDa. Headache related to substancesb. Systemic causes of headachec. Cervicogenic headached. Rhinologic causes of headachee. Cranial neuralgias10. Psychiatric comorbidity of HA and psychiatric causes of HA - Stephen Baskin, PhDa. Co-occurrence of depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disease in migraineb. Somatization and psychosisPart 4: Headache Treatmentr11. Pharmacological treatment of acute migraine - Alan Rapoport, MDa. Therapeutic targets in migraine and strategies for treating migraine acutelyb. Non-specific analgesics in migrainec. Specific anti-migraine abortives12. Prophylactic pharmacological treatment of migraine and TTH - Stewart J. Tepper, MDa. Strategies in prophylaxis of migraineb. Specific agents useful in prophylaxis of migraine13. Prophylactic (and acute) pharmacologic treatment of TACs and other primary headaches - Brain McGeeney, MDa. Treatment principles and strategiesb. Acute and prophylactic choices in cluster headachec. Treatment of TACs and other primary headaches14. Treatment of CDH (CM, TTH, HC, NDPH and MOH) and tension type headache - Fred Sheftell, MDa. Treatment of transformed migraineb. Approach and treatment of medication overuse headachec. Hemicrania continuad. NDPH15. Headache treatment in children, pregnancy and lactation, elderly, renal disease - Thomas N. Ward, MDa. Pediatric migraine treatmentb. Migraine and other headache treatment in pregnancy and lactationc. Headache treatment in the elderlyd. Headache treatment in patients with renal disease16. Non-pharmacological headache treatment - Randall Weeks, PhDa. Cognitive behavioral therapyb. Manual therapyc. Botanical and nutritional therapy17. Advanced treatments - Inpatient and surgical -a. Inpatient treatment - DHE, sedation, multimodal therapyb. Nerve blocks in the treatment of headachec. Trigeminal nerve proceduresd. Neurostimulatione. Chronic opioid therapy