Computational Science - Iccs 2005: 5th International Conference, Atlanta, Ga, Usa, May 22-25, 2005, Proceedings, Part I: 5th Internati by V.S. SunderamComputational Science - Iccs 2005: 5th International Conference, Atlanta, Ga, Usa, May 22-25, 2005, Proceedings, Part I: 5th Internati by V.S. Sunderam

Computational Science - Iccs 2005: 5th International Conference, Atlanta, Ga, Usa, May 22-25, 2005…

byV.S. SunderamEditorG. Dick van Albada, Peter M.A. Sloot

Paperback | May 12, 2005

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Developments in Computational Science and the CrossGrid Project; Alok Choudhary - Scienti?c Data Management; and David Keyes - Scienti?c Discovery through Advanced Computing.
Title:Computational Science - Iccs 2005: 5th International Conference, Atlanta, Ga, Usa, May 22-25, 2005…Format:PaperbackDimensions:1101 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.07 inPublished:May 12, 2005Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Workshop On "High Performance Computing in Academia: Systems and Applications".- Teaching High-Performance Computing on a High-Performance Cluster.- Teaching High Performance Computing Parallelizing a Real Computational Science Application.- Introducing Design Patterns, Graphical User Interfaces and Threads Within the Context of a High Performance Computing Application.- High Performance Computing Education for Students in Computational Engineering.- Integrating Teaching and Research in HPC: Experiences and Opportunities.- Education and Research Challenges in Parallel Computing.- Academic Challenges in Large-Scale Multiphysics Simulations.- Balancing Computational Science and Computer Science Research on a Terascale Computing Facility.- Computational Options for Bioinformatics Research in Evolutionary Biology.- Financial Computations on Clusters Using Web Services.- "Plug-and-Play" Cluster Computing HPC Designed for the Mainstream Scientist.- Building an HPC Watering Hole for Boulder Area Computational Science.- The Dartmouth Green Grid.- Resource-Aware Parallel Adaptive Computation for Clusters.- Workshop on "Tools for Program Development and Analysis in Computational Science".- New Algorithms for Performance Trace Analysis Based on Compressed Complete Call Graphs.- PARADIS: Analysis of Transaction-Based Applications in Distributed Environments.- Automatic Tuning of Data Distribution Using Factoring in Master/Worker Applications.- DynTG: A Tool for Interactive, Dynamic Instrumentation.- Rapid Development of Application-Specific Network Performance Tests.- Providing Interoperability for Java-Oriented Monitoring Tools with JINEXT.- RDVIS: A Tool that Visualizes the Causes of Low Locality and Hints Program Optimizations.- CacheIn: A Toolset for Comprehensive Cache Inspection.- Optimization-Oriented Visualization of Cache Access Behavior.- Collecting and Exploiting Cache-Reuse Metrics.- Workshop on "Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling, CGGM 2005".- Modelling and Animating Hand Wrinkles.- Simulating Wrinkles in Facial Expressions on an Anatomy-Based Face.- A Multiresolutional Approach for Facial Motion Retargetting Using Subdivision Wavelets.- New 3D Graphics Rendering Engine Architecture for Direct Tessellation of Spline Surfaces.- Fast Water Animation Using the Wave Equation with Damping.- A Comparative Study of Acceleration Techniques for Geometric Visualization.- Building Chinese Ancient Architectures in Seconds.- Accelerated 2D Image Processing on GPUs.- Consistent Spherical Parameterization.- Mesh Smoothing via Adaptive Bilateral Filtering.- Towards a Bayesian Approach to Robust Finding Correspondences in Multiple View Geometry Environments.- Managing Deformable Objects in Cluster Rendering.- Revolute Quadric Decomposition of Canal Surfaces and Its Applications.- Adaptive Surface Modeling Using a Quadtree of Quadratic Finite Elements.- MC Slicing for Volume Rendering Applications.- Modelling and Sampling Ramified Objects with Substructure-Based Method.- Integration of Multiple Segmentation Based Environment Models.- On the Impulse Method for Cloth Animation.- Remeshing Triangle Meshes with Boundaries.- SACARI: An Immersive Remote Driving Interface for Autonomous Vehicles.- A 3D Model Retrieval Method Using 2D Freehand Sketches.- A 3D User Interface for Visualizing Neuron Location in Invertebrate Ganglia.- Workshop on "Modelling of Complex Systems by Cellular Automata".- The Dynamics of General Fuzzy Cellular Automata.- A Cellular Automaton SIS Epidemiological Model with Spatially Clustered Recoveries.- Simulating Market Dynamics with CD++.- A Model of Virus Spreading Using Cell-DEVS.- A Cellular Automata Model of Competition in Technology Markets with Network Externalities.- Self-organizing Dynamics for Optimization.- Constructibility of Signal-Crossing Solutions in von Neumann 29-State Cellular Automata.- Evolutionary Discovery of Arbitrary Self-replicating Structures.- Modelling Ant Brood Tending Behavior with Cellular Automata.- A Realistic Cellular Automata Model to Simulate Traffic Flow at Urban Roundabouts.- Probing the Eddies of Dancing Emergence: Complexity and Abstract Painting.- Workshop on "Wireless and Mobile Systems".- Enhanced TCP with End-to-End Bandwidth and Loss Differentiation Estimate over Heterogeneous Networks.- Content-Aware Automatic QoS Provisioning for UpnP AV-Based Multimedia Services over Wireless LANs.- Simulation Framework for Wireless Internet Access Networks.- WDM: An Energy-Efficient Multi-hop Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Forwarding Scheme Extension for Fast and Secure Handoff in Hierarchical MIPv6.- Back-Up Chord: Chord Ring Recovery Protocol for P2P File Sharing over MANETs.- PATM: Priority-Based Adaptive Topology Management for Efficient Routing in Ad Hoc Networks.- Practical and Provably-Secure Multicasting over High-Delay Networks.- A Novel IDS Agent Distributing Protocol for MANETs.- ID-Based Secure Session Key Exchange Scheme to Reduce Registration Delay with AAA in Mobile IP Networks.- An Efficient Wireless Resource Allocation Based on a Data Compressor Predictor.- A Seamless Handover Mechanism for IEEE 802.16e Broadband Wireless Access.- Fault Tolerant Coverage Model for Sensor Networks.- Detection Algorithms Based on Chip-Level Processing for DS/CDMA Code Acquisition in Fast Fading Channels.- Clustering-Based Distributed Precomputation for Quality-of-Service Routing.- Traffic Grooming Algorithm Using Shortest EDPs Table in WDM Mesh Networks.- Efficient Indexing of Moving Objects Using Time-Based Partitioning with R-Tree.- Publish/Subscribe Systems on Node and Link Error Prone Mobile Environments.- A Power Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Applying Mobile Agent to Intrusion Response for Ad Hoc Networks.- A Vertical Handoff Decision Process and Algorithm Based on Context Information in CDMA-WLAN Interworking.- Workshop on "Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems".- Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems: New Capabilities for Application Simulations and Measurements.- Dynamic Data Driven Methodologies for Multiphysics System Modeling and Simulation.- Towards Dynamically Adaptive Weather Analysis and Forecasting in LEAD.- Towards a Dynamic Data Driven Application System for Wildfire Simulation.- Multiscale Interpolation, Backward in Time Error Analysis for Data-Driven Contaminant Simulation.- Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Atmospheric Chemical Transport Models.- Towards Dynamic Data-Driven Optimization of Oil Well Placement.- High-Fidelity Simulation of Large-Scale Structures.- A Dynamic Data Driven Grid System for Intra-operative Image Guided Neurosurgery.- Structure-Based Integrative Computational and Experimental Approach for the Optimization of Drug Design.- Simulation and Visualization of Air Flow Around Bat Wings During Flight.- Integrating Fire, Structure and Agent Models.- A Dynamic, Data-Driven, Decision Support System for Emergency Medical Services.- Dynamic Data Driven Coupling of Continuous and Discrete Methods for 3D Tracking.- Semi-automated Simulation Transformation for DDDAS.- The Development of Dependable and Survivable Grids.- On the Fundamental Tautology of Validating Data-Driven Models and Simulations.- Workshop on "Practical Aspects of High-Level Parallel Programming (PAPP)".- Managing Heterogeneity in a Grid Parallel Haskell.- An Efficient Equi-semi-join Algorithm for Distributed Architectures.- Two Fundamental Concepts in Skeletal Parallel Programming.- A Formal Framework for Orthogonal Data and Control Parallelism Handling.- Empirical Parallel Performance Prediction from Semantics-Based Profiling.- Dynamic Memory Management in the Loci Framework.- Workshop on "New Computational Tools for Advancing Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences".- On Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Atmospheric Pollution Models.- Total Energy Singular Vectors for Atmospheric Chemical Transport Models.- Application of Static Adaptive Grid Techniques for Regional-Urban Multiscale Air Quality Modeling.- On the Accuracy of High-Order Finite Elements in Curvilinear Coordinates.- Analysis of Discrete Adjoints for Upwind Numerical Schemes.- The Impact of Background Error on Incomplete Observations for 4D-Var Data Assimilation with the FSU GSM.- International Workshop on Bioinformatics Research and Applications.- Disjoint Segments with Maximum Density.- Wiener Indices of Balanced Binary Trees.- What Makes the Arc-Preserving Subsequence Problem Hard?.- An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm and Implementation for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction.- Performance Evaluation of Protein Sequence Clustering Tools.- A Data-Adaptive Approach to cDNA Microarray Image Enhancement.- String Kernels of Imperfect Matches for Off-target Detection in RNA Interference.- A New Kernel Based on High-Scored Pairs of Tri-peptides and Its Application in Prediction of Protein Subcellular Localization.- Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees of Prokaryote Genomes by Randomly Sampling Oligopeptides.- Phylogenetic Networks, Trees, and Clusters.- SWAT: A New Spliced Alignment Tool Tailored for Handling More Sequencing Errors.- Simultaneous Alignment and Structure Prediction of RNAs.- Clustering Using Adaptive Self-organizing Maps (ASOM) and Applications.- Experimental Analysis of a New Algorithm for Partial Haplotype Completion.- Improving the Sensitivity and Specificity of Protein Homology Search by Incorporating Predicted Secondary Structures.- Profiling and Searching for RNA Pseudoknot Structures in Genomes.- Integrating Text Chunking with Mixture Hidden Markov Models for Effective Biomedical Information Extraction.- k-Recombination Haplotype Inference in Pedigrees.- Improved Tag Set Design and Multiplexing Algorithms for Universal Arrays.- A Parallel Implementation for Determining Genomic Distances Under Deletion and Insertion.- Phasing and Missing Data Recovery in Family Trios.- Highly Scalable Algorithms for Robust String Barcoding.- Optimal Group Testing Strktegies with Interval Queries and Their Application to Splice Site Detection.- Virtual Gene: A Gene Selection Algorithm for Sample Classification on Microarray Datasets.- Workshop on "Programming Grids and Metacomputing Systems - PGaMS2005".- Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML: Modular Implementation and Performance Prediction.- Fast Expression Templates.- Solving Coupled Geoscience Problems on High Performance Computing Platforms.- H2O Metacomputing - Jini Lookup and Discovery.- User Experiences with Nuclear Physics Calculations on a H2O Metacomputing System and on the BEgrid.