Computer Engineering in Applied Electromagnetism by Slawomir WiakComputer Engineering in Applied Electromagnetism by Slawomir Wiak

Computer Engineering in Applied Electromagnetism

bySlawomir Wiak

Paperback | October 19, 2010

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Computer Engineering in Applied Electromagnetismcontains papers which were presented at the International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering, held in Maribor, Slovenia, 18-20 September 2003. It consists of three parts, Computational Techniques, Electromagnetic Engineering, and Special Applications.

The contributions selected for the book cover a wide spectrum of theory and practice, being simultaneously of high theoretical level and deeply rooted in engineering problems. Thus, this volume touches on what is of key importance in electromagnetism.

Title:Computer Engineering in Applied ElectromagnetismFormat:PaperbackDimensions:370 pagesPublished:October 19, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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ISBN - 13:9789048168118

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Table of Contents

Invited Paper: Computational Electromagnetics: A Tool, an Art or Black Magic? J.K. Sykulski.Part I. Computational Techniques: Introductory Remarks, S. Wiak, A. Krawczyk, M. Trlep; Study of the Electromagnetic Field Induced by Currents Flowing in the Circular Conductors, S. Apanasewicz, S. Pawlowski; Improvement of Effectiveness of High - Current Lines Optimization by Modification of Genetic Algorithms and Paralleling of the Computation Process, K. Bednarek; Shape Optimization with Adaptive Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms, H. Brauer, M. Ziolkowski; The Design of Optimised Planar Thick Film Filters, V. Desnica, Lj. Živanov, O. Aleksic, M. Lukovic, L. Lukic; Active Shielding Optimisation, P. Dessante, J.C. Vannier, B.Bonafos; Cost-Effective Optimal Design of Screens in Power Transformers, P. Di Barba, A. Savini, J. Turowski, M.E. Mognaschi; A Comparison of Error Estimators for Adaptive MESH Refinement for Electromagnetic 2D/3D Problems, K. Gawrylczyk, F. Alkhatib; Multi-Objective Optimization of PMDC Motor Using Taguchi Method, K. Hot, P. Bodlovic; Optimization of Barrier Type SRMs with Response Surface Methodology Combined with Moving Least Square Method, Y.K. Kim, J.Y. Lee, J.P. Hong, J. Hur; The Advanced Methods of Interaction and Data Analyze in the Visualization System for Electromagnetic Fields, A. Krolewiak, E. Napieralska-Juszczak, M. Pietruszka; Imaging of Two-Dimensional Current Density Distributions from their Magnetic Field, G. Krukowski, S. Gratkowski, R. Sikora; Some Applications of the Coupled Field-Circuit Method, E. Napieralska-Juszczak, T. Niewierowicz, L. Kawecki; Permanent Magnet Dealt with Boundary-Integral Approach, K.Pawluk; Comparison of the General Load Line Method with the Finite Element Method, R.I. Román B., A. Konrad, J.F. Brudny; Optimization for High Voltage Composite Insulators Using Experimental Design Theory, I. Sebestyén; Modelling and Optimisation of Intelligent COMB Accelerometer, S. Wiak, K. Smólka, M. Rudnicki; The Optimal Design of Passive Shimming Elements for High Homogeneous Permanent Magnets Utilizing Sensitivity Analysis, Y. Yao, C.S. Koh, G. Ni, S. Yang, D. Xie; Reconstruction of the Interface Between Two Conducting Fluids with Modified Genetic Algorithms, M. Ziolkowski, H. Brauer, M. Kuilekov.Part II. Electromagnetic Engineering: Introductory remarks,S. Wiak, A. Krawczyk, M. Trlep; On the Use of the Current and Flux State Variables in the Dynamic Analysis of Magnetoelectric Networks, A.G. Beccuti, S. Leva, A.P. Morando; Calculation of Linear Motor Performance Using Finite Element Method, M. Bugeza, D. Makuc, R. FiÅ¡er; Analitycal Model of the Magnetic Field in Doubly Slotted ElectricalMachines with Distributed Windings and Evaluation of E.M.F. end Torque, A. Di Gerlando, G.M. Foglia, R. Perini; The 3D-Analysis of the Field Distribution of Fractional Power Induction Motor, K. Komeza, M. Dems, P. Jastrzabek; Improvement of the Electric Strength of an Insulation System of a Medium Voltage Instrument Transformer Using Field Analysis, E. Lesniewska; A Method for Reduction of Cogging Torque in PM Machines Using Stepped Magnets , M. Lukaniszyn, R. Wróbel, M. Jagiela; Electric Field Analysis of the Insulation Structure of Power Transformer, D. Makuc, J. Ikanonic, K. Lenasi; A Study on Improvement in Energy Efficiency of Skeleton Type Single Phase PM Motor Using Finite Element Method, T. Masuda, Y. Takashima, M. Murase, Y. Kawase, T. Yamaguchi, T. Okouchi; Analysis of Characteristics of Induction Motor by Three-Dimensional Axi-Symmetric Finite Element Method, T. Matsusaka, K. Harada, Y. Ishihara, T. Todaka, S. Kitamura, T. Shimomura; An Influence of Permanent Magnet Shape on the Torque Ripple of the Disc-Type Brushless DC Motor, E.A. Mendrela, M. Jagiela, R. Wróbel; Analysis of Magnetization Characteristics of HTS Bulk Rotor in a Rotating Magnetic Field, T. Nakamura, H.J. Jung, N. Tanaka, I. Muta, K. Fukui; Equivalent Circuit Analysis of Pole-Change Single-Phase Induction Motor Considering Harmonic Components, H. Nam, S.K. Jung, J.P. Hong; The 3D Dynamic Simulation of the Inverter Fed Electromechanical Actuators Including Eddy Currents, L. Nowak; An Optimal Determination of Stranded Wires Used in Windings of Switched Mode Power Transformers, F. Pavlovcic, K. Lenasi, J. Nastran; Chart and Expressions for Eddy Current Losses Calculation in Steel Laminations Derived from Finite Element Numerical Results in 2D, P.G. Pereirinha, C.F.R. Lemos Antunes; AC Motor Magnetic Signature: Contribution of Stator Laminations, D. Roger, A. Henneton; A Comparison Between Surface Magnets and Embedded Magnets in Fractional Slot Wound PM-Motor, P. Salminen, J. Pyrhönen, M. Niemelä; Evaluation of New Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Finite Element Calculations, T. Schneider, A. Binder; Numerical Analysis of the Brushless Motor Magnetic Field and Torque, I. Ticar, A. Stermecki, I. ZagradiÅ¡nik; Magnetic Field and Short-Circuit Reactance Calculation of the 3-Phase Transformer with Symmetrical Amorphous Core, B. Tomczuk, K. Zakrzewski, D. Koteras; Analysis of Instantaneous Voltage Distribution in Permanent Magnet Brushless Generator, B. Wawrzyniak, P. Witczak; Development of Mathematical Model and Computation of Electromagnetic Drum-Type Separator by Boundary Element Method, M.V. Zagirnyak, O.S. Akimov.Part III. Special Applications: Introductory remarks,S. Wiak, A. Krawczyk, M. Trlep; The Rotational Power Loss Calculation in the Square Sample, W. Anuszczyk, Z. Gmyrek; A Method for Studying the Current Field Generated by Interconnected Grounding Systems, M. Bronzini, G. Delvecchio, N. Mitaritonna, P. Pugliese, M. Sylos Labini; The Comparison of Phantom Model and Simulation Results in SAR Analysis, K. Ciosk, A. Krawczyk, R. Kubacki; Electric Circuit Representation of a Magnetic Circuit with Hysteresis, L. Cristaldi, S. Leva, A. P. Morando; Simulation of 3D End Effects in a Superconductive Magnet with a Ferromagnetic Core, DeGersem, T. Weiland; Modelling of Temperature - Dependent Effective Impedance of Nonferromagnetic Massive Conductor, I. Doležel, L. Musil, B. Ulrych; The Magnetic Noise of a DC Electric Motor - Modeling of Three-Times-Coupled Electromagnetic, Mechanical and Acoustic Phenomena, M. Furlan, M. Boltežar; Measurement of 2-D Magnetic Properties of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Sheet Using RRSST, V. Gorican, M. Jesenik, A. Hamler, B. Å tumberger, M. Trlep; The Heat Circumstances in Switch by Permanent Load, G. Hrovat, A. Hamler; Eddy Current Effects in the Sample of 2D R.R.S.S.T. and the Sample of 2D S.R.S.S.T., M. Jesenik, V. Gorican, M. Trlep, A.Hamler, B. Stumberger; 3-D Finite Element Analysis of Attractive Force by Residual Magnetization of DC Electromagnets, Y. Kawase, T. Yamaguchi, K. Iwashita; Characteristic Comparisons Between Iron Powder Materials and Lamination Cores in Brushless Motors, Y.K. Kim, J.P. Hong, K.H. Ha, J. Hur, H.K. Sung; Electroheating in Surface Treatment Process, K. Kurek, D. Dolega; Magnetodynamic Performance in Cage Induction Motors with a Broken Bar, X. M. López - Fernandez, M. Piper; Soft Magnetic Composite in Design of Motor With Oscillatory Starting, D. Miljavec, B. Å uÅ¡tarÅ¡ic, Ž. Turk, K. Lenasi; Analysis of Core Loss in Variable Reluctance Permanent-Magnet Motors, H. Öztura; A Novel Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine to Laboratory Use, Parviainen, M. Niemelä, J. Pyrhöne; Electromagnetic Hyperthermia - Foundation and Computer Modellin, J. Plewako, A. Krawczyk, B. Grochowicz; 2D FEM Analysis of 3D Magnetic Structures by Using Topological Transformations. Application to the Design of a Micro-Relay, J. Roger-Folch, E. Gómez, M. Riera, V. Lázaro; Health Effects of Base Stations, O. Sahin; Two Dimensional Finite-Element Simulation of a High Temperature Superconducting Synchronous Generator During Three-Phase Short-Circuit Fault Condition Using Full Transient Non-Linear Rotating Machine Model, K.S. Ship, K.F. Goddard, J.K. Sykulski; Coupled Electromagnetic Fields and Temperature Fields to Analyze the Voltage-Fluctuate of a Synchronous Generator with the Consideration of Insulation Layers, L. Weili, Z. Feng, Z. Dong, H. Yunpeng, D. Shuye; Magnetic Diagnosis of Structural Materials and These Monte-Carlo Simulations, K. Yamada, B. Liu, A. Shinagawa, Z. Honda, Y. Isobe, K. Yamaguchi, A. Krawczyk.