Computer Vision - ACCV'98: Third Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Hong Kong, China, January 8 - 10, 1998, Proceedings, Vol by Roland ChinComputer Vision - ACCV'98: Third Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Hong Kong, China, January 8 - 10, 1998, Proceedings, Vol by Roland Chin

Computer Vision - ACCV'98: Third Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Hong Kong, China, January 8…

byRoland ChinEditorTing-Chuen Pong

Paperback | December 12, 1997

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These two volumes constitute the refereed proceedings of the Third Asian Conference on Computer Vision, ACCV'98, held in Hong Kong, China, in January 1998. The volumes present together a total of 58 revised full papers and 112 revised posters selected from over 300 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on biometry, physics-based vision, color vision, robot vision and navigation, OCR and applications, low-level processing, active vision, face and hand posture recognition, segmentation and grouping, computer vision and virtual reality, motion analysis, and object recognition and modeling.
Title:Computer Vision - ACCV'98: Third Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Hong Kong, China, January 8…Format:PaperbackDimensions:761 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.17 inPublished:December 12, 1997Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/Trade

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Table of Contents

Pen computing - An overview.- Research issues in biometrics.- Automatic on-line signature verification.- Integrating faces and fingerprints for personal identification.- Automated fingerprint pattern classification error analysis.- A high-dimensional indexing scheme for scalable fingerprint-based identification.- Sign of surface curvature from shading images using neural network.- On the classification of singular points for the global shape from shading problem: A study of the constraints imposed by isophotes.- Determination of sign of gaussian curvature of surface having general reflectance property.- Estimating depth through the fusion of photometric stereo images.- Out of the dark: Using shadows to reconstruct 3D surfaces.- Estimation of reflection parameters from a color image.- A natural norm for color processing.- A color normalization algorithm for image indexing.- Adaptive color-image embeddings for database navigation.- A large capacity steganography using color BMP images.- Dynamic calibration of an active vision system to compute the ground plane transformation.- Identification of 3D reference structures for video-based localization.- Directing robots with visual primitives for navigation and micro-manipulation.- Combining camera and laser radar for ALV navigation.- Stereo vision-based obstacle detection for partially sighted people.- Evaluation and application of recognition confidence in OCR.- A new nonlinear shape normalization method for off-line handwritten Chinese character recognition.- A novel triangulation procedure for thinning cursive text.- Digital geometric methods in image analysis and compression.- Detection and enhancement of small masses via precision multiscale analysis.- A method of industrial parts surface inspection based on an optics model.- Illumination color from the blurred inter-reflection of a reference nose.- Shape recovery from one image under multiple light sources.- Spherical and cylindrical light source models for shape recovery.- Polyhedral shape recovery based on interrefiections.- Improved supervised color constancy for color inspection.- Unsupervised filtering of Munsell spectra.- Foveated vision for scene exploration.- Evolutionary methods applied to binocular disparity estimation.- Robust epipolar geometry using genetic algorithm.- New development of stereo vision: A solution for motion stereo correspondence.- Acquisition of three-dimensional information using omnidirectional stereo vision.- Error analysis in stereo vision.- Detecting targets in SAR images: A machine learning approach.- Precise matching by Robust estimation of deformation and local coherence.- Active viewpoint control for shape from occluding contours.- Point selection: A new comparison scheme for size functions (With an application to monogram recognition).- Sketch up: Towards qualitative shape data management.- Robust matching and hierarchical recognition of 2-D shapes using "Chain of Circles".- Finding the center of rotational symmetry from noisy forms.- Recognition in wavelet-compressed imagery.- Fast image template and dictionary matching algorithms.- Recognition of planar shapes using algebraic invariants from higher degree implicit polynomials.- Object recognition and orientation via Zernike moments.- A study of Zernike moment computing.- Query expansion by raw image features and text annotations in image retrieval.- Montage : An image database for the fashion, textile, and clothing industry in Hong Kong.- Auto cameraman via collaborative sensing agents.- Dynamic adaptive data structures for semantic analysis and synthesis of video information.- Recognition of simple curved surfaces from 3D surface data.- A recursive fitting-and-splitting algorithm for 3-D object modeling based on superquadrics.- Learning and recognizing 3D objects by using partial planar curve matching method.- Contour matching technique for 3D object recognition using Kalman filter.- Kalman filter based matching technique for 3D object recognition.- A generating method for 3-dimensional knitting cloth shapes.- A fast mesh deformation method to build spherical representation models of 3D objects.- Semi-automatic 3D object digitizing system using range images.- Image guided surgical systems.- Technical evaluation of biometric systems.- Face recognition from sequences using models of identity.- Enhancing human face detection using motion and active contours.- Learning identity and behaviour with neural networks.- Open sesame! Speech, password or key to secure your door?.- A unified framework for image-derived invariants.- Stereo correspondences in scale space.- Fast stereo matching in compressed video.- Robust total least squares based optic flow computation.- Image processing via the beltrami operator.- Efficient contour extraction in color images.- Color edge detection using orthogonal polynomials.- Fast and robust Segmentation of natural color scenes.- Segmentation and tracking using colour mixture models.- Object tracking using adaptive colour mixture models.- A learning approach to fixating on 3D targets with active cameras.- Automatic detection and tracking of human heads using an active stereo vision system.- Front propagation and level-set approach for geodesic active stereovision.- A Bayes nets-based prediction/verification scheme for active visual reconstruction.- Actively building models with VIRTUE.- Using RBF networks to map GWT ridge images to pose.- 3-D pose estimation and model refinement of an articulated object from a monocular image sequence.- Face synthesis with arbitrary pose and expression from several images.- Live facial expression generation based on mixed reality.- Real-time tracking of human hands from a sign-language image sequence.- The model-based dynamic hand posture identification using genetic algorithm.- Parallel implementation of fractal image compression using multiple digital signal processors.- Comparison of mean field annealing and multiresolution analysis in missing data estimation.- Segmentation of mrf based image using hierarchical genetic algorithm.- Motion compensated color video classification using Markov Random Fields.- Edge-preserving smoothing by convex minimization.