Conflict and Cooperation: Documents on Modern Global History by Tracey J. KinneyConflict and Cooperation: Documents on Modern Global History by Tracey J. Kinney

Conflict and Cooperation: Documents on Modern Global History

EditorTracey J. Kinney

Paperback | January 21, 2014

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Spanning the late 1800s to the present, this comprehensive collection of primary documents focuses on the politicians, diplomats, and ordinary citizens who influenced or witnessed crucial developments in global history. Using a thematic approach that reflects diverse viewpoints, Conflict andCooperation guides students through moments of historical importance and enables them to connect meaningfully with the past.
Tracey J. Kinney has been a professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 1994 and teaches a variety of history courses including modern German history, European history, and twentieth-century world history. She is also co-author of the second Canadian edition of The Twentieth Century World: An International History (OUP 2011).
Title:Conflict and Cooperation: Documents on Modern Global HistoryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:496 pages, 9 × 7 × 0.68 inPublished:January 21, 2014Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

From the PublisherPrefaceA Note on the Analysis of Primary Documents1. The World and the WestCECIL RHODES: Confession of FaithDADABHAI NAOROJI: The Blessings of British RuleRABINDRANATH TAGORE: East and WestKIDO TAKAYOSHI: Observations on Returning from the WestITO HIROBUMI: Commentaries on the Constitution: Articles XIII and XIVSAYYID JAMAL AL-DIN AL-AFGHANI: Lecture on Teaching and LearningKANG YOUWEI: Comprehensive Consideration of the Whole SituationWU TINGFANG: The Awakening of ChinaWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing2. Global Capitalism and ImperialismJULES FERRY: Speech before the French Chamber of DeputiesEVELYN BARING, EARL OF CROMER: British Rule in EgyptEdmund Dene (E.D.) MOREL: King Leopold's Rule in AfricaKEVSHAV BAL GANGADHAR (B.G.) TILAK: The Tenets of the New PartyAccounts of the Amritsar (Jallianwala Bagh) Massacre, 1919W.E.B. DU BOIS: The NegroEMILIO AGUINALDO Y FAMY: Outbreak of HostilitiesCAIO PRADO JUNIOR: The Coffee Cycle in BrazilV.I. LENIN: Imperialism, The Highest Stage of CapitalismWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing3. War and PeaceERICH MARIA REMARQUE: All Quiet on the Western FrontNOVOE VREMYA: Russian Women in CombatA. HENRY MCMAHON/ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR: McMahon Letter #4/The Balfour DeclarationTHE ARMENIAN NATIONAL INSTITUTE: Press Reports on the Armenian GenocideWOODROW WILSON: Fourteen Points SpeechMARCUS GARVEY: Advice of the Negro to the Peace ConferenceJ.M. KEYNES: The Economic Consequences of the PeaceH.G. WELLS: The Idea of a League of NationsHENRY CABOT LODGE: The League of NationsWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing4. The Appeal of Revolutionary ChangeTHEODOR HERZL: The Jewish StateROSA LUXEMBURG: The Junius PamphletV.I. LENIN: The Revolution in RussiaNIKITA KHRUSHCHEV: Khrushchev RemembersLI DAZHAO: The Victory of BolshevismSUN YAT-SEN: Fundamentals of National ReconstructionSOONG CHING-LING: The Struggle for New ChinaJOHN REED: Insurgent MexicoMUSTAPHA KEMAL ATATURK: October 1927 SpeechJAWAHARLAL NEHRU: The Socialist CreedWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing5. The Authoritarian AlternativeJOSEPH STALIN: On Opposition and The Socialist FatherlandTHE AMUR SOCIETY: Anniversary StatementBENITO MUSSOLINI: Fascist DoctrinesJOSEPH GOEBBELS: The Reich Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and PropagandaADOLF HITLER: Speech to the National Socialist FrauenbundDAVID BUFFUM: On KristallnachtEVGENIIA GINZBURG: Journey into the WhirlwindGEORGE ORWELL: Homage to CataloniaFORTUNE MAGAZINE: Getulio Vargas and the Estado NovoWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing6. Global DepressionFRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT: Inaugural Address of the President, 4 March 1933PAUL COMLY FRENCH: Children on StrikeHEINRICH HAUSER: With Germany's UnemployedGEORGE ORWELL: The Road to Wigan PierW.E.B. DU BOIS: Liberia, the League, and the United StatesLAZARO CARDENAS: Speech to the NationNEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN/WILLIAM L. MACKENZIE KING: Speech to the House of Commons, 3 October 1938/Telegram from Prime Minister William L. Mackenzie King to the British Prime Minister Neville ChamberlainWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing7. Global War and GenocideHAROLD TIMPERLEY: An Eyewitness Account at NanjingTOTAL WAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE: The Greater East Asia Co-prosperity SphereMURIEL KITAGAWA: Letters to WesPOLISH MINISTRY OF INFORMATION: Mass Slaughter and Executions under the OccupationVICTOR KLEMPERER: I Will Bear WitnessSTELLA WIESELTIER: Rejoining the Human RaceSINISA DJURIC (TRANSLATOR): Police Report on the Cleansing of SerbsMARGARET FREYER: Eyewitness Account of the Firestorm in DresdenARTHUR W. PAGE: Draft Statement on the Dropping of the Atomic BombWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing8. A New World Order?FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT AND WINSTON S. CHURCHILL: The Atlantic CharterRAYMOND F. MIKESELL: The Bretton Woods DebatesFOREIGN MINISTERS OF BELGIUM, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, LUXEMBOURG, AND THE NETHERLANDS: Treaty Constituting the European Coal and Steel CommunityUNITED NATIONS: The Universal Declaration of Human RightsHO CHI MINH: Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Viet NamANGLO-AMERICAN COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY: Testimony on the Creation of the State of IsraelINDIAN DELEGATION: Statement by the Indian Delegation at the Closing Session (Bandung, 17-24 April 1955)LESTER B. PEARSON: On PeacekeepingWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing9. Origins and Implications of the Cold WarWINSTON CHURCHILL: Iron Curtain SpeechJOSEPH STALIN: Response to Churchill, 14 March 1946HARRY S. TRUMAN: The Truman DoctrineJOSEPH MCCARTHY: On Communists in GovernmentCENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY: Shortcomings of the PressNIKITA KHRUSHCHEV: Secret SpeechROBERT MCNAMARA: Memorandum for the President, 8 November 1961JOHN F. KENNEDY: On the Space RaceWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing10. China and Japan: The Re-emergence of Asian PowerMAO ZEDONG: The Foolish Man Who Removed the MountainsFOX BUTTERFIELD: LihuaDENG XIAOPING: Speeches on the Economy and on Foreign RelationsCHAI LING: June Four: A Chronicle of the Chinese Democratic UprisingGOVERNMENTS OF JAPAN AND THE UNITED STATES: Security Treaty between Japan and the United States of AmericaCHITOSHI YANAGA: Big Business in Japanese PoliticsKAKUEI TANAKA: Japanese Policies to Improve UnderstandingSOCIETY FOR HISTORY TEXTBOOK REFORM: New HistoryWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing11. Anti-colonial Movements and IndependenceMOHANDAS K. GANDHI: "Quit India" Draft ResolutionCLEMENT ATTLEE: Debates of the House of Commons, 15 March 1946JAWAHARLAL NEHRU: Tryst with Destiny, 14 August 1947SYED ABUL A'ALA MAUDUDI: Islamic Law in PakistanPAUL RAMADIER: Speech to the National AssemblyFRONT DE LIBERATION NATIONALE (FLN): Proclamation, 1 November 1954AHMED SEKOU TOURE: The Republic of GuineaFIDEL CASTRO: On the Exploitation of the Cuban NationUNITED NATIONS: UN Declaration on Colonial IndependenceWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing12. The Post-war Era in the Middle EastGOVERNMENT OF GREAT BRITAIN: The White Paper of 1939GAMAL ABDEL NASSER: On the Fifth Year of the RevolutionUNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL/PALESTINE NATIONAL COUNCIL: Resolution 242, 22 November 1967/The Palestinian National CharterGOLDA MEIR: Remarks to President SadatJOINT US/SOVIET STATEMENT: Peace in the Middle East, September 1977HAMAS: Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement, 1988EDWARD SAID: Truth and ReconciliationSADDAM HUSSEIN: Speech to the Armed ForcesWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing13. Post-colonial LegaciesERNESTO CHE GUEVARA: A New Old InterviewFRANTZ FANON: The Collaborating Class in Neo-ColonialismPATRICE LUMUMBA AND GRAHAM HEATH: Congo: My CountryTHE ATLANTIC MONTHLY: Rwanda 1964KWAME NKRUMAH: Neo-colonialism: The Last Stage of ImperialismJULIUS NYERERE: The Arusha DeclarationMU'AMMAR AL-QADHAFI: The Green BookHUEY P. NEWTON: Uniting Against a Common EnemyRAMI CHHABRA: An Interview with Indira GandhiWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing14. Ideological Change and Radical MovementsSIMONE DE BEAUVOIR: The Second SexREDSTOCKINGS: A Feminist ManifestoMARTIN LUTHER KING, JR: I Have a DreamBLACK PANTHER PARTY: Platform and ProgramROY JENKINS: Homosexuality Has Existed in All SocietiesEDMUND WHITE: Letter to Ann and Alfred Corn, 8 July 1969STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY: Port Huron StatementTHE CHICAGO SEVEN TRIAL TRANSCRIPT: Testimony of Abbie HoffmanWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing15. The End of the Cold War and Its AftermathLEONID BREZHNEV: The Threat from Solidarity, 15 September 1981VACLAV HAVEL: Disturbing the PeaceMIKHAIL GORBACHEV: On the Closing of the 27th Congress of the CPSUALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN: Rebuilding RussiaNELSON MANDELA: State of the Nation Address, 24 May 1994EUROPEAN COMMISSION: Opinion on Hungary's Application for Membership in the EUALEKSANDER KWASNIEWSKI: We Won the FutureROBERT J. DONIA: Ethnic CleansingRAUL CASTRO: Closing Remarks at the 6th Party Congress, 21 April 2011Web ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing16. One World - One PeopleRACHEL CARSON: Silent SpringREX WEYLER: Waves of CompassionINDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH: Bhopal Report: Summary and ConclusionsGRO HARLEM BRUNDTLAND: Our Common FutureUNITED NATIONS: Rio Declaration on Environment and DevelopmentS.P. UDAYAKUMAR AND JOHN A. POWELL: Race, Poverty, and GlobalizationROBERT KAPLAN: World GovernmentALBERT GORE: Nobel LectureSTEPHEN HAWKING: Why We Should Go into SpaceWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended Viewing17. History in the Making: Into the Twenty-First CenturyBENJAMIN BARBER: Jihad versus McWorldPHILIP GOUREVITCH: We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our FamiliesJOHN UPDIKE: 11 September 2001OSAMA BIN LADEN: Speech on American Policy, October 2004STEPHEN LEWIS: UN Briefing on HIV/AIDS in AfricaHUGO CHAVEZ: Speech on the Opening of the G-15 Summit, 2004DILMA VANA ROUSSEFF: Inaugural Address-Brasilia, 1 January 2011VLADIMIR PUTIN: Speech at the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy, 2007HU JINTAO: On the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist PartyWeb ResourcesRecommended ReadingRecommended ViewingSuggestions for Further ReadingAcknowledgementsIndex

Editorial Reviews

"Tracey Kinney has prepared an excellent reader. . . . It seems that she has chosen readings knowing that they will work well with students. . . . This book helps history come alive as human experience." --Emily M. Hill, Queen's University