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Do you need to confront someone who is doing something wrong? It can be awkward, even a little risky, but confrontation for the purpose of exposing what is wrong to establish what is right is biblical. In this Christian book, June Hunt, shows you how to confront someone for the purpose of conviction, correction, and a changed life.
Christian counselor, June Hunt begins this minibook with a definitions section where she explains God's heart on confrontation. Learn the 5 methods of confrontation used within the Bible, discover the difference between hostile and assertive confrontations, and find out 4 common confrontation styles, which will help you realize whether you respond in a healthy way to confrontation or run away from it out of fear.
June explains the characteristics of confrontation, indicating when you should and when you should not confront someone. She provides 4 proven confrontation strategies and provides examples and illustrations of appropriate/inappropriate ways to confront people. Features the 11 "commandments" of confrontation backed by scripture, covering topics such as respect, listening to others, guilt, and more.
It includes--
• 3 spiritual steps to use when confronting others
• A self-evaluation checklist to follow to make sure you are personally prepared for God-centered confrontation.
• How to use the "sandwich" technique to bring about positive change.
• Over 20 Do's and Don'ts related to healthy goal setting for confrontations.
• The difference between constructive and deconstructive confrontation.
• How to have a "crisis confrontation" for loved ones with chronic problems
• Answers common questions related to tough confrontations, such as How do I respond to someone who reacts defensively or with anger when confronted?"

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 21, 2016
Publisher:Aspire Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781596368019

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