Constitutional History of the Western World by Bill Etem

Constitutional History of the Western World

byBill Etem

Kobo ebook | February 18, 2016

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If a Roman Catholic kid asks a Protestant minister if he, the Catholic kid, must renounce Rome in order to attain heaven and escape perdition, the Protestant minister is under lots of pressure to tell the Catholic kid that he will go to heaven if he remains a Roman Catholic. The Catholic parents of that Catholic kid might show up at the Protestant minister's office, and might call the Protestant minister a satanic Protestant bastard should he advise their kid to renounce Rome. But if the Protestant minister tells the Catholic kid that he will most certainly attain heaven and will escape eternal perdition if he always obeys Rome, because Rome is the Church which Christ founded on a rock, and it would be stupid to risk hellfire by rebelling against God's True Church, whereas you are assured of heaven if you always obey God's True Church, then the Protestant minister will get bitched at by Protestants: lots and lots of Protestants will insist that a Protestant minister must have gone insane if he advises people to always obey the Roman Catholic Church.

I threw together a playlist on You Tube dealing with Civil War in the USA, among other things. There's a clip from Lily Allen singing F#ck You to those opposed to gay marriage. She's not happy with people who believe in scriptures such as 1 Corinthians 6. 9-10, Acts 26. 13-18, John 15. 6, 2 Thess 1. 8 etc. In Christianity marriage is a sacrament, because it confers grace. The marriage rite transforms fornication, a sin which leads to perdition, into lawful relations. Two guys fond of sodomy are on the road to perdition regardless if they have a marriage licence or not. So, gay marriage is a travesty of the sacrament of marriage, therefore gay marriage is a sacrilege. This is basic Christian theology but peer pressure is terribly powerful. If you are seen by the popular crowd as a vile hater should you be anti-gay-marriage, then you might try to become popular with the popular crowd by becoming pro-gay-marriage. But that will land you in sacrilege, which is a sin which lands one in eternal perdition.

You would think various nasty heterosexual actions would desecrate the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. There might be a need to get explicit but let's not get explicit here.

Atheists like Lenin, Stalin and Mao used torture and slave labor camps to force Christians to renounce Christ and to betray other Christians. Today lots of Christians say those evil commies are now burning in hell. Of course it is heresy to say those guys are now burning in hell. Revelation 22. 18-19 mentions curses on those who alter the Book of Revelation, and the Book of Revelation is very clear in saying the Last Judgment is far in the future - after the Millennium, after the Second Coming, events in the future. The dead haven't been judged yet, so the dead evil commies are not yet burning in hell. Rome says a saint goes immediately to heaven upon death. Rome ignores Revelation 22. 18-19.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 16. 13-19 there is a True Church. The True Church is a collection of saints. If the saints are always at war with those who will be damned, if there is always strife over abortion, gay marriage, Zionism, kicking Christianity out of the tax-payer supported schools, if these and a hundred other issues are issues, where, you go to hell if you stray into heresy, and you lead other people's kids to hell if you teach them heresy, then you can see why Civil War might erupt.

If the Antichrist was to show up, if 2 Thess 2 came to pass, then this means that the words written in 2 Thess 1. 8 are trustworthy, and so John 15. 6 is also trustworthy, and so all Christian hellfire scriptures are trustworthy, and so...

Or suppose this angel mentioned in Revelation 14. 6 was to show up...

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From the Author

Let's review the societal pressure on a Protestant to say that lots of different churches lead people to heaven, because lots of different churches comprise God's True Church, Matthew 16. 13-19. If a Catholic kid asks a Protestant minister if he, the kid, must renounce the Roman Catholic Church in order to go to heaven, then this puts the Protestant minister in a bind. If he tells the Catholic kid that he must renounce Rome in order to escape perdition and go to heaven then the Catholic parents of the kid will be angry, and they might tell the Protestant minister to stay away from their kid, and tell him that he is 'an evil satanic Protestant bastard.' But if the Protestant minister tells the Catholic kid that the Rome will lead him to heaven, then he's telling the kid that Rome is God's True Church, or part of God's True Church, and so if Rome leads people to heaven then it is stupid to risk hell by rebelling against Rome.Rome is either God's True Church or it isn't. Rome is either the Bride of Christ or else it isn't. Rome either leads people to heaven because Rome is God's True Church, or else Rome leads people to perdition because Rome is not God's True Church. So, if Rome is God's True Church, then have enough sense to obey Rome and you will go to heaven.So, if a Protestant minister tells a Catholic kid that Rome is God's True Church, or part of God's True Church, then he is also telling the kid that it is stupid to rebel against Rome. If Rome is God's True Church, then just obey Rome and you will go to heaven. If you rebel against God's True Church you go to hell.The Dogma of Papal Infallibility damns those who reject that Dogma. So just accept that Dogma, profess that those who reject it are damned, if indeed Rome is God's True Church. Rome says Mary is perfect and sinless. The Bible says only God is perfect and sinless. But if Rome is God's True Church, then it is stupid to rebel against Rome.Of course if Rome is not the Bride of Christ, if Rome is a false church which leads people to perdition, then one is sort of like the Devil - one is rather evil and satanic! - if one leads a kid away from heaven and to perdition by telling him that he doesn't need to renounce Rome in order to escape perdition and attain heaven.