Contact Mechanics: Proceedings of the 3rd Contact Mechanics International Symposium, Praia da Consolação, Peniche, Por by J.A.C. MartinsContact Mechanics: Proceedings of the 3rd Contact Mechanics International Symposium, Praia da Consolação, Peniche, Por by J.A.C. Martins

Contact Mechanics: Proceedings of the 3rd Contact Mechanics International Symposium, Praia da…

EditorJ.A.C. Martins, Manuel D.P. Monteiro Marques

Paperback | December 15, 2010

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 3rd Contact Mechanics International Symposium, held at Praia da Consolação, Peniche, Portugal, June 17-21, 2002. There are forty-four papers written by leading researchers in fundamental and applied contact mechanics.The book is divided into chapters on dynamics and impact; instabilities, oscillations and waves, contact models, results and applications, mathematical analysis, and numerical methods.This work will appeal to engineers and researchers in applied mathematics and in physical and mechanical sciences, particularly those who specialize in dynamics and vibration, impact on solids, tribology and in mathematics of mechanics.
Title:Contact Mechanics: Proceedings of the 3rd Contact Mechanics International Symposium, Praia da…Format:PaperbackDimensions:448 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0.03 inPublished:December 15, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. Third Contact Mechanics International Symposium. Part 1: Dynamics and impact. Numerical dynamics of granular materials; J.J. Moreau. Measurements of impacts with friction; F. Pfeiffer. Formulation and well-posedness of unilateral multibody dynamics; P. Ballard. Collisions in systems made of rigid bodies; E. Dimnet. Impacts with global dissipation index at reentrant corners; C. Glocker. Understanding impact through continuous medium vibrations; L. Paoli, M. Schatzman. Solving rocking block problems with multiple impacts; C. Yilmaz, Y. Hurmuzlu. A controllability criterion for linear juggling mechanical systems; B. Brogliato, et al. On integrating stiff multibody dynamics with contact and friction; M. Anitescu, F.A. Potra. Analysis of systems with multiple frictional contacts; A.P. Ivanov. 2: Instabilities, oscillations and waves. Initiation of friction instability on a plane fault system; I.R. Ionescu, et al. An example of stick-slip waves; F. Moirot, Q.-S. Nguyen. Longitudinal waves in elastic rods with discontinuous cross sections; W. Schiehlen, et al. The influence of contact properties on friction-induced brake vibrations; M. Rudolph, K. Popp. Analysis of eigenvalue problems modelling friction: sufficient conditions of non-uniqueness for the elastic equilibrium; R. Hassani, et al. 3: Contact models, results and applications. Adhesion of viscoelastic spherical solids; K.L. Johnson, J.A. Greenwood. A model of adhesion added to contact with friction; C. Talon, A. Curnier. Phenomenological model of friction accounting for subsurface plastic deformation in metal forming; S. Stupkiewicz, Z. Mróz. Thermoelastic instabilities in automotive disc brakes &endash; finite element analysis and experimental verification; Y.-B. Yi, et al. Friction coefficient evolution during wear tests related to infrared emission; N. Stalin, J.C. Eytard. A contact formulation for electrical and mechanical resistance; G. Zavarise, et al. The real area of contact &endash; a combination of experimental and numerical approaches; F. Bucher, R.S. Dwyer-Joyce. Prediction of wheel wear for rail vehicles &endash; methodology and verification; T. Jendel, M. Berg. Multi-body modeling of paper calendering unit by contact dynamics for formulation; E. Keskinen, et al. 4: Mathematical analysis. Existence and uniqueness for quasistatic contact problems with friction; L.-E. Andersson, A. Klarbring. Augmented lagrangian methods for a class of nonconvex contact problem in structural mechanics; W.R. Bielski, et al. Approximation in quasitatic Signorini problems with local friction by a mixed method; M. Cocou, R. Rocca. A beam in adhesive contact; W. Han, et al. Coulomb fluid-solid interface law in lubrication; G. Bayada, M. Boukrouche. Elastodynamic friction problem with a "surface inertia" perturbation; J.-C. Paumier, Y. Renard. Solvability of thermo-viscoelastic contact problem with Coulomb friction and nonlinear heat conductivity; J. Ahn, D.E. Stewart. Convergence for a time discretization of dynamic contact problems with friction; E. Pratt, J.-M. Ricaud. Solution methods for structural optimization in contact rod problems; I.N. Figueiredo, et al. 5: Numerical methods. Unilateral contact, friction and adhesion: 3D cracks in composite materials; M. Raous, Y. Monerie. The unilateral frictional contact of a piezoelectric body with a rigid support; P. Bisegna, et al. Contact between 3D beams with rectangular cross-sections; P. Litewka, P. Wriggers. Algorithms for thermoelastic wear problems; P. Ireman, et al. Convergence studies for 3D smooth frictional contact elements based on the quartic Bézier surfaces; L. Krstulovic-Opara, P. Wriggers. Multicontact structures and parallel computing; P. Alart, M. Barboteu. A new approach to the 2D transient rolling contact problem; J.A. Gonzalez, R. Abascal. Numerical approximation of the elastic-viscoplastic contact problem using noncoinciding finite elements meshes; J.R. Fernández-García, et al. Contact in the Arlequin framework; H.B. Dhia, M. Zarroug. Appendix A. Scientific program of the Third Contact Mechanics International Symposium. Appendix B. List of participants in the Third Contact Mechanics International Symposium.