Contaminated Soil: First International TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil 11-15 November, 1985, Utrecht, The Netherla by J.W. AssinkContaminated Soil: First International TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil 11-15 November, 1985, Utrecht, The Netherla by J.W. Assink

Contaminated Soil: First International TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil 11-15 November, 1985…

EditorJ.W. Assink, W.J. van den Brink

Paperback | October 26, 2011

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F. J. COLON Chairman of the Scientific Committee TNO Division of Technology for Society, APELDOORN, The NETHERLANDS Only these past few years have we gained an insight into the full extent of the problems associated with contaminated soils. The first efforts to take effective remedial action at contaminated sites were seriously hampered by the lack of experience, knowledge and technology. Fortunately, this handicap has been partly alleviated by the experience we have gained in the numerous cases we have had, and -unfortunately­ still have to deal with. This meeting on contaminated soil is the first international conference to cover such a wide variety of subjects related to the problems that confront us in practice: behaviour of contaminants in soil - impacts on public health and the enviornment - role of governments and other authorities - site investigation and analysis - techniques for remedial action - management of remedial action and risk assessment - safety - case studies This Conference has been organized by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in co-operation with the Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and the Environment (VROM). It goes without saying that the preparation would not have been possible without the assistance of many people throughout the world and the co-operation between government, industry and research organizations.
Title:Contaminated Soil: First International TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil 11-15 November, 1985…Format:PaperbackPublished:October 26, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Selecting the appropriate remedial alternative; a systematic approach..- Soil protection research as a priority area of Dutch science policy..- Behaviour of Contaminants.- Behaviour of inorganic contaminants in soil..- Modeling heavy metals in the top soil of a harbour sludge depot..- Chemical exchange rates between soil and air..- Removal and retention of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons in the soils' unsaturated zone..- Soil heterogenity and its impact on the spread of pollutants..- Background values of 32 elements in Dutch topsoils, determined with non-destructive neutron activation analysis..- The behaviour and availability of Cd, Ni and Pb in polluted soils..- The effects of groundwater flow pattern on the concentration of soluble sulphates..- The degradation of oil in soil.- The fate of spilled oil in the soil.- Influence of the soil properties on the physico-chemical behaviour of Cd, Zn, Cu and Pb in polluted soils.- Upward movement of metals into soil covering metalliferous waste.- The movement of water and oil in a waste disposal site in Hamburg: a case study.- Comparative laboratory and outdoor studies on the behaviour of 14C-labelled chlorinated benzenes in soil.- Migration of contaminants from under water disposal of highly contaminated dredging spoil.- Flodin: a computer program for the spreading of hydrophobic contaminants in the soil.- Physical and mathematical modeling of transport and retention of Atrazine in a soil-column.- Reaction kinetics and transport of phosphate: parameter assessment and modelling.- Modelling of the transport of a reactive contaminant in spatial variable soil systems.- Numerical simulation of advection in groundwater flow systems.- Impact on Public Health and the Environment.- Evaluation of cadmium exposure from contaminated soil.- Health risk assessment, population survey and contaminated soil..- Comparison of the effects of several chemicals on microorganisms, higher plants and earthworms..- Metal contamination of soils in U.K. urban gardens: implications to health..- Community response to soil contamination: risk and uncertainty..- Soil contamination with volatile organic chemicals and the estimation of impact on human health..- A safe level for lead in soil and dust..- Human cadmium intake in a contaminated region.- The effects of gases emitted from landfills on soils and crops.- Role of Governments and other Authorities.- The soil clean-up operation in The Netherlands; further developments after five years of experience..- Remedial actions on contaminated sites - approaches to solve the problems of abandoned sites in the Federal Republic of Germany..- Assessing contaminated land: U.K. policy and practice..- Danish experiences with a chemical waste site law..- International study on reclamation of contaminated sites..- Site Investigation and Analysis.- Site investigation: a review of current methods and techniques..- Sampling and analysis in contaminated site investigations. Impediments and provisional guidelines in The Netherlands..- Sampling problems in assessing soil contamination at former gaswork sites..- Investigations on the impact of uncontrolled waste sites on ground waters in Berlin: methods, results and evaluation..- Site assessment and monitoring of contaminants by airborne multi-spectral scanner..- Remote sensing by electromagnetic induction (EMI), magnetometer and ground penetrating radar..- Sensory perception in soil pollution studies..- Sampling and analytical techniques and their application to soil chemistry, hydrogeology and hydrochemistry in ground condition surveys.- An advanced soil sampling technology for use in contaminated soils.- Geohydrological data based on the resultst of the cone penetrometer test.- Measuring soil vapors for defining subsurface contaminant plumes.- Rapid on-site analysis of soil contamination.- Rapid screening of pollutants in soil by curiepoint pyrolysis/evaporation gas chromatography-mass spectrometry..- Terrestrial arthropods as indicators for side-effects caused by insecticides in arable farm systems in The Netherlands.- A test procedure to predict the bioavailability of heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls and polyaromatic hydrocarbons to animals colonizing an intertidal wetland.- Management of Remedial Action and Risk Assessment.- Assessing the risk of soil contamination in the case of industrial activities..- Soil protection and remedial actions: criteria for decision making and standardization of requirements..- Two risk assessment frameworks in soil pollution..- Reuse status of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites after remediation in Europe and the United States..- Evaluation of methods for monitoring landfill barriers..- The importance of effective planning control in achieving land restoration..- Assessment of fire hazard in contaminated land..- The environmental assessment of contaminated land in the U.K.: the role of a preliminary investigation..- Urgency estimation for investigation and sanitation of contaminated soils.- Hazards from methane on contaminated sites.- Contamination of the sediment in aquatic systems.- An initial interpretive framework for assessing the environmental meaning of test results.- Quality control in soil cleaning.- Safety.- Occupational hygiene during clean up actions on contaminated soil..- Summary of Standard Operating Safety Guides, November 1984..- Safety during redevelopment works: a case study..- Techniques for Remedial Action; Case Studies.- Techniques for remedial action at waste disposal sites..- Soil cover reclamation experience in Britain..- Large-scale lysimeters for measuring tightening effects of soil-covering-systems for hazardous waste sites..- The investigation and development of a landfill site..- Isolation strategies in relation to contaminated land problems..- Thermal methods developed in The Netherlands for the cleaning of contaminated soil..- Extractive methods for soil decontamination; a general survey and review of operational treatment installations..- The microbiological decontamination of excavated soil..- In situ techniques..- Treatment of polluted water from the clean-up of contaminated soil..- Decontamination of polluted aquifers by biodegradation..- The Hamburg-Georgswerder dumping ground. Situation, problems and administrative arrangements for rpoducing a rehabilitation plan..- Remedial action at the landfill Georgswerder/Hamburg using best available technology..- Behaviour of dredged mud after stabilization with different additives..- Redevelopment of land contaminated by methane gas: the problems and some remedial techniques..- A microbiological strategy for the decontamination of polluted land..- Case studies of soil pollution in some Dutch urban areas..- Characterization and remediation of a waste site in Northern Germany..- Occidental Chemical Company at Lathrop, California, a groundwater/soil contamination problem and a solution..- Treatment of contaminated groundwater: an overview of recent Dutch experiences..- Treatment of polluted groundwater from abandoned gaswork sites..- Contamination from a coal-tar processing chemical industry: investigations and remedial actions..- Experiments on specific retardation of some organic contaminants by slurry trench materials.- The use of vertical cut off walls in the containment of pollutants.- Physical properties of lining systems under percolation of waste liquids and their investigation.- Allround encapsulation of hazardous waste in the soil by means of grouting gels and sealing walls resistant to aggresive chemicals.- Construction of an impervious, controllable and repairable waste-fill base.- Facilities for temporary or final above ground disposal of contaminated material.- The design of a disposal site for fly ash.- Thermal cleaning of soil contaminated with HCH.- Sand from dredge sludge - development of processes for the mechanical treatment of dredged material.- Electrochemical treatment of rinsing water from extractive soil cleaning.- Soil reclamation of contaminated soil with a bioreactor.- Investigation and remediation of the site of the former gasworks in Tilburg.- Investigation and development of a contaminated building site. Case study.- Soil and groundwater pollution by large scale landfilling with pyrite slag.- Soil, sediment and water contamination as a result of chemical waste incineration.- Delfshaven-Rotterdam, redevelopment of a contaminated area.- Handling drums containing chemical waste, Zaandam province North Holland.- Environmental aspects of the utilization of pellets prepared from fosfogypsum, coal fly ash and cement.

Editorial Reviews

`... the book Contaminated Soil is a kind of encyclopedic publication containing valuable scientific teaching and practical information in the field of protection of our soils, life and health against pollution and contamination of land and environment.'
Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 1987, Issue 36.