Contemporary Canadian Marketing Cases by H.f. (herb) MackenzieContemporary Canadian Marketing Cases by H.f. (herb) Mackenzie

Contemporary Canadian Marketing Cases

byH.f. (herb) Mackenzie

Paperback | July 18, 2013

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A collection of 41 marketing cases provide flexibility to personalize your course as well as the opportunity for students to learn valuable case analysis skills.  A broad selection of cases varying in focus and brevity are both interesting and fun for students and instructors alike.


Cases provide an excellent basis to build rapport among everyone involved in the case-learning environment.

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Table of Contents

Case 1:  Cott Corporation

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie


Cott Corporation manufactures branded products for many types of customers in many markets. Students must consider what factors the company must consider when operating in international markets, and what changes in the marketing mix may be required.


Case 2:  Marketing Metrics (New) H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A number of exercises are included that provide students with the opportunity to practice sales, markup, and break-even analyses, and analyses related to each element of the marketing mix.


Case 3:  Prairie Home Appliance Service (New)

Eric Dolansky

Customer service complaints are increasing, and the director of customer service must find the root of the problem and develop a strategy to create effective change with regard to service.


Case 4:  Green Village Grocer (New) H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A dissatisfied customer has written a letter to the president of Green Village Grocer following a series of service failures at one of its store locations.  


Case 5:  Writers at Woody Point (New)

Jose Lam

A not-for-profit organization in a small community must develop a marketing plan for an annual festival that is important to its economic sustainability.


Case 6:  Centre for the Arts

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The managing director for the Centre for the Arts is concerned that two days before the first theatrical performance of the season, ticket sales are disappointingly low. She is wondering how to increase sales in the short term, but is also wondering what to do in the long term.


Case 7:  Ethical Issues in Marketing Management (New)

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A number of ethical dilemmas in marketing management are presented. Each dilemma requires analysis and action.


Case 8:  Massine Bouzerar’s First Car (New)

Massine Bouzerar and H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A university student makes his first major consumer purchase, a car. After considering several alternatives, he must make a choice.


Case 9:  The Marketing Research Project (New)

Donna Stapleton and Colleen Sharen

A commercial research firm has conducted survey research on behalf of a church organization. Given some issues experienced in the design and collection of data, the manager must decide whether he should continue with the analysis, notify the client of his data concerns, abandon the project, conduct additional research, or start all over with the project.


Case 10:  Riverside Credit Union

Jeff Schulz and Peggy Cunningham

The credit union's vice president of marketing has led an initiative to segment the membership base. He now must consider new marketing strategies to better target appropriate financial products to members so that company profitability will improve.


Case 11:  Fork and Dagger  (New) Massine Bouzerar and H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie  

The owner of a small pub is considering turning over the business to his two sons, both of whom have very different ideas about how to improve revenue. He has asked each to present him with a plan so that he can make the final decision before his retirement.  


Case 12:  Academic-Zone  (New)

Massine Bouzerar and H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A university has developed an in-house learning resource and wishes to commercialize it. A co-op student has been hired to prepare marketing plan, complicated by the fact that the product strategy is still evolving.


Case 13:  “Greener Pastures”: The Launch of StaGreen by HydoCan (New)

Anne T. Hale

HydroCan is a new venture with a potentially profitable product called StaGreenä. A consulting firm has been hired to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the launch of the new product.


Case 14:  Dillon Controls Ltd.

James E. Nelson and Mark S. Johnson

Dillon Controls is a Canadian manufacturer of high-tech equipment for the monitoring and control of pressurized water flows.  The firm has commissioned some market research on the U.S. market and Jac Dillon is now deciding whether to expand operations in that market.


Case 15:  Barry Davis – Back on Board  (New)

Barb Gardner

Barry Davis is considering whether to continue with his accounting studies, or to revive his dream of owning and operating his skateboard business. There are many other decisions that must be made if he is to revive his business.


Case 16:  Tooln’Rules (New)

H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

An entrepreneur has developed a superior measuring device for bricklayers. After bringing it to market, he is faced with a number of opportunities that he must consider, and he is wondering if and how he might change his marketing strategy.


Case 17:  Heat-eze (New)

William A. Preshing and Denise Walters

A successful Canadian entrepreneur has purchased the rights to an innovative new product that might be sold in consumer or institutional markets. A marketing plan is needed that focuses on one or both markets.


Case 18:  MetroPaint (New)

Monique Finley, Cosimo Girolamo, Allison Carryer, and H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

Mary Anderson has joined MetroPaint where she is under pressure to recommend a structure for franchisee payments as the company wants to franchise its operations. Her husband and his brother have very different views concerning how fees and royalties should be determined.


Case 19:  Harrison Measurement Devices (New)

Philip Rosson

A U.K. distributor that represents a Canadian manufacturer of precision instruments is questioning the relationship between the two companies−specifically, what appears to be a growing indifference to the distributors needs. The owner must decide which course of action he should take.


Case 20:  Kingston Frontenacs (New)

H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The director of marketing and communications for a junior hockey team must make recommendations on how to increase revenue, particularly from ticket sales. While increasing short-term revenue is important, he must also consider long-term fan support.


Case 21:  Spark Marketing (New)

Susan Myrden and Donna Stapleton

One of the co-founders of a small, full-service advertising agency must decide a growth strategy, precipitated in part by the exit of one of its major competitors in the communications industry. He wondered if he should expand online capabilities, focus on new market segments, or attempt to win clients from competitors.


Case 22:  Road to the Beaches (New)

Megan Denty and Donna Stapleton

The newly appointed marketing coordinator for a tourism association is faced with limited resources and pressure to decide on a marketing plan. The peak season for tourism is already in full gear.


Case 23:  Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie and Cori-Jane Radford

Stan Cook, Jr. is reviewing the previous year’s promotional expenditures for his family’s ecotourism business, and is trying to decide on the budget for the current year, and how it should be allocated.


Case 24:  Wilson’s Family Restaurant (New)

Massine Bouzerar and H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The owner of a small, family-owned restaurant is faced with impending competition from a major restaurant chain. He must decide how he can best mitigate the impact this new competitor will have on his business.


Case 25:  ECCO Shoes

Sherry Finney

The company has established new communication objectives, and the project manager of interactive marketing must help develop the most effective online strategy to reach the company’s target audience.


Case 26:  Tyndale Treasures Community Store

Dave McKenzie and Christopher A. Ross

A small used-goods store is facing strong competition, and is considering how it can increase sales at its location so that it can make a better financial contribution to the not-for-profit organization that owns it. It is constrained by a lack of resources, and needs to also consider its need to serve the underprivileged population in its surrounding community. 


Case 27:  The Medicine Chest

Tashia Batstone and Donna Stapleton

The owner of a small pharmacy is considering purchasing a computerized prescription order process and packaging system. While this would improve the pharmacy’s efficiency and customer service, there are cost implications and the owner must decide whether to charge for the service and, if so, how much to charge.


Case 28:  Scheff Rotary Cutting Tools (New)

H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The president of a cutting tool distributor has just been informed that one of his salespeople has resigned. The president is wondering whether he should make a tactical decision and replace the salesperson, or if this is the time to make a more strategic channel decision.


Case 29:  Homes of Distinction (New)

Massine Bouzerar and H. F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The new chair of the organizing committee for the annual home tour fund-raiser has been assigned the task of increasing revenue from the upcoming event. She has several ideas, but is unsure which ideas are viable and which she must implement. The fund-raiser event is approaching.


Case 30:  Trinity University – The Annual Fund Campaign (New)

Mariya Yurukova and H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The manager of a university’s annual fund-raising campaign has been asked to review who the campaign has been targeting, and whether there are better communications channels for reaching potential donors. With limited resources, there is also increased need to grow donations.


Case 31:  Canadian Defence Production Ltd. (New)

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A salesperson has been asked to accept a new order at the previous year’s price. He must consider the previous price, the customer’s wishes, and a change to the cost of the product since the previous sale. Ethics is also a factor.


Case 32:  Seeing Clearly – Lucentis and Avastin (New)

Eric Dolansky

An anesthesiologist is considering alternative treatments for his mother’s condition. Two very similar drugs are available at very different prices. Only one is approved in Canada to treat her condition, but a recent U.S. report concluded that both drugs were equally effective for treating the condition. 


Case 33:  Bridgeview Custom Cabinets (New)

Michael Madore

The co-owner of a small cabinet manufacturer is concerned with the slow growth of his company and has approached a marketing consultant for advice to see if there are more opportunities to pursue.


Case 34:  Caribou Mathematics Competition (New)

Massine Bouzerar and H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

A mathematics professor has developed a mathematics contest for elementary students. His main sponsor has just withdrawn its support, at a time when he was considering expanding his contest to include students in high school. He must consider how to raise money, most particularly if he decides to expand his competition.


Case 35:  Bovine Booties (New)

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The owner of a successful import boot business is discussing business opportunities with a friend when they focus on a business case they studied during their undergraduate program. They wondered whether the failed product might have been a success had the owner of the business used a different marketing strategy. They agreed to give it some consideration and to meet again in two weeks to decide whether they should proceed with a similar product today.


Case 36:  Enviro-Plumber (New)

Carman Cullen

An entrepreneur has the North American distribution rights for what he calls “the best product in the world.” He has approached a small business consulting group for recommendations on a marketing strategy for his product.


Case 37:  Page Two (New)

H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie

The owner of a used book business has been provided with an opportunity to change locations. While considering this decision, he recognizes that there are several other marketing mix decisions that he needs to make, relating to promotion, distribution, pricing, and product mix.


Case 38:  W. H. Plastics Inc.

Christopher A. Ross

A successful, family-owned business that manufactures plastic parts and products is faced with a number of challenges: the rising value of the Canadian dollar, potential competition from China, and a dependence on one customer that accounts for most of its revenue. The owner must develop a plan of action for the future. 


Case 39:  Petridis Vineyard (New)

Mark Parker

An entrepreneur is considering whether to become involved in the wine industry: whether to be a grape grower, or whether to be a wine producer though outsourcing his wine production. If he decides to be a producer, he is wondering whether he should enter the Chinese market, and what marketing strategy he should implement.


Case 40:  Spriware Canada (New) Mark Parker

The CEO of an appliance manufacturer is considering two strategic options for his company: cutting price to drive an increase in market share; that is, a market penetration strategy, or attempting a market development strategy by entering a new international market where there appears to be considerable potential.


Case 41:  The Investment Proposal (New)

Kenneth Harling

You are a Canadian venture capitalist who has just listened to a presentation concerning an opportunity to invest in a service-related business in India. You are now in a position to ask questions of the presenters prior to giving them a decision as to whether you wish to invest in their venture.